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Committee to Re-Elect Andre’ Knight Response To Tarrick Pittman

The Committee to Re-Elect Andre’ Knight has committed to run our re-election efforts on the outstanding record of success and growth that Rocky Mount has experienced in the 15 years that our candidate has served with distinction and honor as the City Council Representative for Ward 1. Councilman Knight, from the outset of his first candidacy, has been maligned, accused and vilified unjustly. Thankfully, the people of Ward 1 saw through every attempt to disqualify our Candidate, Council Representative Andre’ Knight, and sent him back to serve the people and lead progress for all of Rocky Mount.

We believe that cheap stunts that our candidate’s opponent is attempting to perpetrate are dishonorable, sad and desperate. First of all, the recent Facebook posts that Mr. Pittman has published on his page are libelous and slanderous. The information is false, the pictures are not of his house and his allegations of neglect, taking advantage of people who are struggling to survive and violating City ordinances are lies. Our candidate has not addressed Mr. Pittman’s own inconsistencies in his business and legal affairs. From the outset, he blamed Councilmen Knight and Blackwell for targeting him and trying to evict him from City property. Lies. Both Councilmen tried supporting him as a new downtown business by referring potential clients to him and even taking their own personal computers to him to repair. Regardless of the disappointing outcomes they experienced in their business interactions with him, they did not slander or accuse him. It was the Administration of the City of Rocky Mount, under the advisement of the City’s Attorney’s office, that held Mr. Pittman responsible for his own obligations as a tenant of the City. The NC judicial system resolved that matter recently and our Council Representative had nothing to do with the complaint or the outcome. This is documented history.

Unlike his opponent, Councilman Andre’ Knight has a strong record of advocacy and accomplishment. He does not have to conjure vague images, create suspicion and sow discord through veiled Helms, Reagan and Trump smoke and mirror tactics. We’ve seen all that before. Our candidate led the fight to bring relief to our electric customers in Rocky Mount and to our friends throughout eastern North Carolina from unjust charges levied by Duke Power through Electricities. That battle with industry titans was fought and won. That is documented history.

Our candidate has helped recruit business investment to Ward 1, led revitalization efforts and advocated for increased funding for housing, business development, and enhanced safety measures in inner-city communities in Rocky Mount. Rocky Mount is better than it has ever been. We have new housing where dilapidated warehouses once stood. We have cleared blocks of ruined houses where open-air drug markets existed. We have created and funded policies and projects that have brought tens of millions of dollars in public and private investment to downtown Rocky Mount. For the first time EVER, an international hotel brand is seriously considering locating in east Rocky Mount with the prospect of bringing brand new commercial and retail developments and condominiums to our downtown in Rocky Mount/Edgecombe County. That is documented history.

Our candidate has been a strong advocate for poor people, the elderly and the sick and has brought progress to our City through his leadership. He chairs a real Board of Directors at OIC that serves thousands of real people every month. Under Knight’s leadership, real people are being trained, put to work, opening businesses and their healthcare concerns and needs are being met. More documented history, not fictional and vague accomplishments.

Our candidate is a real entrepreneur that has run a family business since the 1990s and struggles as every small business owner does. There is no shame in not having all the money you need for everything you need all the time. However, we believe that it is deceitful, dangerous and treacherous that a candidate who wants to represent people in Ward 1 brazenly leads and carries an agenda of lies, sabotage, destruction, and annihilation of every policy and leader that has opposed unjust institutions, practices, and people. Andre’  Knight has not received endorsements or accepted money from people who have openly maligned east Rocky Mount and Edgecombe County, disparaged and disrespected our elected and appointed leaders and have tried to destroy regional growth and economic success in Edgecombe County. That is documented history too.

Right now, the Committee to Re-Elect Andre’ Knight is focused on winning this election through the support of the people again. We cannot and will not be distracted by baseless lies and innuendo. That’s a well-thought and planned Trump-inspired move. We will not respond to every falsehood that is published and every fear that is promulgated by our opponents. But it is a mistake for our opponent to think that he can say whatever he wants to say without being accountable for his words and actions. We know he is just one small cog in a web of candidates who are being paid, endorsed and supported by privileged millionaires to destroy the true unity that is bringing life again to historically neglected communities and neighborhoods.

We know that we are fighting institutionalized racism that is fueled and fed by the supporters of President Trump right here in Rocky Mount. It’s happening all over the country, we saw some of them in Greenville a few weeks ago and those same forces are trying to destroy the progress we have all made working together in Rocky Mount. We all have eyes to see and ears to hear. We lived through Jesse Helms’ tactics and we’ll make it through Donald Trump strategies.  Our candidate has a brain to think independently and a mouth to speak TRUTH TO POWER. Andre’ Knight is UNBOUGHT AND UNBOSSED. Now that is documented history and that is why we support Andre’ Knight as our candidate for City Council for Ward 1!


See Tarrick’s Pittman post

Black Males And Hope!

Folk you got to be careful who you are connected to. Some folk may mean well but you need to make sure they don’t have a hidden agenda.

Some folk have a problem with me because I talk to Rocky Mount City Councilmen Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell and some other Black folk. Folk they are elected officials and as long as they do what they are suppose to do as elected officials per the description per the LGC, I will support them. You see what the haters description of what they think they ought to be doing is the haters problem not mines.

