Will Somebody Help Me?

I received a response from a person comparing the NOI (Nation of Islam) Minister Farrakhan with the KKK saying both are hate groups. Can somebody help my ignant ass out because I can’t get wit that. Please not everybody at one time, but has the NOI and Minister Farrakhan killed any folks like the KKK has?

This person said that Dr. Benjamin Chavis has said he is no longer a member of the NOI. Well did he kill anybody? Just what did he do when he was a member of the NOI that was criminal? Hell I know and been in the midst of many white folks who do not like black folks and they goes to a white church. Now do that make them a member of a hate group?

This person said Dr. Chavis should be disqualified for life from being able to serve as the Executive Director of the NC Democratic Party.

This person in question is Jewish and in my opinion he is confused. But I don’t know him and he don’t know me so I guess I ought not go there.

Somebody please help me. Am I right about it? If I am just wave your hand and/or holler! Well!

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