Families of murdered Rocky Mount women gather to mourn – Source: WRAL

Rocky Mount, N.C. — Yolanda Renee Lancaster, one of 10 Rocky Mount women at the center of an investigation into a suspected serial killer, was remembered Saturday in a memorial service.

Families of the other eight women whose bodies have been found and one woman who remains missing, the tears shed for Lancaster are familiar. (Read more)

Note: Received a call on yesterday while I was at work that there would be a memorial service at 2:00 PM. I worked until 3:00 PM. I understand a minister that I am very much familiar with from down my way Rev. Albert Baker really preached.  Stopped by Bone Inn Seafood to get me something to eat around 3:30 PM and I heard a couple of people talking about they enjoyed the services. Trying to get more details and/or a video/audio if available. I haven’t heard Rev. Baker preach in several years. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Leader wants ‘mass search’ of area where bodies were found – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

Juray and Bruce Tucker had asked Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight to come to the Friday meeting of Parents and Relatives of the Missing and Murdered, but Knight said he could not make it. So when he showed up that night, Juray Tucker said her heart sank. (Read more)

Note: Has there not already been a mass search in the area? This is a lot of ground but maybe it could be done. It appears to me that it has been hunters on these properties whom have found the previous remains and I strongly feel it will be the hunters whom will find any other missing remains that may be out there. And then again I would think that since the last remains have been found that some type of search would be the order of the day anyway. I be glad when this is all over because it is beginning to be quite much. C. Dancy II – The DCN Publisher

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Hope dwindles for last of missing Rocky Mount women–Source: WRAL

Tarboro, N.C. — The discovery last week of the remains of Yolanda Renee Lancaster in some rural Edgecombe County woods brought a brief moment of relief, then a sinking feeling to Winston Kemp.

For years, he’s thought about what has become of his stepdaughter, Joyce Renee Durham, having often gone online, searching for her name and wondering if she’s out there somewhere. (Read more)

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Edgecombe remains those of missing Rocky Mount woman–Source: WRAL

Tarboro, N.C. — Remains found this week in rural Edgecombe County were identified Friday as those of a Rocky Mount woman who is one of 10 at the center of an investigation into a suspected serial killer.

Sheriff James Knight said late Friday that the remains were those of Yolanda Renee Lancaster, 37, who has been missing since February 2009. (Read more)

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Rocky Mount NC – CNN special on slayings praised–Rocky Mount Telegram

Last weekend, Rocky Mount was part of a CNN special investigation titled “Easy Prey” about serial killers who prey on drug addicts, prostitutes and other vulnerable members of society to victimize.

“Part of the mission of the documentary was to highlight the victims and the type of victim being chosen and why it takes a certain amount of time for these cases to be solved and these killers to be caught,” said Scott Matthews, CNN Director of Special Investigations and Documentaries. “It is tougher to get the media coverage and momentum behind the investigation because of who the victims are.” (Read more)

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City leaders vow justice for murders–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

The sounds of gospel music rang out Saturday from East End Baptist Church for the anniversary and concert fundraiser for Parents and Relatives of Missing and Murdered.

The church was packed with community members who came to show their support for the families of nine women and one man whose bodies were found in and around Rocky Mount since 2003. Two more women still are missing. A taskforce is investigating links in the cases, and authorities have said they believe the murders could be the work of a serial killer. (Read more

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CNN Murdered And Missing Women In Rocky Mount NC (Interesting Report)

I found the CNN report to be quite interesting.

I was amazed at how many girls one guy had killed in another state before law enforcement found out who the killer was. It was interesting to see how some family members in other states felt the same as some of the family members in Rocky Mount that law enforcement was not doing enough. The timeline of trying to find out who was doing the murders were somewhat similar.

Andre Knight Rocky Mount City Councilman says he felt like law enforcement could have done more. My question is what more could law enforcement had done?

I found Chief John Manley’s comments to be somewhat interesting. He said he couldn’t say what he would have done differently and I feel that was a good answer.

Overall I thought the report was good and that it showed how no matter what color the victims were it appears that the family members were not satisfied with the local law enforcement.

If you missed the show check it out for yourself on Sunday.

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