Wilson NC – Rep. Jean Farmer Butterfield Defeats Attorney Mark Bibbs And Zette McArn Of The Wilsonian Voices

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I be damn if Attorney Mark Bibbs and Zette McArn of The Wilsonian Voices Facebook page took campaigning to another level. I just don’t get it. I kept asking the question was it worth it as it relates to Bibbs making his attorney’s office his residence but the city said his office didn’t meet the code to be used as his residence.

Zette blocked George and myself from The Wilsonian and I guess Asa Gregory kicked us off the Democratic Party of Wilson County.

Attorney Bibbs decided that after he could not unseat a Republican in the 8th House District he, Zette, Barbara Hallman Dantanio and Asa Gregory thought they could unseat Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield. Damn I would have thought that one of them would have come to their senses and seen that this was not doable. But I guess it all made sense since Asa’s mother was running in the 8th.

Damn I had asked Zette was she supporting Bibbs and she said did George Fisher tell me to ask her. Well after that I mentioned it to Geogre and he said he already knew that. She asked me was I supporting Farmer-Butterfield and I said I am trying to get a grip on the NC House 23 seat first where I could vote. She said wise man and George ought to do the same. I said oh hell no I can do both and George can speak for himself. Well come to find out George, Zette, Barbara and Asa had had a little falling out because George was talking about Bibbs record. Damn so since I am friends with George, I was kicked to the curb also. SMDH!

Hell yeah I was concerned with who would win the nasty battle in the 23rd district because the gang had went after Farmer-Butterfield and then when she responded, she was the bad guy. Damn! These folks said some crazy ass stuff and Farmer-Butterfield would have been crazy not to respond to their b.s. Some things can’t go unchecked and boy did she check them asses. Hell I even gave her some free advice and I am glad about it.

It is okay to attempt to unseat an incumbent but damn just tell the truth. Also don’t get mad when the incumbent don’t roll over and die for their ignant asses. I am proud of Farmer-Butterfield because she worked that campaign.

Some of the b.s. the gang were complaining about should have been dealt with on the local level starting with the Wilson City Council and then on to the Wilson County Commissioners. It is a damn shame how some folks mislead folks because they don’t know any better, in denial or just don’t give a damn.

I also seen that guy Clarence Bender who ran a couple of years ago make some comments about Farmer-Butterfield. Damn he ended up in the newspaper with some criminal charges so he needs to sit down and shut the hell up.

Congratulations Farmer-Butterfield you can go back to work now and not have to deal with the gang.

Ignant Column: Wilson Finest Zette McArn How In The Hell Is This Dirty Politics? SMDH!

The Political Agitator response: I understand the following was a mailing that was sent out. I read on the Wilsonian Voices whereby Zette McArn said this is dirty politics. Dirty my ass! What tickles the hell out of me is that she calls telling the damn truth dirty politics. From what my ignant ass read, it is truth so I am puzzled by Zette’s post. Damn this election has brought on some ignant bullmanure. In Edgecombe County Bronson Williams and his likes say experience does not matter. Why? Because he has UNO! And then he holds a damn debate with the other 3 candidates and he talks about Shelly Willingham and Taro Knight because Knight responded to something that Willingham said during the debate. Bronson said because they say they have experience that look at their debate so experience could be a problem. I called in and said that is what a debate is just that a damn debate because he was not holding a forum. John Wooten one of Bronson’s strongest supporters called in behind me and said it was not a debate. Bronson did not correct him so I had to call back in and say it was a debate. John ignant ass was trying to discredit me but he ended up being the damn fool. Oh back to Zette. She blocked me from her Facebook pages Zette McArn and the Wilsonian Voices because I am supporting Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and she is supporting Bibbs. I was respectful on her pages but she wants to do like so many who wants to silence the black man especially one who is knowledgeable of what is going on versus those she is feeding that does not know any better. So by blocking me I can’t challenge her ignant ass. You see I have now put her in my ignant column and she has earned the title of Safe Negro. Damn NEGROES mad because someone has EXPERIENCE and Telling the Truth! SMDH!


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New details, inspections in Bibbs case – Wilson Times

City of Wilson attorneys filed a motion to dismiss Friday in Wilson County Superior Court that details aspects of state candidate Mark Bibbs’ failed property inspection including an alleged admission that he was living elsewhere.

Bibbs, a candidate for House District 24, failed the inspection in March that prohibits him from living in his second-floor apartment at 105 Douglas St.

During the inspection, Bibbs told inspectors that the "true answer” regarding his residency was that he lived with his family at 3220 Edinburgh Drive and stayed at the Douglas Street apartment one or two times a week, the city’s motion states.

