Video catches Los Angeles sheriffs in lie about events outside hospital where ambushed cops were recovering

imageSee this is what I am talking about the LEOs has got to stay in character they are already catching hell. See when you do ignant mess then it takes the focus off of the incident and put the focus on the LEOs acting unprofessional.

In this season LEOs must be held to a Zero Tolerance by their bosses when they show unprofessionalism. LEOs can not keep giving folk ammunition to use against them especially while Defunding Police is a hot topic.

I support Law Enforcement but I don’t support the unprofessionalism.

The Los Angeles Police Department has been caught in a series of lies about their arrest of KPCC Josie Huang, who was reporting outside of St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood where the two police officers shot in an ambush were taken.

Two LA County deputies were shot and are in critical condition after their patrol car was fired on by an individual captured on video. While sitting outside of a metro station in Compton, an individual can be seen in the video approaching the car and firing shots. One deputy got out of the vehicle to pursue the suspect, then the video ends. (Read more)