Fox News’s Megyn Kelly can’t handle the truth about race and the justice system – Vox Identities

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly is outraged that Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who’s prosecuting the cops behind Freddie Gray‘s death, previously stated some basic facts about the criminal justice system.

“The criminal justice system … has historically and disproportionately affected so many communities of color, and what we’re seeing right now when we turn on the news and we open up the newspaper is that frustration,” Mosby said on April 28, according to Fox News. “So we will pursue justice by any and all means necessary.” (Source: Read more)

Prosecutor: 6 Officers Indicted in Death of Freddie Gray – BlackAmericaWeb

BALTIMORE (AP) — The state’s attorney in Baltimore says all six officers charged in the police-custody death of Freddie Gray have been indicted by a grand jury.

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby made the announcement Thursday. The charges returned by the grand jury were similar to the charges Mosby announced about three weeks ago.

Mosby has said Gray’s neck was broken because he was injured while being handcuffed, shackled and placed head-first into a police van. She says his pleas for medical attention were repeatedly ignored.

Gray was arrested April 12. He died in a hospital a week later and became a symbol of what protesters say was police brutality against blacks. (Source: Read more)

Officer Charged in Freddie Gray Death Contends Arrest Was Legal

The Political Agitator response: Oh well I guess we will see how this unfolds. Who is right Mosby or Nero? I don’t know because I don’t know the Baltimore laws.

(BALTIMORE) — One of the Baltimore police officers who arrested Freddie Gray wants the police department and prosecutor to produce a knife that was the reason for the arrest, saying it was an illegal weapon.

The city’s top prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, said Friday in charging the officer and five others that the knife was legal under Maryland law. She said that meant the officers had arrested Gray illegally.

The motion was filed Monday by attorneys for Officer Edward Nero in Baltimore District Court. (Source: Read more)

Baltimore Maryland: Hell Yeah It Is Still About Race But That Is Just My Ignant Damn Opinion And I Stand Behind That!

Hell yeah it is still about RACE. Who was shown beating Freddie Gray a . . .? How many damn times have we seen the video? How many times did we see the other 4 officers? The root cause was with the 2 white officers. If it had not been for their ignant a . . . doing what they did none of them white nor black would be facing these charges.

Hell I didn’t know that the State Attorney was black until she came out to speak. But I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. The ignant black officers should have gotten Gray some help and the charges would be only against the white officers. But since they all had a role in this, then all of these ignants need to pay and I don’t give a damn what color they are.

Now Run & Tell That!

A look at the 6 officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death – ABC 7

BALTIMORE (AP) – Six officers are charged in Freddie Gray’s death from injuries he suffered while in police custody. State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby says the officers repeatedly failed to get Gray medical treatment after his arrest. The police officers union has said they are not responsible for Gray’s death.

Here is a look at each of the six officers. (Source: Read more)

Freddie Gray death ruled homicide; officers charged – CNN

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn as always some gonna try to put a twist on the charges by the State’s Attorney. Now she painted a good picture detailing why she did what she did so I am convinced she is sincere about what she presented today. Six officers charged 3 white and 3 black. Interesting the black van driver has been charged with the heaviest charge but the 2 whites were the root cause of the reason why Freddie Gray was in custody. If the driver had had remembered his duty was to protect and serve, he would have been concerned with the safety of Freddie Gray.

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Baltimore Maryland: State Attorney Marilyn Mosby Said There Will Be Charges Against Lawlessness During The Rioting

State Attorney Marilyn Mosby said there will be charges against those whom broke laws by burning homes, buildings, cars and etc. She said she understand their anger but they must pay for breaking the law. As I have stated before if those whom are committing the crimes during the rioting is willing to pay the price then so be it, however I don’t think they thought that part through.

Well it appears justice will be served at all angles beginning with the root cause up to the reactions. Folks got to understand that 2 wrongs don’t make a right and if they want to participate in the wrong, then they better be ready to pay the price. I ain’t ready when it comes to nonsense.

Today young folks need to understand that there are possibilities out here no matter how hard it seems. Look at the prime example on this day May 1, 2015 when a young 35 year old, youngest state prosecutor in any state was on national tv making one of the most profound statements in history. She acknowledged that she was young and said to young folks there is “HOPE!”

As a 52 year old black man, today made me happy because I get so sick and tired of seeing all of the negative about black folks in the news as if there are not any good black folks. In Baltimore a black Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake and then to see a black State Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has shown the world that there are black professionals however we should not be ignant to the fact that we know there are many more.

And I don’t want to leave the black lady that was head of the national guard that put the troops on the street, can’t think of her name at the moment.

Breaking News: Freddie Gray death: murder charge announced against police officer – The Guardian

The Political Agitator response: She covered it all even “HOPE” for the community especially the young folks. I feel good but others closer to the situation I can’t speak for them. Folks that is why you must vote! We must vote good folks in office to do what is right! Mosby was elected by the people and she stated that!


A criminal prosecution for murder will be brought over the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, the city’s top prosecutor announced on Friday morning.

State’s attorney Marilyn Mosby said Gray’s death was a homicide. Officer Caesar Goodson was charged with second-degree murder, while charges including manslaughter and misconduct in public office were brought against five other officers.

Speaking at a press conference in downtown Baltimore, Mosby said Gray, 25, sustained a fatal neck injury while he was handcuffed and shackled inside a police van without a seatbelt. (Source: Read more)