"Plaintiff Mark Bibbs further stated that the ‘political answer’ was that he lived at the 105 Douglas Street South building,” according to the city’s motion to dismiss.

Bibbs’ Douglas Street property is in House District 24 and his Edinburgh Drive home is in House District 8. Bibbs said he moved into the downtown building, which also houses his law office, in July 2013, a claim that is being challenged by two Wilson residents who filed their concerns with the Wilson County Board of Elections. The challenge will not be considered until after the election.


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Bibbs: Paper blended article with ad – Wilson Time

The Political Agitator response: Damn here we go again. Attorney Bibbs has struck again. Well! Funny I grabbed one of those papers again because I thought it was an older paper with Bibbs on the front again. When I read it I said damn on the front page again. Didn’t think it was suppose to be an ad. LMBAO!

State House candidate Mark Bibbs says he bought a campaign ad in an area newspaper and got a front-page story instead.

The Daily Drum, a Greenville-based free biweekly paper, published a feature story on Bibbs that blurs the line between news coverage and advertising in its April 24-May 7 edition. The story’s last sentence identifies it as an ad that Bibbs’ campaign committee bought, but Bibbs said it wasn’t written at his request.

"It was a surprise to me when I saw the paper and where the placement of the story was,” Bibbs said. "I sent them a camera-ready ad and a press release. What you see is however they chose to run it.”

Journalism ethics scholars said the Drum committed a cardinal sin by printing an ad disguised as a news story. The piece is not bylined and does not mention Bibbs’ opponent, Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield. It also includes paragraphs that were plagiarized from a story in The Wilson Times.

"I thought that they were a regular newspaper and reputable,” Bibbs said. "I didn’t know they were going to do what they did.”

Bibbs, a Wilson attorney, is challenging Farmer-Butterfield in the Democratic primary for House District 24, which comprises Wilson and Pitt counties.

AD OR STORY? (Source: Read more)

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Bibbs files second complaint against city – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator response: As I have stated earlier maybe Bibbs is on to something but if he is not, then is it really worth all of this? Time will tell.

State candidate Mark Bibbs’ legal fight against the city of Wilson took another turn Monday as Bibbs was granted a temporary restraining order and filed a complaint in Wilson County Superior Court.

Bibbs, a candidate for House District 24 and Democratic challenger in the May 6 primary, filed his second complaint in court and has been granted a hearing on May 7 at 9:30 a.m. in Wilson County.

Earlier in the day Monday, Bibbs also filed a notice of dismissal in U.S. District Court that is tied to his first suit against the city that alleges he was treated unfairly during a recently failed fire and building inspection of his office and residence at 105 Douglas St.

Bibbs filed suit against the city on April 7 and city attorneys moved the case to federal court after issues related to the U.S. Constitution were raised in Bibbs’ complaint. The suit filed Monday has no references to the U.S. Constitution. (Source: Read more)

Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield Is The Incumbent So Don’t Let The Bibbs Signs/Postings Fool You

Damn folks just tell the truth don’t mislead folks. I just want the truth to be made known no matter who I am for or against.

I see postings and stuff saying Mark Bibbs House 24 Representative as if he is the incumbent. Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield is the incumbent so don’t get it twisted.

With 2 blacks running in this race and it is so damn much ignance going on. Why can’t the truth be the center of discussion and not a lot of ignant conversation whereby folks are are attempting to mislead folks.

I have not seen any ignant postings from folks who are supporting Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and she and her supporters are to be commended.

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Robert James Wilson County I Thought Our Conversation About The NC House 24 Race Was Good And Civil But Obviously Not

Robertl James I thought we were having a civil conversation about the NC House 24 seat on the Wilsonian Voice but obviously Zette McArn had a problem with my responses to you. I didn’t see where you felt I had disrespected you. But she has blocked me from her Facebook pages.

If I remember correctly I responded to your comment about 3 issues with Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield. You said you were concerned that she has not done anything about a drainage problem and I said I would think that was a local government issue. You said you didn’t see her to local meetings but you seen Attorney Mark Bibbs at all of them. I said but if the local government need her they could pick up the phone and call her if it is a state issue. You said where was she on the Sanderson Farms, chicken plant, and I said how could she had done because “they” didn’t want it. Hell didn’t Wilson file a lawsuit? Correct me if I am wrong.

I am just asking because because my ignant ass ain’t always right but I damn sure strive to be when it comes to dealing with things that affect other folks lives. I always try to base my opinions on facts something that so many folks do not take in consideration. It is not alld about just a personal opinion because a personal opinion not based on facts equals bullmanure.

Brother I ain’t mad with you because I can’t vote for Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield however I am concerned about who will win this seat. I recognize and understand I can’t vote for her but I know that whomever win will represent me and all the people of NC.

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