What these guys do outside of their role as Rocky Mount City Councilmen is their personal business. I don’t give a damn if they bought every piece of property in Rocky Mount. Hell anyone got a problem with that, then why in the hell don’t you buy some property? Hell the only reason I have not bought any is because I don’t have the funds to do so. But some of these haters got the funds. They got the funds but ain’t trying to buy a damn thing on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount and don’t want to see anything good happen on that side. But haters want to control what others do. GTHOH!

The haters got a problem because Reuben has a real job CEO Oic Rocky Mount (Opportunities Industrial Center Inc.) Damn the O stands for what they do, give folk opportunities and those who need training they offer that and those who are ready for work they provide jobs for them. Andre is on the board.

The haters got a problem that Andre is his own boss. He runs a couple of group homes giving his family and some others some employment.

The haters got a problem with him being the President of the Rocky Mount NAACP talking about a conflict of interest! The NAACP is Oldest, Boldest and the Baddest Civil Rights Organization in America. Anyone that have a problem with an organization that fight for folk who civil rights have been violated be they Black, Brown, Caucasian and other they are ignant as all hell. GTHOH

The sad part is the haters that look like me these Ignant Safe Black folk team up with the Caucasian haters and work with them to help them to attempt to accomplish their mission. Now don’t get it twisted because some Caucasians work with us so I ain’t talking about all Caucasians, just the Special Cs. There has been a hater campaign that began back around December of last year that has been faithfully attending the Rocky Mount City Council meetings all of this year attacking Black leadership. While the council meetings are not in session, the haters have been on Social Media 24 hours a day since December faithfully talking about Black Leadership. Oh this was leading up to the Elections of 2019.

Folk it is about POWER! It began with Lige Daughtridge Community Council and candidate for Rocky Mount City Council who attend the meetings challenging the council and on his Community Council Social Media page.

Most recent Warren Daughtridge began attending the Council meetings this year attacking them as well. He started a Social Media Page LoveRockyMount because his thing is folk like myself is negative but he and Special Cs but not limited to can negatively attack Black Leadership and that is ok. GTHOH!

However WHIG-TV, Fighting Crime, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, Hood Newz 252 and some individual haters have been around on Social Media attacking the Council for quite some time.

The Rocky Mount Mayoral Race is the one I am watching very, very close. I am tickled to death how these Black folk who are supporting Sandy Roberson are working hard trying to get him elected. Damn shame!

I don’t know Sandy Roberson but I do know Bronson Williams. I heard some folk say they went to school with Sandy and that is fine. But tell me about his concerns about the Rocky Mount City Government meetings before this year’s election because I have not seen him attend the meetings over the years. Oh but just maybe my video camera and photo camera didn’t pick him up. I have no problem with who folk support I am just telling you who I would support if I could vote for them.

I have been attending the meetings long before any of the current members have been on the council. So for the record I was concerned who got elected back then and damn sure concerned now when I see the progress that has been made and some folk are mad because the council is a 4-3 Black majority.

Bronson Williams has been coming to the meetings for years. He has ran for mayor before. He is a young Black Male. He is a smart young business man and actively engaged in Rocky Mount City Government. I know him and I didn’t go to school with him. I am old enough to be his daddy.

And that brings me to an interesting point. Folk talk about supporting the youth, young folk Black Males but you are lying and the truth ain’t in you especially school teachers, pastors, church folk and other because look at what you are doing. Here we go got a chance to get a young Black Male elected as the next Mayor of Rocky Mount and look at the movement. Black folk have teamed up trying to get the Caucasian elected.

But damn these are the same folk that witness how Black Males are acting as if they have no hope and we hear about how they are shooting each other nearly every week. What in the hell do they have to look forward to when I have said over and over again that hell we don’t support Black Males who are doing positive things.

But folk talking about crime in Rocky Mount. Well all of you who are supporting the Caucasian Male over the Black Male, then know that you are supporting the negative vibes of the young Black Males who feel like they can not be leaders. So damn when they choose to become leaders of gangs and other, then don’t act like you don’t know that you are not a part of the solution but you are a part of the problem.

Talking about Black Males need a job, well Bronson is a business man so what other half-trues you going to come up with?

I am The Watch Dog of The East and I am damn good at it. I am watching what is goings on.

I am The Political Agitator! Professional

I am Unbought and Unbossed! I refuse to be silent on issues that matter and Black Males but not limited to is my Main Issue because I am Black Male.

Now Run & Tell That!

Conversation With Warren Daughtridge LoveRockyMount About Rocky Mount Politics

Mr. Dancy – I would like to make something perfectly clear. LoveRockyMount is not a political organization. It is a growing group of people that are committed to getting to know each other more in hopes of learning how much alike we are, bridging divides that may exist and ultimately helping others in our community. I take offense to your including this group in your posts positioning us as supporting certain candidates. I challenge you to find any posts made on the LoveRockyMount page or by it’s founders. We do not intend for this group to be political in any way. While some members may be in politics or may show support for a candidate, we do not allow that sort of messaging on our page. We would greatly appreciate you NOT making reference to our group in yout political posts. As I stated earlier, we welcome you to join the conversation. Get involved in a community event. Talk to others that aren’t like you. Talk to me, one on one, for goodness sake. The worst thing that could happen is for us to find we had something in common, right?


