NAACP NC HKonJ Moral March On Raleigh How Many People Really Attended? Does It Really Matter?

I keep hearing there were 80,00, 20,000 even maybe 100,000 people at the march. I don’t know how many were there but it damn sure was a lot of people there.

Were you there? Hell, if you had been there the number would have been greater, but it still would not have changed the outcome of the purpose of the march.

Okay now back to the numbers game. It does not matter what the actual count was because I don’t think you can possibly figure out exactly how many people were there since there was no way to actually count the people. Hell, who can count to 10,000, 20,000, 80,000 or 100,000 off the top of their head. Not my ignant ass.

Well I was at the march just like I have been at most if not all of them. I am listed as a partner of the HKonJ and I am a Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP and I am glad about it.

The point is folks are sick and tired of being sick and tired of what is going on in NC and we participated in the march. While some folks are trying to count how many people were there, frankly I don’t give a damn. What I do care about is I witnessed and recorded via video and photos the 1,000’s of people that were there to hear the messages that we received.

So Now Run & Tell That!

Work, Watch as well as Pray going Forward if you Love Justice in North Carolina! by Curtis Gatewood Columnist

All those who love justice, pray for our movement here in North Carolina. Also pray for Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II.

As you may know, Saturday’s event (2/8/14 – ‘Moral March on Raleigh & HKonJ People’s Assembly’) put Dr. Barber and our Moral/HKonJ movement above the radar nationally/internationally.

Our justice-loving Black, White, Brown, Yellow, and Red brothers and sisters came together and helped to make the event so successful at demonstrating love, unity, diversity, order, intellect, strength and power, it scared the hell into some ‘powerful’ opposition who has since panicked.

The journalist ‘FOXES’ are now bitterly crawling out of their holes in an attempt to stomp this fire out which threatens to breath new light/life, new hope, and new faith into a ‘Perverse and Faithless Generation!’

Expect to see meaner, more divisive, and more perverted journalism aimed toward our movement as we win more and more support and momentum.

Gutter-journalism has been historically used to create dissension, confusion, and even domestic terrorism as righteous movements emerge to bring truth to the light. But the truth is marching on!

I therefore remind you like never before – those who love justice must ENDURE UNTIL THE END – KEEPING THE FOCUS; KEEPING THE (good) FIGHT; KEEPING THE FAITH; KEEPING THE FIRE; KEEPING FORWARD (not one step back)!!!

HKonJ March Did Not Require ID To Participate by Curtis Everette Gatewood

Well, congratulations to our great leader, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II for an outstanding message and the demonstration of Prophetic leadership as Saturday’s Moral March on Raleigh & HKonJ People Assembly left the naysayers shocked and almost speechless. Unfortunately, they did not remain speechless – they immediately and desperately began spinning and spewing lies in blogs and newspapers throughout the nation.

Since they do not want North Carolinians and other observers across the nation and world to hear us tell the truth about the ‘constitutionally inconsistent, morally indefensible, and economically insane policies’ being passed by an extremist-Tea-Party-drunk group of legislators and Governor who declared war on their own state, they have resorted to a mass production of lies.

Rather than doing the right thing and make sure we are providing Medicaid that would morally expand and cover 500,000 struggling and poor North Carolinians, they would rather lie; rather than ensuring we provide the unemployment benefits to the 170,000 they betrayed, they would rather lie; rather than providing a fair earned income tax credit that would best served the 907,000 poor hardworking North Carolinians who had their taxes raised to give tax breaks to 23 millionaires, they would rather lie; and rather than ensuring all North Carolinians right to vote will in no way be denied or abridged, they would rather lie.

They are now desperate as they suddenly realize their economically insane, morally pathetic, and politically destructive agenda is headed toward divine defeat from the Almighty, as God cracked the sky and flooded the streets of Raleigh with a human rainbow which illuminated this state, nation, and world on Saturday.

The desperate lie they have polluting the airwaves since the overwhelming success of the Moral March/HKonJ People’s Assembly is the claim we ‘hypocritically required protesters/marchers to bring ID while we protest the Voter ID Bill.’ The problem with such a lie is, we have about 100,000 witnesses who know they were not required to show us ID before protesting. They are basing this lie on our list of ‘Dos and Don’t for Marchers’ which recommends bringing ID. ID is recommended in the event of an emergency – not as a requirement to protest or march.

But even if we did require ID, it is not the same as using ID to abridge one’s right to vote. Even if we did require ID to march, it would not be the same as cutting a week out of early voting, or eliminating straight ticket voting, or discarding ballots which were erroneously cast in the wrong precinct, or prohibiting Sunday voting, or refusing to accept college ID, or the elimination of youth preregistration, or giving the greenlight for voter intimidation, and list goes on.

In other words, the first act of deceit is to claim the Governor simply passed a ‘Voter ID Bill,’ when in fact the requirement of ID, the first time in 237 years, is just one of several voter suppression tactics associated with the legislation in question. Therefore, contrary to popular misinformation, we are not fighting a ‘Voter ID Bill.’ WE ARE FIGHTING A VOTER SUPPRESSION BILL.

Their allegations of hypocrisy are consistent with the efforts to engage in voter suppression while claiming they are fighting ‘voter fraud.’ Or their attempts to call our leaders ‘racists’ for having the audacity to fight their racism. Or their claims that White men are poor victims of ‘reverse discrimination’ while they discriminate fast-forwardly against women, African Americans, Latinos, and every other non-White male. So why should anyone on earth be surprised when some of the biggest hypocrites on earth attempt to label the victims of their hypocrisy as the ‘hypocrites?

Similar to the voter suppression pushers, when certain people are defeated by a beautiful rainbow of God’s good people who work hard, organize, use love, intelligence, justice, and win by the rules – historically, the oppressive naysayers and powerful opposition will become more and more willing to lie, cheat, and change the rules.

Also, historically, there will be those of us who willl remain standing until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream. People all over the world, will join hands, and get on the ‘LOVE TRAIN, the LOVE TRAIN (GET ON BOARD)!’ Lies can’t live forever!

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Photos/Video: HKonJ NAACP NC & Partners United For A Moral March On Raleigh

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