Senator Clark Jenkins District 3? For Those Who Say He Has Not Done Anything For Black Folks Who Am I To Believe? So How Do You Respond?

I will repeat myself again and again ever how many times I need to. When the District 3 was first created I supported Patricia Ferguson a black female out of Bertie County and I knew that she would probably be drawn out of the district within the following 2 years. I supported her because I felt if a black person was elected it may would be easy for another black person to replace her. Some of these same folks today not only in Edgecombe County but across the district are still playing games but they did not support Ferguson then but now they say Senator Clark Jenkins ain’t doing anything for black folks. He has been in the seat how long?

After trying to unseat Senator Jenkins several years ago when I supported Shelly Willingham and he didn’t do what we asked him to do during his campaign, that was it for me. Hell I didn’t even care that much for Willingham but was willing to try to get a black person in the seat and if Willingham had won and didn’t live up to his expectations, then I would have supported someone else after his 2 years in office. Now I will not support a black person who do not have a political machine because it will take a political machine to unseat Senator Jenkins.

But after all of these years one must use some common sense. Once you learn what is really going on then one should do differently. I have come to the conclusion that Senator Jenkins will be my Senator until he decides he will not run again.

I get tickled as hell when folks who say Senator Jenkins has not done anything for black folks. I ask them what do they mean and they can’t answer me. I ask them what have they asked him to do for them. They say nothing. I say oh well.

Now what I hear from folks and an editor of a black newspaper recently printed is that some white elected officials don’t come to a black sponsored forum. Well damn what these folks don’t understand is why do they have to come when the sponsors are supporting them anyway. Why do they want them to show up to their banquets, hell banquets are about fundraisers so if they send the money that is all that matters. Hell many black elected officials don’t show up and don’t send any money either.

Okay so now who am I to believe when they say that Senator Clark Jenkins has not done anything for black folks? Senator Jenkins has scored an “A” on the NAACP’s Legislative Report Card 2009 and 2011. Every household in his district receives a mailing stating this fact and in the mailing Representative Alma Adams Chairperson of the NC Black Legislative Caucus Foundation is quoted how he consistently fight to protect the State’s most underprivileged citizens.

So for those who say Senator Jenkins have not done anything for black folks show me your report card that you have done on him?

I am a life fully paid member of the NAACP, I live in the district and most of all I am actively engaged so I know for myself what is really going on.

Oh well like Senator Jenkins or not the report says he is doing something for black folks because I know they are underprivileged citizens.

The same could be said about Joe Pat Tolson House District 23. Tolson also received an “A” on the NAACP Report Card.

I ain’t telling you who to vote for, I am telling you who I am voting for and why.

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NC Senate District 3 Seat – Florence Armstrong Wants To Unseat Senator Clark Jenkins

Okay I have been involved in the Senate District 3 since the 90’s when the seat was created for black representation.

I supported a black female Patricia Ferguson Bertie County the 1st year however I knew the district was going to be possibly change again within 2 years and she would not be in the district but my thing was it would be easier to elect a black to replace her. Actually at that time the district was made up of 6 counties and then it was reduced to 3 counties all of Edgecombe, Martin and some of Pitt. Now some of those 6 counties are back in the district in this year’s election. I bet it is going to change again 2 years from now.

The year that Patricia Ferguson ran some black folks went with multi-millionaire Samuel Clark Jenkins. Of course everyone remembers Former Senator Frank Ballance had served us until he stepped down and became Congressman Frank Ballance when former Congresswoman Eva Clayton stepped down.

I supported Shelly Willingham several years ago trying to help him unseat Jenkins and I felt good about the mission and that we could have took the seat but his wouldn’t listen to the advise that many were giving him. Also we had to work against some black folks who only supported Jenkins because they were on his payroll during election time. They got a few crumbs. Matter of fact some of these guys knew what my mission was and they used it against me and helped Jenkins to retain the seat.

Jenkins has held the seat all of these years and although I have tried to make people aware of why we must put a black person in the seat my mission continued to fail. During the last election I really didn’t play a major role because Florence Armstrong and Frankie Bordeaux were going to split the votes. However Armstrong got just enough votes to keep Bordeaux from winning.

Although I didn’t really get into the Senate District 3 race 2 years ago, I will say it again that Bordeaux has been the one with the best political machine and the finances to beat Jenkins. However Bordeaux issues also hurt him along with the votes that Armstrong received.

My thing is that if Bordeaux had won that it may have been easier to get a black elected in that seat the next time.

This time around since it is going to be just Jenkins and Armstrong so I am going to see what kind of campaign Armstrong will run. The district 3 only included Edgecombe, some of Pitt and all of Martin 2 years ago but now it consist of Edgecombe, Martin, Washington, Tyrrell, Hertford, Chowan, Bertie and Northampton Counties. This is going to take some cash and some real grassroots campaigning.

Okay the Senate District 3 seat was created as a minority majority district. Some folks say that Jenkins has not done anything. I continue to ask them what are they talking about and what have they asked for. I have yet ran into anyone who have answered my questions.

I would like to hear from the folks in the Senate District 3 what are your thoughts about this race?

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