“Healing Wholeness & Repatriation Reconciliation Sought By The Surviving Damaged Families of Victims of the COVI-19 Pandemic” {Speculative}

“The Crucial & Essential Challenge for Valid-Repatriation” as certified, United States American Citizens!  Now is the time to seriously, invoke-adamantly in the spiritual subconsciousness of our moral-existence; of everybody here in North America who was directly or indirectly damaged by the pre-meditated negligence (as it relates to the current Pandemic-COVID-19 Virus). The time is here to gather all abled minded (as many as earthly possible) to form a ‘Team  of Legal Professionals’ representing the projected ‘400,000+ Deaths’  increasing certain-surety (with) specificity upon the ‘Children/Youth’, our primary future.  The poor impoverished, middle class and a few wealthy families (regardless of their racial ethnicity or economic status) who have lost ‘uselessly’ their loved ones.  These surviving victims of their dearly beloved (400,000+ Coronavirus Genocidal Deaths); due to deliberate-inferior, impaired, inapt planning by the ‘United States Government and The Donald J. Trump Administration.’  Resulting in ‘Incongruous  Behavior’ that would/has presented us to the entire World as; less creditable than we’d like to have been perceived.  Obviously, the non remorseful, non-empathetic,  self-proclaimed-irresponsible and apparently unaccountable, inappropriate, demagoguery conduct as a Leader of one of the ‘Free-World Countries,’ has inadvertently effected our original aristocratic-position, ‘comparatively-less favorably’ on a global scale.

The alleged-data has been prepared via published books, documents, tapes, newsletters, magazines, legal notes and even ‘verbal admission/testimonies’ by some of the ‘eccentric-actors/perpetrators’ of this grave and horrendous injustice to humanity, here on the land of the so-called ‘Equal-Free and Liberated’.  FYI.  It is time to initiate a Nation-wide petition for a special, coalesive  Team of Legal Professionals to be launched especially to guarantee that [those deceased and those projected to encounter the same fate].  That their survivors shall have more than adequate/normal legal-representation to be repaired, reconciled and healed by the systemic-heinous act of barbarism perpetuated by this governing body of failed leadership!  [America is comprised of 4 geographical regions]; and it is being highly-recommended that 4 separate Legal Teams of The United Coalition Professional Lawyers from each region, should come together united as one “COVID-19 Legal Defense Coalition/Umbrella.” “Go Fund Me Fundraiser Social Media Network Services“ -for this project; could be the primary and ultimate, financial source to fund (Legal Attorney fees and court cost expenses etc.) to secure successfully such a Health Humanitarian Project.

As a cost incentive; the ‘Circumstantial Evidence’ has already been compiled in the legal forms of ‘Books’ by ‘non fictional’ authenticated authors already published with perhaps more vital facts to come forth.  I highly recommend that Author, “Bob Woodward’s Book” (among other Literary-Contributors) be included in the compiling and profiling the data to build the case.  The time is now to initiate bringing closure to this nightmarish episode of America’s Scariest Journey in our ‘Modern-Life’s Time’.  Hopefully, through collective-Prayers, God shall use this episode to wake up (once more) the entire world as in ‘Ancient Ages’THAT, when He’s had enough, He has very many-peculiar ways (many at His volition to ‘Humble His Subjects) in order that He may be able to use ‘them’ (the Chosen pure in Heart, Spirit and Soul) in the completion and in accordance to His Master Plan.  “What more evidence do we/you need to be able to recognize; What Time It Is?”  Please; in your leisure

Visit the “BOOK OF REVELATION”—this isn’t new stuff, it’s been demonstrated quite  few times when God Looses His Patience- I’m in awe of what took Him so long;…then again (it ain’t my call) He has His Own Time Frame.  I would’ve cleaned up thisDemonic Shit House’ long, long time ago!

Milton Bullock / Author

Contributor, Columnist/Journalist

Activist for Civil & Human Righteousness

In Response To: “Let The Healing Process Begin”

Commentary: “Let The Healing Process Begin”

by Milton B. (aka) Dr. Truth:

Contrary to the populous beliefs.  Be ye Black, Brown, Yellow or Florescent-Lamp White/Brown, all lives in actuality should matter, when we look at each other through the eyes of God. 