My friend you sent me a Friend Request but when I challenged you after a council meeting you Unfriended Me. I ain’t mad with nobody. What I ain’t gonna do is to change for you or others to like me. But where did I say you were supporting a candidate so I can review it?

Thank you Mr. Dancy. For the record, I sent you a friend request right away when I was just begining to get involved. I unfriended you because I didn’t really want to become involved in the way you communicate. I am much more into meaningful dialogue. I didn’t see much of that style on your page or on your blog. As for this topic, you have included our group in a couple of graphics, the latest being one that has LoveRockyMount aligned with Tarrick Pittman.There was another one but I can’t recall exactly what it was. We are not aligned with any candidate as a group. I have not stated any personal opinion of candidate support that I can recall. I don’t have a dog in the hunt this year other than mayor. Who I vote for there is my own business, though I do believe one person is highly qualified. I don’t know enough about the other two to make an educated guess as to their qualifications yet.

What do you call highly qualified?

You do not like my style because I call out folk something you and others can’t handle.

Able to manage a multi-million dollar business, budget and large personnel organization.

I don’t like your particular style because it is usually negative. There is good around us, you don’t have to look far.

Really? Damn the mayor do not manage the money, that is the City Managers job. SMDH!

Negative to you and those who have that mentality. Ain’t used to a Black Man challenging Caucasian Men in particular.

The mayor provides leadership and vision. He or she also represents our city to others seeking to do business here. I would much prefer a polished business person that has experience dealing with such things compared to one that does not. As I said, I don’t know the qualifications of the other two yet. I assure you I will before I cast my vote.

And, I dont care if you are green, your style is abrasive and rude. I believe in calling out wrong but I also believe in calling out right. That reminds me, i have two papers i picked up with pictures of that Army Private from Korea on the front page. Do you now who I might give them to? I figured the family might want them.

Leadership and vision do not have a damn thing to do with your definition of highly qualified. I would ask you do you know what the other 2 manager but I ain’t going there with you. Actually it is 3 more so goes to show you are focused on the 1 candidate that looks like you. And lastly I have talked to some folk who been in the room with you so enough said. I started out saying my friend but obviously since you have an issue with me, then until something change I recall the my friend thingy. Good bye! Going back in my lane. I know a hell of a lot more than what folk think I know. I talk to Black folk and Caucasian folk.

I wasn’t aware of the 4th and am appreciative of your bringing that to my attention. I have more homework to do. And as to the friend thingy, I am quite confident we aren’t there yet! Friend /frend/ 1. a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection

I claim everyone my friend that I come in contact with such as this however that does not mean that they accept me as a friend. I don’t know you and you don’t know me but you have said enough as it relate to you and I speaking to each other about our opinion of each other. I havemy own definition of certain things just like your highly qualified B. S. I have examples of how I operate. When Roger Brantley said he would pray for me and I rejected his prayer. We did not Unfriend each other and we are still friends today as we came to a common ground. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

Seen 7:15 PM

Tarrick Pittman Came Out Smoking Against Andre Knight For Ward 1

Wow! Dude came out smoking against Andre so now let’s see how this unfold.

You wonder why there is a lack of code enforcement throughout our city? These pictures were taken at the old Wimbley house at 110 Braswell St. You know the one. Near the Library that gave a certain politician his claim to fame.

How did that give Andre Knight his claim to fame? He had the house before he was elected to the council?

The adult daycare! The one that goes into foreclosure once a year.

Wow! I ain’t never heard this before so I learnt something new today!

There are 5 elderly grown men who live in the house and share the facilities. They are being charged $800 per month each to live in these type of conditions.
Is it even zoned correctly for this type of business model?

So you need to have special zoning to rent that house?

Is the light bill being paid for by the citizens?

Could you better explain that? Are you saying the citizens are taking up donations and paying the light bill?

Can you do an article RM Telegram and inform us on this? Oh, I forgot the editor Gene’s wife sits on a board at O.I.C. To much of a conflict for that to happen.

Wow! I didn’t know that Gene’s wife sits on the board. Again I learnt something today.

Damn the Telegram been writing about Andre for how long.

How can we expect our elected officials to focus on Housing in our community when they are slum lords themselves and continue to turn their backs on enforcing housing codes.

Okay I got that but the last time I checked Andre only has one vote so are you telling me that his one vote carries the majority?

But you did say they, so who else are you referring to?

The landscaping looks horrible! That house was known to have immaculate grounds back in the day before it was sold.


A strict code enforcement program was the advice given by two independent studies on housing. The 2014 Crossroads to Prosperity Report and the 2019 UNC Greensboro housing study both listed code enforcement as a priority.

So what are you trying to say?

We must do better and hold our elected officials accountable.

Elected officials should always be held accountable not just when a want a be candidate decides to run for office.

What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong!

Damn you got that right! LOL!

Seriously, look at the pics!!!!! The windows are sealed with paint. I see why they were not concerned about the mold at CoolGeeks! Look at those walls and tile!!! If they will house the elderly in these type of conditions, they don’t care about no one but themselves! They use the pro black stance to fool the masses all the while squatting on black people while building their empire in the process.

I waiting on a response from Andre so I will post as soon as I receive it.

