Rudy Giuliani Goes Balls-Out Racist On Meet The Press

The Political Agitator response: Now this is good. So many times when there are heated discussions like this the real truth come out. See the percentages of what race is killed by their own race.

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Paul Ryan Was Funny As Hell On Meet The Press This Morning When Asked To Explain The Tax Math Plan

On Sunday mornings I faithfully start my day watching Spiritual Awakening at 8:00 AM. At 8:30 I begin my political morning as I watch NC Spin. At 9:00 I watch Meet the Press on Fox and Juan Williams be putting it down and at the same time listening to FM 104.3 the Rev. Al Sharpton on Hour of Power until 10:00 AM. And then at 10:00 the tv goes off and I am focused totally on FM 104.3 to The Val Atkins Connections Talk Show or The Larry Hall Talk Back Talk Show.

This morning Fox did an interview with Paul Ryan. When Ryan was repeatedly asked the question about the tax plan math he kept going to something else and the commentator said I am going to get to those questions later but for now explain the tax plan math. See the following response: “Ryan: Explaining tax plan math too time-consuming.”

I just love it. “I Have Figured Mitt Romney And The Republican Party Out Why They Say They Can Do Better.” 

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