You are ab so damn lute ly correct should matter but do everybody look at others through the eyes of God? Hell no! So let’s be real and not act as if our opinions not based on facts are the gospel truth!

But let’s cut through the BS; Black lives specifically, Don’t Mean a Damn Thing, regardless how we collectively bite the dust. 

Sir speak for yourself because this Black Man can speak for himself. My Black Life mean the world to me and it is not based on what you nor anyone else think or says.

Did you know that, there’s forceful-element that’s desirous of you getting out of town by any means necessary and ASAP?  No matter how many of us are strategically-eliminated by the various forms of ‘The American Gestapos, the Civid-19 Virus or our very-own, self destructive behavior towards one another

I try to treat all folk like I want to be treated but when they get ignorant, I do too!

Truth be told, evidence has it; that we’ve been the most self destructive culture existing here in North America

Well damn sir who else in North America has endured what we have? Those of us that know how history know our existence.

Check out the Census Casualty Records regarding our past, current and the inclinations we’re destined/projected to pursue-Racially that is.   Are you by chance aware of the century-old, negative traumatic, mental psychological, social/economical deprivation, inequalities, the stressed caused diseases; we’ve (and others before us) have had to endure and tolerate down through the centuries perpetrated by Barbaric-Racism & Jim Crowism? I’m still compelled to believe that we’re all related as; Brothers and Sisters, of the Human Race with different Mothers, yet from the same Heavenly Father! My preference.

Hell yeah I am because I see it everyday some in person and some over the internet. What does all of us being related got to do with anything hell you just said earlier, The American Gestapos, the Civid-19 Virus or our very-own, self destructive behavior towards one another.”

Yea, diabolical, warped-brain racist, bigoted white folks has murdered, insurmountable blacks folks by lynching, torching and burning; to tying young, (photographs) black infants (as gator bait) down by Alligator Infested Rivers/streams here in America-(got to be soulless, heartless diabolically unconscious).  I’m just acknowledging since we’ve been on these shores; not mentioning the trail of bodies during the Mid-Atlantic American Slave Trade/Diaspora.   Can’t waste too much time on facts you’re already knowledgeable of. 

But did you know for a fact; JUST how racists and prejudice Black Folks are against one another within their own families/communities? 

Name some Black Folk that meet the following reference because in my 57 years I truly can’t name not a single one. 

That was a factor of how easy it was for the ‘Massa on De’ Plantation’ to divide and control dem-darkies.   I know you’ve been trying to figure out ‘How in the Hell can We/Black People ‘ferociously proclaim’, (Protesting that Black Lives Mean So Much)?  When spontaneously, there’s a surge of homicides on any given Friday nights thru Sunday nights nation-wide. 

What in the hell does this have to do with Black Lives Matter and Black Crime? I recently posted the following on my blog and sent to the Rocky Mount Telegram as a letter to editor. Black On Black Crime & Police Killing Black Folk

[Somebody has got to start a dialogue that will actually initiate a coming togetherness-Blacks & Whites especially!] 

See that is the problem folk say stuff then end up saying that somebody else ought to do something. Well hell why don’t you start the dialogue? I see dialogue going on all the time but some folk want to change the narrative and get folk off topic.

And stop talking ‘about the whys’ and what’s and when’s-, searching for answers that’s been waiting & ready and accessible, coupled together with ACTION! 

So now you are saying you have the answers. Damn! Just do it!

Both principalities are victims (by designed) of being ACE’s (psychological damaged victims suffering from ‘the cradle to the grave’ of terminal emotional and psychological-disorders).  Manifested by ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ that are the actual results of several generations, systemically transmitted by; ‘mentally disordered’ relatives, parents and Grandparents who continued the flow (genetically) of the sick, ideology down through the vines of ignorance.  These mental/social disorders will follow us throughout infinitum!   Unless there’s an intervening miraculous-process, based and preconceived upon a foundation of Providential Doctrines

Hell some of the folk I have dealt with since I became actively engaged back in the late 80’s that claim to be the leaders are the problem as I see it. They play both sides of politics and will have a straight man going crooked if you let them. I didn’t crack from the resistance I experienced from the old guards who said one damn thing and did another. Oh I been around and I know who the real leaders are. I know you and you know me.