30% of the people who live in Ward 1 can’t afford their basic needs!

So how is that Andre’s fault and how can he change that?

But how can the folk you speak of change that themselves?

Let’s change the culture in our city!!!!!

Change what Culture?

Johnny Cunningham he needs your help to get that property up to code!

Wow! Damn Johnny Cunningham what you got to do with it? Oh he calling you out because you are supporting Andre. Wow!

Here is a petty P.S. The sign in front of your “Campaign Headquarters” on Tarboro Street is out of compliance with the Historic Preservation society’s sign guidelines for Downtown.

Has this been reported?

It says you are “The Man of the People” You voted to implement the guidelines! Follow the rules that others have to follow! #tarrick4ward1 #letsgrowtogether

In Response to Letter to the Editor: Change good for Rocky Mount – Rocky Mount Telegram (Mary Ward)

I get so sick and tired of folk throwing out mess without making direct examples that one can truly respond to them. They do the same things they accuse others of doing. They say b.s. but when you question them they either change the narrative or go away.

Taxpayers who are residents, business owners and homeowners have a right to expect city government to make the best decisions for the greatest good of everyone, not just to benefit a cadre of individuals’ personal agendas. This is a great vision to have no matter what the reality is.

So how does these folk get to determine what is the best decisions for all of the citizens in Rocky Mount?

Who are the cadre of individuals who benefit from personal agendas?

With transparency has come revelations that a high level of accountability and credibility are questionable with our current City Council and city management.

So what is considered transparency?

So what is questionable with the current City Council and city management?

The fact that our current police force is short by at least 16 officers, some of whom have moved on to salaries that afford increases and benefits that put their standard of living above struggling, should concern everyone.

So why should everyone be concerned?

So what do you suggest is the solution for this issue?

I see this retention issue as a City Council and city management and budget issue that has nothing to do with race or ratio. City Council members are elected by the public to represent the public’s interest and secure economic climates that are stable.

So what is the retention issue?

A city is an entity of a whole and the Committee of the Whole is elected to maintain equitable distribution of improvements in all wards and recruitment of capital investments that enhance the quality of life for each citizen. The Crossing at 64 and Springfield/Raleigh boulevards has land for a motel and mixed income housing right off the highway that goes from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina. It has less intrusive noise lodgers long for because no one wants to sleep next to a railroad track that carries industrial as well as passenger trains 24 hours a day.

So when did you get to determine that the land at the Crossing at 64 and Springfield/Raleigh boulevards has land for a motel and mixed income housing? Or are you speaking from a factual source or only from the talk from the Special Cs in Rocky Mount who have mentioned what could be and what ought to be at the Crossing at 64?

So how did you come to the conclusion that the Crossing at 64 is the location that has less intrusive noise lodgers long for because no one wants to sleep next to a railroad track?

Has the Rocky Mount Planning Board recommended to City Council to pay $100,000 to hire a firm to conduct a feasibility study? With most of Edgecombe County’s city residents being people of color as well as the current City Council, it would seem an obvious and perfect location.

So you ask the question about has the Rocky Mount Planning Board made a recommendation to to City Council to pay for a feasibility study? Well hell the Planning Board meetings are open to the Public so have you attended and or questioned the Planning Board? 

So you accuse others of interjecting race in the equation but damn you are getting somewhere now when you say with most of Edgecombe County’s city residents being people of color as well as the current City Council, it would seem an obvious and perfect location. Oh hell no the the obvious and perfect location is where the proposed area has been chosen and I stand behind this even though I am not a residence of Rocky Mount. It just makes damn business sense and makes common sense.

As an African-American who has lived in Rocky Mount for 30 years, I see no fruit in throwing the idea of race out there every time there is opposition; opposition is what makes for high-level thinking processes.

As a Black man who has worked in Rocky Mount for 32 years and almost 8 months I have been actively engaged in Rocky Mount Politics.

I began voting when I turned 18 and I joined the Edgecombe County Democratic Party as a Precinct Chair around 38 years ago and I have served on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee as the 3rd Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, 1st Vice Chair and Chair. I have been serving on the Executive Committee all of these years and continue to do so today.

Rocky Mount Elected Officials that live on the Edgecombe County are members of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee so that is one of the reasons why I am concerned about who will serve on the committee with me.

I joined Black Workers for Justice which consisted of Caucasians, Black and others 32 years ago. Black Workers For Justice was located right across the street from the little white church where the Rocky Mount Event Center is located. I get so damn tickled when the Special Cs say that the Knight Family moved the church to that location. 

I attended some community meetings in Rocky Mount beginning back in the late 80’s and still continue to do so.

I joined the Rocky Mount Branch NAACP 27 years ago and I am a happy Life Fully Paid Member. I have been a Vice President all of these years.

I began attending the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission meetings back in the early 90’s and this is when I met Mr. & Mrs. William & Gardenia Hobbs as Mrs. Hobbs served on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission. The Hobbs became my mentors.

I began attending the Rocky Mount City Council meetings often after the city was up for the All-American City in the late 90’s early 2000’s and during that time was when the Rocky Mount Planning Board voted against Andre Knight being able to have an Adult Daycare at the Prestigious Big House he purchased on Falls Road that was previously owned by a former banker Wimberly Gregory. Andre challenged the Planning Board and the Rocky Mount City Council.

