Ayden NC – NAACP Candidates Get Out The Vote This Guy Right Here Is Hilarious As Hell He Is Running Against Congressman G.K. Butterfield

The Watch Dog response: You gotta see what this guy has to say and to see what Pastor told him he needed to run. I don’t know the pastor but damn I need to know him.
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Photos/Video: Pitt County NAACP Community Mass Meeting/Get Out To Vote & Candidates Rally Got Heated About Minimum Wage

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Rocky Mount NAACP Branch representing.

I am here because 1st I received an invite from Reginald Barrett.

2nd I try to support surrounding NAACP Branches.

But most important I am here because I am concerned about who will represent me because although I can’t vote for some of you, you will be representing me in your capacity.

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Wow! This was right interesting and I am glad I came because it got heated about the minimum wage.

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My friend Ayden Mayor Protem/Citizen of the Year Ivory Mewborn


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Linda Coleman Candidate for Lt. Governor Was Guest Speaker at The NAACP Pitt County Monthly Meeting In Ayden NC On Sunday March 25, 2012

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Ayden NC – Linda Coleman Candidate For Lt. Governor Addressed The Audience At The NAACP Pitt County Monthly Mass Meeting Theme: Voters Empowerment 2012

Ayden NC – Linda Coleman Candidate For Lt. Governor Addressed The Audience At The NAACP Pitt County Monthly Mass Meeting Theme: Voters Empowerment 2012


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President Calvin Henderson opened the meeting held at Zion Chapel UNAFWB Church Ayden NC. A Deacon from the church gave the devotion in the absence of Pastor C.R. Parker. Cassandra Tripp Secretary welcomed everyone followed by the greeting Ivory Mewborn Ayden Board of Commissioners. The purpose was followed by Ron Dunbar Political Action Chair.

David Davis Chair Pitt County Board of Election gave a short overview of the what to expect of the upcoming election.

Melvin McLawhorn Pitt County Board of Commissioners spoke to the county redistricting changes.

Charles Carney Chair of Veteran Affairs and some others took up an offering because the President Calvin Henderson stated the NAACP is a volunteer organization.

Now it was time for the speaker of the evening. Veronica Roberson Commissioner Town of Winterville NC introduced Linda Coleman, Director of State Personnel/Candidate for Lt. Governor of North Carolina. Roberson said Coleman is a native of Greenville and went on to share some things about Coleman’s role in politics.

Coleman thanked the Pastor of the church because obviously he recognizes that it all began in the church. She said that  this is where black folks learned to read and to make things happen. She spoke about the importance of the NAACP. She talked about the reason why people need to get out and vote. She said while at A&T University they were taught to be involved in the political process. She reminded us of how our forefathers paid the way.

Coleman said everyone is in debt to the NAACP and how do you repay them? She said by going to the polls to vote. She spoke to how the Republicans will bring the Voters ID veto back to the table in May because they feel they have the numbers. She stressed that we can not go back. She said we are 49th as it relates to education and we are behind Mississippi. She stressed the importance of education.

Coleman said the church and the NAACP are being tested. She said we stood the test of time in the past and we will do it again but we will be stronger this time.

Coleman said the Pitt County folks have a reason to go to the polls because Don Davis is running for the Senate District 5. She served with him when he was in office. She said we need his leadership.

Coleman said we need to support the NAACP.

Reginald Barrett 1st Vice Chair of NAACP introduced all candidates present.

Don Davis candidate for Senate District 5 was present. Ty Richardson candidate for Commissioner of Labor was present. Farris Dixon candidate for Judge of Pitt County was also present. All of the candidates were given the opportunity to speak.

President Calvin Henderson stressed the need to get young people involved.

Rev. Tyrome Turner was given a chance to speak and he challenged everyone to go back to their Pastors and tell them to get involed. He said that it is sad they can have national connections but no local connections.

Bennie Rountree President SCLC spoke to the issues of going on in Pitt County. He asked how many Pastors were present? He said he seen 2. He said who are we preaching to? He said if they are busy why not send an assistant or someone to represent.

Rountree stressed why we need to go vote. He said we can’t do it by ourself we must do it together in unity.

Devinda Culver says she wear many hats one working with the Police Department. She said everyone must get involved by watching what is going on in their neighborhoods. She said talk to the children because sometimes they just need some guidance. She stressed to get out and vote.

After the announcements Rev. Tyrome Turner closed out the meeting with prayer.

See Linda Coleman’s address in its entirety on The DCN Online TV coming soon.


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Smith investigation draws mixed reactions – Source: The Daily Reflector

Leaders of several civil rights organizations had mixed reactions to Friday’s announcement that Pitt County’s district attorney found insufficient evidence to support an allegation of excessive force during the arrest of a Greenville City Councilwoman Kandie Smith. (Read more @ The Daily Reflector)

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The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is meeting Tuesday to discuss its stance on a call to remove Greenville Police Chief William Anderson from office.

Tuesday’s 7 p.m. meeting at 1032 Fleming St. already was scheduled. The Anderson discussion, however, has become a prominent part of the agenda after William Dudley, chairman of the local chapter’s board of directors, and Reginald Walton, the board’s assistant chairman, sent a letter to The Daily Reflector on Thursday that stated the organization did not condone efforts to seek Anderson’s removal and thought he was doing “a noble job.” (Read more @ The Daily Reflector)

Note: Here we go again. Division among the ranks. Oh well when will we get it together. It is one thing to disagree but when this type of disagreement takes place and it is made public without the entire organization reaching some kind of consensus is just sad. As I read the article it appears that there were little to no discussion or a lack of communication as it relates to where the SCLC stands as an organization. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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