White-folks, along with other puzzled cultures can only imagine ‘are’ we playing some kind of games? 

So why are you attempting to speak for White-folks? See that is the kind of b.s. that tickles the hell out of me. That is what I call trying to play both sides. Now that brings me to the b.s. about All Lives Matter vs Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is included in the All Lives Matter. I dare to question any White-Folk who say White Lives Matter as long as they do not attempt to take away from my Black Life. I agree with them their lives matter but I be damn if I am going to lead the fight for their cause unless I am working closely with them. So just because I am pushing Black Lives Matter from a distance simply because I am not a member of the organized group, don’t be mad with me because I promote Black Lives Matter.

Could it be the reason, why they and the rest of the World are not taking our ‘self annihilative practices-dilemmas’ as seriously as it commands? 

Sir again speak for yourself because this Black Man has been speaking for myself since the late 80’s. Not because I had to join the NAACP because I looked for them because I had an issue. Nope! I went looking for them because I wanted to be a voice for the people. I am a Life Fully Paid Member joined in 1992 and has served as Vice President all of these years. I have served as the NC NAACP State Conference of Branches as the Publicity Chair and been a partner of the HKonJ Historic Thousand On Jones Street March that was started under the leadership of Dr. William J. Barber II and we have around 30 partners.

Sir I joined the Edgecombe County Democratic Party when I turned 18 in 1980. I have been serving as a Precinct Chair, Vice Chair, Former County Chair since the late 80’s.

Sir I have resigned from more community organizations than many have even been a part of because I ain’t got time for mess.

Some groups put me in position simply because I was the youngest person who attended their meetings but I stood my ground.

*[NOTE]* While in reality, there’s this ‘Agenda 21 Universal Plan to Globally-Depopulate Via Mass Elimination’; conjured-up by The United Nation’s conspiracy to balance the Global Economy with the Human Population.  And it’s disguised under the auspices of a so-called Global Economical Sustainable Plan, due to the fact that the World has reached a serious ‘Economically-Disproportional Over-whelming Imbalance-Populated  Status-Universally’.  And they’re already ‘streaming’ via ‘National News Broadcasting Conglomerates’ that Black, Brown, Yellow and Poor Indigenous White Communities are subjected to be the last to receive Coronavirus Vaccinations/Serum (if and when they have it)!   In addition to; NOT having normal accessibility to ICU beds in Hospitals and all the adequate- essential healthcare (that) others will be receiving.

Think it’s a joke?  Each and every community (mentioned above is highly recommended to investigate and initiate some type of awareness/intervention strategic campaign that will reassure them that they will be treated equally-by any means necessary.  For there’s an ultimate plan that the United Nation’s General Assembly are attempting to eliminate/depopulate the entire world of an estimated 5-6 Billion people.  Remember WWII- “The Furor Adolph Hitler” and his plan-’The Jewish Holocaust’; to establish globally the ‘Perfect Master White Race’,…another form of ‘Narcissitic White Supremacy’.  Lest we forget; ‘President Strumpet’ is of the Ideologic, Narcissistic, Blood Thirsty-Power-Greedy German Blood Lineage with identical plans to control the entire world, placing America the primary proponent in the ‘Biblical Prophesied*Millennial Armageddon’!   Oh yea, please make sure those of interest do get a copy of; Donald Trump’s niece/Author- ‘Mary Trump’; new ‘Tell All Book’ don’t know the actual title.  Should be on /in the Amazon, Barnes & Noble Book Store Shelves before August!  Stay tuned to your major, regional and national news networks!  Wash the doorknobs around the house and cars handles;  wear your masks/gloves, wash your hands as well as your entire body, and keep/stay-well-beyond your normal/physical distances!

Sir the rest of this mess I don’t even feel like addressing because I have said enough. I have been there done that.

Thank you my friend for this thought provoking post. I love it!

I am Curmilus Butch Dancy II.

The Professional Political Agitator 

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