Andre Knight and Carol Batchelor along with the late Rev. Dr. Elbert Lee who was the President of the Rocky Mount Branch NAACP went to Philadelphia and challenged that the city was not ready for the All-American City because of Race Relations in Rocky Mount NC.

Since Andre Knight challenged the city becoming an All-American City, he ended up losing his job at Edgecombe Community College because the Caucasian Big Wheels Blackballed him. I told him that he College was going to fire him because he had challenged the city.

After the city fired Andre Knight his solution was to move to Edgecombe County Ward 1 because that Ward was up for election so he could get on the Council and be a voice for the folk of Rocky Mount. Hell the blackballing didn’t stop there and the Big Wheels along with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs who was Chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party was the chosen one the Field Negro to go after Andre Residency. He also challenged my residence and Lawrence Taylor. Andre challenge ended up going to the courts and Andre appealed it and he came out victorious. Edgecombe County ended up having to pay Andre’s attorney fees.

I served as Vice Chair of Nash Edgecombe Economic Development N.E.E.D. Inc. over 24 years ago and served for several years. I served until myself and Mr. William Hobbs who was the N.E.E.D. Treasurer and also Chair of the Nash County Democratic Party and I was also the Chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. Mr. Hobbs and I were kicked off the N.E.E.D board by the Edgecombe & Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners because we were going to honor the N.E.E.D. Director’s resignation but he wanted to rescind his resignation and we along with some others said it was time for him to go. When we got kicked off some others resigned in support of us.

I joined Common Ground around 19 years ago that was founded by now Rocky Mount City Councilwoman Chris Miller and we met up until the group disbanded due to some of the members began to have to take care of aging parents and other. Common Ground consisted of training on how to deal with Race Relations in Rocky Mount. The group 1st stared out with the business community but didn’t get the participation and then it was offered to the Ministers and didn’t get the participation. When it was offered to the Community the group that participated we continued to meet for years after Chris and Andre Knight were elected to the Rocky Mount City Council in 2003.

Somewhere around 1997 Lewis Turner one of my mentors that I met with Black Workers For Justice and he traveled with me across the state to meetings, Carol Batchelor, Amanda Taylor, a few others along with Andre Knight and myself we founded the group Northeastern NC Committee on the Affairs of Black People after learning about the work of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People.

The group held meetings around the city dealing with Rocky Mount politics. We held meetings about the high utilities in Rocky Mount. We held a community meeting at Truth Tabernacle and we invited the Rocky Mount Utilities Commission to come address the community. During this meeting this is when our group found out about the City Electric rates were tied to the partnership with ElectriCities.

After Councilman Andre Knight took former Councilwoman Angela Bryant’s seat on the ElectriCities Board that met in Wilson NC and he fought them. I took time off work and attended some of the meetings.

Learn more about ElectriCities – The Energy Behind Public Power – ElectriCities.

Andre also had to fight on the bigger board NCEMPA Board. Click on the previous link to get more information about the fight.

You can learn more about North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA).

I have much family, friends and associates along with enemies in Rocky Mount.

I have put in the time, energy and resources when it comes to Rocky Mount Politics and I will challenge Black Folk, Special Cs and whomever.

I propose that we look beyond race and gender issues and begin to strategically and objectively look at what the citizens and taxpayers need from City Hall leadership.

Race has been and is the driving factor of the climate of the happenings with the Rocky Mount City Council, City Manager and Staff, Police and Fire because the City Council is a 4 –3 Black Majority, City Manager and many Department Heads are Black, Police Chief is Black and most recent just this past week the new Black Fire Chief was introduced.

Rocky Mount needs the diversity of brilliance that breathes life into all communities inside this city.

So you say you been here for 30 years so I assume you moved here. However 30 years ago the city Council was majority Caucasian, City Manager was Caucasian, the Departments head were all Caucasian, Chief of Police was white, Fire Chief was Caucasian so you question diversity back then? Oh if I am correct you retired from the Rocky Mount School System and I remember you reaching out to me about school issues years ago unless there is another Mary Ward in Rocky Mount.

I strongly disagree with Rocky Mount needs diversity of brilliance that breathes life into all communities inside the city because this council has been more transparent than any damn group since I have been attending Rocky Mount meetings.

Change is necessary to all eviate complacency. Term limits to serve on the City Council need to become policy.

It is a damn shame and an insult to me that you as a Black Female has the audacity to write this b.s. when I have been a part of the struggle and have had to fight. Let me rephrase that, I didn’t have to but because I chose to be a voice for the people, I chose to fight. It is an insult to me and those whom allow me to speak for them all I have fought for when it comes to Race Relations and Injustices in Rocky Mount and you talking about damn term limits.

Hell years ago former Attorney, former Judge and now Congressman G.K. Butterfield, former Attorney, former House of Representative, Retired Judge and now Senator Toby Fitch along with others had to fight to change the make up of the Rocky Mount City Council because they used to be At-large so in order to get Black Representation they had to go to the courts to get Wards put in place.

So this damn mess with Rocky Mount City Government is not just about Councilmen Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell. The Special Cs have attempted to discredit our Black Leadership over the years and I have refused to be silent even when I have had to stand by myself calling these haters out.

