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TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress that ALL North Carolinians pay taxes

Don’t Eliminate Improvements to Tax Credits for Working Families


All too often in recent days, we’ve been hearing the misleading claim that almost half of Americans pay no taxes, and that more Americans need to pay more in income taxes so they have “skin in the game.”

The real story is that ALL Americans already have “skin in the game,” since ALL Americans pay taxes.

While 47% of Americans did not pay federal income tax in 2011, they paid lots of other taxes, including sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, state income taxes, or payroll taxes.  In fact, two-thirds of the families that didn’t pay federal income tax did contribute payroll taxes. And seniors make up another quarter of those families who don’t currently pay federal income tax, but paid payroll taxes into the federal retirement programs for their entire working lives.  The remaining households are people with disabilities and students.

The federal income tax system was designed to be progressive so that it could offset the greater contributions required of low- and moderate-income families in the state and local tax system. This is important for the fairness of the overall tax system.  The poorest North Carolinians pay 9.5% of their income in total state and local taxes while the richest 1 percent pay just 6.8%.

Recent proposals passed through the U.S. House of Representatives have sought to eliminate improvements to key tax credits for middle-class and low-income Americans like the Child Tax Credits worth more $800 per family, Earned Income Tax Credits worth $500 per family, and the American Opportunity Credit, which assists millions of American college students.  Eliminating these improvements would require low- and moderate-income families to contribute even more and make the overall tax system less fair.

In North Carolina, preserving the improvements Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit alone would save $467.4 million for an estimated 522,645 families (and 1.11 million children in these families).

Tell Congress that North Carolina’s working families already have skin in the game and the improvements to tax credits for working families must be extended.

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If you have not called today for healthcare reform, we are writing to ask again that you call your congress representative this evening 1-877-264-4226 or 1-888-436-8427. It’s never to late to call Congress.
Your support is needed to make health care a reality for 2009. Support President Obama and make a call, tell your representative to support health reform with a public option insurance plan that will make health available and affordable for all.  Anything less is not reform. Thank you for making a difference. 
Lynice R. Williams. Executive Director
North Carolina Fair Share "working for a fairer NC"
3824 Barrett Drive, Suite 312
Raleigh, NC 27609

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Raleigh NC – Carolina Justice Policy Center Summary On NC Racial Justice Act

Remember the history of lynchings in NC!  Remember the innocent most recently released from Death Row in 2008, all Black men- Bo Jones, Glen Chapman, Jonathon Hoffman!  Remember the racist trials in the South and NC – Darryl Hunt’s, Ronald Cotton’s!  Remember advocates like Rev Finlator who fought for change! Remember the racial prejudices and assumptions that groups make toward each other! Remember that justice for so many relied on our lawmakers and that they did not let us down last night because of the hardwork of volunteers and coalitions throughout the state!

A landmark piece of legislation, the NC Racial Justice Act, has finally passed in NC that will help to fight racism in our criminal justice system. This highlights what can happen when diverse groups come together to impact change.

Last night the NC Racial Justice Act was sent to the Governor!  RJA had an international following and a historic grassroots network of supporters in NC.  The world was watching last night because RJA is landmark legislation in need of duplication. 

This bill would have never passed without the hard work of the bill’s sponsors, Sen Floyd McKissick, Rep Larry Womble, Rep Earline Parmon, Rep Pricey Harrison, Rep Paul Luebke, House Speaker Joe Hackney (his fabulous team – Laura Devivo, Bill Holmes, Robin Johnson) and so many others who sacrificed so much.  Special thanks to Rep Deborah Ross, Rep Bill Faison, Rep Phil Haire, Rep Angela Bryant, Rep Larry Hall who helped sponsors maneuver RJA through numerous committees.

Most importantly, the NC General Assembly and the state of NC witnessed the force of the NC Legislative Black Caucus (led by Rep Alma Adams) that locked arms from both chambers last night to win this bill.  Senate Black Democrats marched to victory together with ranking member Senator Charlie Dannelly as their mouthpiece.  They were also joined by progressive Senators Ellie Kinnaird, Dan Clodfelter, Doug Berger and Martin Nesbitt who worked hard for a concurrence vote last night.

So many people helped to win this bill because they recognized its need.  Many more lawmakers made tremendous sacrifices for their work last night in spite of warnings from their Caucus’ leaders.  But, ultimately they were led by their own faith ‘to do the right thing and vote for change.’.

We Did It because of You! So many people and groups coming together led to this victory! Specials thanks to the NAACP (led by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II), HK on J Coalition members, the NC Black Leadership Caucus (led by past chair Can, the NC Legislative Black Caucus, Blueprint NC members and all of our Moratorium Coalition’s partners’ staff and grassroots network!!!

Thank you for a job well done!  The lives saved are forever grateful!  My life has been enriched and my spirit blessed because of this fight!  Thanks to my friend Donice Harbor for being my footsteps on this journey in both her life and recent passing! She opened doors to now Governor Beverly Perdue like no one else could.

-Charmaine Fuller Cooper, Executive Director
Carolina Justice Policy Center