So for the Mary E. Wards of Rocky Mount, I refuse to allow you and any others who have the mentality when it comes to Rocky Mount Politics to discredit the struggle that has gone forth and that still continues.

The problem with Rocky Mount Politics is the Special Cs are mad because they are now the majority minority. I believe the bible says that the 1st will be last and the last will be 1st. Now back in the day the population was majority Caucasian but now the population has shifted.

But although I have an issue with the Special Cs my biggest issue is with ignant Safe Black Folk who pushes the Special Cs agenda. However I recognize and understand that some folk are ignant to the facts because they don’t know the Whole Trues!

I know the history of Rocky Mount Politics over the past 32 years and I will challenge anyone and I don’t live in Rocky Mount. I have been fighting for the folk in Rocky Mount, Edgecombe County and abroad for over 32 years. I fight for those who don’t know me and that I am even fighting for them. I fight for those who love me, I fight for those who hate me because I believe the bible says forgive them, for they know not what they do.

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!

I am have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

I am Unbought and Unbossed!

I am The Watch Dog of the East!

I am The Political Agitator (Professional)

So Just What In The Hell Is Tarrick Pittman So Damn Mad About? What About These Numbers?

But Tarrick I wonder you even have been at the Douglas Block if it had not been for the current council?

But Tarrick damn if business is so damn good, then why in the hell didn’t you pay the money on July 15, 2019? When will he pay?

But Tarrick it appears your addresses of where you live is questionable since you stated in March 2019 in the Rocky Mount Telegram you have lived on Woodland Ave for over a year. However your voter’s registration shows you voted in Nash County around 5 months prior to the March in November 2018. Damn that could be challenged by any Democrat as to if this is voter fraud. The local Board of Elections would rule on that.

But Tarrick you go down to Edgecombe County Board of Elections around June and change your voters registration but now say you live on Rosewood Ave. And when you file for Ward 1 you say you live on Rosewood Ave.

But Tarrick you say you are a numbers guy so help me with this math.

So from November to March is how many months?

Let’s talk about that part!

But what are you so damn mad about?

It appears to me you need to be focusing on your business and getting some drivers license. I am just saying!

But that ain’t none of my business though, but you running for council is my damn business although I can’t vote for or against you.

Rocky Mount NC – Connect The Dots! Follow The Mayoral Race

It it time to give Bronson Williams a chance to be mayor of Rocky Mount. He has put in the time. He has attended the Rocky Mount City Council meetings over the years. He has a good communication with current council and some of the current staff as he challenge them. In other words he attend the meetings and challenge them constructively without sending a negative message to the community where it appears he has a motive. Can’t say that about Lige Daughtridge who attend the meetings as he is running for a Ward seat.


Candidate filing period wraps up – Rocky Mount Telegram (LJK)

NASHVILLE — Every race for the Rocky Mount City Council will be contested this year as candidate filing wraps up in the Twin Counties.

Robert Cordell filed to run for the Ward 5 seat opened by the decision by Councilman Tom Rogers not to run for re-election.

Cordell said he has a 30-point platform he is ready to share. He faces Lige Daughtridge for the seat.

Cordell joins 38 candidates filing this week, making for a total of 100 municipal candidates in Nash and Edgecombe counties since filing began July 5.

Castalia will see an extended filing period as one town board seat lacks a single candidate. The Nash County Board of Elections voted to extend the deadline another five days to noon Friday. (Read more)

This is about Uniting & Exposure! Black Folk Don’t Get Distracted!

I blame the Special Cs for this because of their mess about Uniting, LoveRockyMount, I mean One Rocky Mount and all that mess about our Black leaders. You see some Black folk got distracted and this is what happens one get caught up.

Black folk you better wake the hell up because Trump want to send you back and so does his Special C supporters.

When We Unite, When We Fight We Win!

Although the subject is Tarrick Pittman the Exposure of the Special Cs is the main thang!

Don’t get it twisted!

Maybe Tarrick will get the message that he need to do like Johnny Cunningham recognize and understand the bigger picture. He should not be about us against us but them against us!

Now somebody missed that!

These Special Cs are dangerous! Remember how they have tried to discredit me and even trying to bring my place of employment in it. They love to bully folk.

I ain’t the damn one!

I ain’t mad with anyone!

Breaking News – Judge Ruled On Monday July 15, 2019 In Civil Court That Rocky Mount City Council Candidate Must Pay $15,320.00

This story like so many is personal to me because when it comes to politics, I try to keep us out of the spotlight especially Black candidates. You see things like this don’t look good for Black candidates who seek offices because some folk will try to make it appear that all Black folk have issues.

I try to reach out to candidates and I reached out to this guy but he ignored me. What folk can’t say is I don’t try to talk to them but I can’t make them listen so when they go down, they need to think about those friends and associates who allowed them to run and then make the news. I tell them politics will open them and their family up for scrutiny. I tell them the timing must be right because you could be committing political suicide if you should lose and want to run again in the future. But my haters try to turn folk against me by trying to discredit me when I be trying to help them.

I didn’t know this guy and actually he came up to me during a meeting and introduced himself and hugged me. We had talked in Facebook Messenger and I was hoping we were going to talk again. We did talk a little over a week ago at an event and I told him to call me so we could talk more. Well that didn’t happen and several days ago when I addressed him on Facebook he Unfriended me. So now we are here.

The City Of Rocky Mount was granted the property at 150 E. Thomas St. Rocky Mount, NC 27801 located on the Douglas Block area.

The property was occupied by Cool Geeks owner Tarrick Pittman and he must pay the city in the amount of $15,320.00 in owed rent.

In May The Rocky Mount Telegram edition this is what Lindell John Kay reported, “Judge recuses self from city lawsuit.”

A state judge has removed himself from a case involving a candidate for the Rocky Mount City Council.

Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Quentin Sumner recused himself this week in the lawsuit-countersuit of City of Rocky Mount v. Tarrick Pittman.

Sumner didn’t include a reason for his recusal in the court file and couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday afternoon.

The case involves Pittman — now a candidate for Ward 1— refusing to pay rent in the city-owned building where he is a tenant until mold remediation is completed.

City Attorney Jep Rose said the status of the case remains the same and the case will be rescheduled by another judge.

Pittman said he’s been advised by his attorney not to comment other than to say he’s looking forward to his day in court.

Pittman is president of the Downtown Merchants Association and a member of the Central City Revitalization Panel. He owns and operates CoolGeeks, a computer repair shop.

Since December 2016, Pittman’s business has been housed in the Manhattan Building on East Thomas Street on the Douglas Block in downtown Rocky Mount.

The building has mold due to water intrusion. The city, which owns the property, has sued Pittman for withholding rent. Pittman counter-sued the city for breach of rental contract.

The legal action began in small claims court then moved up to state Superior Court.

The city is suing Pittman for $9,000; Pittman counter-sued for roughly the same amount.

Pittman previously said he isn’t just a guy who won’t pay his rent. He said he’s standing up to City Hall and defending the Douglas Block.

“The rent money is set aside in a bank account,” Pittman told the Telegram in January. “It’s about taking a stand. I’m an original member of the Douglas Block. They’re disrespecting me.”

Note: Seen 1st on The DCN News Blog Online TV 



Tales of an Educated Debutante Pittman vs. Knight

imageSo who pulling your strings? This dude ain’t no threat to to this election. Love it when because you and the other Special Cs don’t like Tarrick Pittman you just hate Andre Knight. Funny to me. I do know that Tarrick voting record could be challenged because he voted in Nashville in November 2018 but on record in the Rocky Mount Telegram in March saying he had lived in Edgecombe County for over a year. Support dude but quit lying on Andre because you are a living lie just like Tarrick.

Tales of an Educated Debutante

July 13 at 8:22 PM ·

Pittman vs. Knight

If you live in my hometown of Rocky Mount, you know that there is hope coming to Ward One.

Tarrick Pittman, a native of Rocky Mount, has filed to run to represent Ward 1 on the Rocky Mount City Council. Andre Knight has been in office since 2003 and for sixteen years he has used race to tear the city apart while building his own empire. Since then, poverty has risen 55% in Ward One.

Tarrick Pittman spent twenty five years in the corporate world before heading back home and opening his own business in downtown Rocky Mount. As for his running for Council?

He says, “I want to see our city continue to grow and prosper. I will work towards policies that allow for rational and responsible development. My passion is bringing people together, working towards a common purpose and doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.”

It’s quite the opposite of what Knight has done. Rather than look forward or make the town better, he chastises those who call out his self indulgent behavior where he profits financially from his council decisions.

Today, he said, “Just come out and say that you don’t like black leadership….you don’t like the east part of our city to grow and flourish… don’t like a diverse city workforce….you don’t like a black man or woman leading you into a brighter future!”

Since when does color have anything to do with leadership ability?

Run, Tarrick, run.

To contribute to Tarrick’s campaign:
Citizens for Tarrick Pittman
3661 Sunset Avenue
PO Box 254
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

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Arrest warrant issued for council candidate – Rocky Mount Telegram (Amelia Harper)

The Political Agitator’s response: You see I tell folk if they are running for office they need to talk to me. I could tell them some things and let them know if I would support them or not. Well dude and I talked a couple times and I knew it was something about him. Well this is about as damn ignant as it gets to put yourself and your family out there opening yourself up for scrutiny and for your life history to show nuff become public. He can’t say I didn’t try to talk to him. But what tickles the hell out of me is how the Special Cs were boosting dude out there. Sources say he was connected to Sandy Roberson For Mayor, Community Council Lige Daughtridge, Attorney Steve Stevenson, WHIG-TV, LoveRockyMount, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, Tales of An Educated Debutante, Fighting Crime & Who’s Wanted, Kip Meadows and others.

A candidate for the Rocky Mount City Council is facing an order for arrest in Edgecombe County but says he is dealing with the issue.

Tarrick Pittman, 45, has been cited for failure to appear for an April 15 court date on a charge of operating a motor vehicle while his license was revoked and for an expired registration plate on a 2006 BMW driven on March 5, according to a copy of an arrest warrant obtained from the Rocky Mount Judicial Center on Wednesday by the Telegram.

This is not the first time Pittman has faced charges in Edgecombe County related to driving without a license. In 2002, he also was cited for driving while his license was revoked. That charge was dropped in 2010 when it still had not been resolved in court and had aged out of the system.

In addition to these two cases, Pittman was charged five times in Nash County for driving with his license revoked in the time period between 1997 and 2003. In 2009, he also was charged with . . . (Read more)

Tarrick Pittman Thinks He Can Unseat Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight With This Nonsense

The Political Agitator’s response: The following is about as ignant as it gets. See my response in red.
Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1

Numbers don’t lie, people do! Ward 1 are you tired of the same old, same old? Stump speeches blaming it all on others while we control our own communities.

Numbers can lie but who said these numbers lied? What is the same old, same old? What have they blamed on others be specific. How ignant talking about we control our own communities. Control how?

Had the majority on the Council for over 16 years.

So what does having the majority for 16 years mean?

They benefit at the top while the poor suffer and struggle to survive!!!!

Who are they and how are they benefitting?

How long are you going to let the economic disparity continue and be fooled by the race card that tugs at your heart?

Damn ignant you think 16 years can be compared to 150 years of very little progress in the Black Community. Even the Special Cs ain’t that ignant to make that comparison. However they would agree with you on the race card. You need to check your damn self because you are just as Black or Blacker than those you say are fooled by the race card.

All the while progress keeps passing you by.

Please tell us what progress keeps passing by!

I guess you can build a beautiful Event Center that most locals can’t afford and a 18 million dollar parking deck.

Now that is too ignant!

All this and your kids still walk home from school in Meadowbrook without a sidewalk.

Oh so it is others kids not yours? That would have sounded better if you had said our kids? But the busing issue is a whole issue by itself.

Houses lay boarded up in despair.

So Andre own these houses? So what can he do about that?

Gunshots reign nightly threatening your public safety.

So what can be done about the shooting? Tell us the solution please!

I heard the same speeches during the Douglas Block startup.

Give us some wording of some of the speeches. Why in the hell did you move your business to Douglas Block?

10 years later and we are still finding ways to invest with little results for our neighborhoods.


This entire project was intended to stimulate growth in our surrounding neighborhoods.
Where? Blame it on Redlining, or is it really the inability to create and implement change? We don’t even control the commerce in our own communities! Ward 1, a UNC Greensboro Housing study found that your life expectancy is 68.5 years compared to 81.4 years on the other side of town. The economic distress is killing you! Be smart! It’s time for us to eat a healthy meal and not be satisfied with crumbs!!!!!

What in the hell was that?

Dude it appears that you are just mad! Maybe it is because of the lawsuit with the city about the location of your business. I can’t wait to see how that unfolds.

So have you reached out to Andre and/or his campaign manager about doing a debate? You told me you talk to Knight more now than before. Really?

I am The Watch Dog of the East and The Political Agitator.

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Williams responds to flawed plan

Today, Sandy Roberson’s campaign released a public safety plan that shows he has little knowledge of government and how it supports public safety. There are serious concerns members of our city have when it comes to safety and security. The plan released today falls short and here are the reasons why:

1. According to experts and numerous studies, hiring more police officers can lead to a reduction in crime; however, a more prudent approach, according to research, is the more effective management of police officers and stronger community-policing initiatives. Even their combined impact, though, accounts for only a fraction of the documented reductions.

2. Research has shown that adding more attention to crime-prone areas is effective. However, this can be done with managing existing staff in beats that need the greatest coverage.

3. Policing equipment needs are ongoing, the issues are how do we pay for them and what is the highest priority.  The Rocky Mount Council approved new equipment to have our own lab for bullet shell testing; they also have place shot spotters in strategic places around the city to help them better pinpoint where gunfire is coming from in a designated area.

4. In order to build strong bonds, you have to be engaged with the city. Our police department is engaged and are forming new alliances.  Yet, there remains a feeling among citizens that police are not a part of the communities they serve.  How engaged is candidate Roberson in the city’s various communities?  Beyond recent engagement that came after his announcement to run for mayor, what has he done to forge relationships in any community in Rocky Mount?

5. What training does candidate Roberson have to be effective in evaluating police training models?  Currently, the police department has a number of ways it gathers community input: citizen’s police academy, community-policing initiatives (Coffee With A Cop), officers attending community meetings, etc.

6. The City is currently in the process of assessing the salaries and job descriptions of the Police Department and the entire city.

7. Creating jobs is more than a novel idea, it’s needed; but what is the role of the Mayor in that process? Besides, I thought that candidate Roberson’s first priority was jobs.  Now, he is saying his first priority is crime.  Which is it?  We need a mayor who is clear what the priorities are; but, we can only have that from a person who knows the City. In order to do that, one must know the citizens. Additionally, the Mayor has to have Council support to move on the office’s priorities.

8. What candidate Roberson suggests here can be done; but, ultimately, these programs face funding and marketing issues.

9. The relationship we have with Sheriffs Atkinson and Stone are solid relationships and they (the Sheriffs) are already doing fantastic jobs in combating gun violence, drugs, and a number of other pressing issues. 

“Healing racial and county-line issues” is a great soundbite; but, we have heard this before from previous candidates who became mayor. And yet, we are still talking about the same problems.  That’s because soundbites have and always will lack sincerity. I will be the Mayor committed to citizens because I have always been committed to the people. I didn’t start when I decided to run for political office. In two weeks I will release our citizen-driven plan.