Politics Is Real You Can Hate It, Like It Or Love It!

Politics I love it! I love it because it is real and folk can hate it all they want. They can say they don’t want to get involved but the problem with that is you are automatically involved. You see everything political.

Folk you better get involved or be left behind. Being involved can be time consuming and that is why it is my desire to be able to get up in the morning and be on top of what is going on politically. Why? Because folk are making decisions on what affects me daily. So therefore I want to be a part of the decision making by speaking out on issues and holding folk accountable for their actions.

Elections were held across the nation on Tuesday and some folk were knowledgeable of what was happening but many were not. Some folk get mad when folk be at the polling sites passing out literature about candidate telling them who to vote for. But there are more folk who don’t know that do know and they welcome the literature. I have folk that reach out to me asking me do I have literature and to just say can you tell me who I need to vote for because they trust in me. I count that as an honor and a pleasure to have folk who be watching what I do that I don’t even talk to on a regular or have never talked to but they follow me on social media.

There is a lack of political forums held leading up to election time and I plan on trying to change that in the future. You can never have too many forums to educate folk about what is going on around them. Folk need to know whether they like it or not.

Folk just because you don’t like politics the world don’t stop and others are making decisions for you. If you don’t want to get involved directly, get involved indirectly by reaching out to folk that you know are actively engaged. Trust in these folk until they give you a reason not to. Although I am actively engaged I don’t know it all so when there is something I need to know I reach out to my resources. Resources can be better than money sometimes.

Everything political the church, the job and the way you live. 

I challenge you to get involved today directly or indirectly because politics is the way of the world. So as long as you are in this world you are affected by politics.

Curmilus Dancy II
Pinetops NC


Letter to the Editor: Racism flourishes unabated – Rocky Mount Telegram

Donald Trump is testing the institution of the presidency unlike any of his predecessors.

He disdains the rule of law and tramples norms of presidential behavior. He is ill-informed, self-destructive and brazen in his abusive attacks on the justice system and the press. Indeed, Donald Trump is chewing this country up and spitting it out in little pieces. The fear of not being re-elected has caused congressional Republicans to stand idly by while Trump tells lie after lie, alienates allies and enables racism to flourish unabated.

Donald Trump is a Bernard Manoff and Theodore Bilbo rolled into one. A con artist and a racist. He continues to successfully con his supports, many of whom are low information voters, into believing him in an unconditional and cultish manner. Many of Trump’s tweets and comments shine a spotlight on his racism and his appointment of people like Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVos, John Kelly and Steven Miller further substantiate it. (Read more)

Letter to the Editor: Right is becoming a rare commodity – Rocky Mount Telegram

Today, we find ourselves living in a society where unethical decision-making has become a way of life.

Such decisions are self-centered and not intended for the common good of all. Unethical decisions test the endurance of right over wrong. People who “speak truth to power” are quickly labeled as disrupters and racist by those who feel threatened by their message. Indeed, right is becoming a rare commodity.

An exercise in right and wrong was played out recently with respect to the Ward 3 council vacancy. I have no preferences, but look at what transpired from a right and wrong perspective.

Examining the process as a whole, there is no denying that it was deeply flawed. It was right to establish a procedure for filling the vacancy but wrong not to adhere to the established guidelines. It was right to announce the vacancy but wrong not to eliminate applicants who did not fully meet the requirements on the deadline date. It was right to interview all qualifying applicants but wrong not to invite a resident from Ward 3 to participate even if there were no legal requirements to do so. It was right to interview all applicants who met the requirements timely but wrong to interview or consider any applicant who did not. It was right for residents of Ward 3 to lobby for an applicant of choice but wrong for people who would not consider living in Ward 3 if their life depended on it to lobby for an applicant who should have been eliminated from the outset. It was right for the council to make a selection by vote at the end of the process but wrong to select a person who did not meet all requirements and therefore ineligible to be sworn in on the day of appointment.

Council members who voted in the affirmative to appoint a person lacking full qualifications gave credence to a belief that the process was rigged from start to finish and the selection predetermined. But, be of good cheer, Election Day voting can right this wrong.

In the meantime, only time will tell if inclusive progress will survive or will there be a conversion back to a past where decisions were not made for the common good of all. Will wrong continue on an upsurge to trample over right?

Gardenia B. Hobbs

Rocky Mount

Letter to the Editor: Beware of appeals for ‘good old days’ – Dr. Kim E. Koo

The Watch DogSo glad I know Dr. Kim E. Koo and do not have to rely on the majority minority ignant racist white folk who continually post comments on this page along with those who hide behind the likes. Thank you Dr. Koo for telling it like it is and continuing to speak out even after losing your love one. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the memorial celebration of Richard Chip Smith a fine white man who cared about all people. https://curmilus.wordpress.com/2018/03/11/video-photos-memorial-celebration-for-richard-thomas-chip-smith-fighter-for-justice-equality/

It seems that there is a sector of vocal older white folks who are always looking to the past and bemoaning some lost privileges.

Of course it would never be couched in such terms. Instead the euphemism used is “loss of freedoms” or “lack of justice” — but only for them, of course. They hanker for to the “good old days” when people of color and poor people were “put in their places.”

Under the guise of religious freedom, they want to force their beliefs on everyone. In actuality, majority of the world’s population are not only of one faith. True freedom of religion allows people to follow their faith and spirituality publicly or privately without fear of reprisals or ridicule.

The same folks cannot acknowledge their prejudices. The public image projected is an outraged and injured party by the new wave of activism by students, women, people of color and environmentalists. Deep down, they want to condemn the rest of society to continued poverty, exploitation, unequal wages, violence and terror and environmental deterioration, as long as the old ways where they sit at the top is preserved. They are afraid of change, especially for the better for the majority. (Read more)

Letter to the Editor: Obama entered White House scandal-free and left the same way by Gardenia Hobbs – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Now twist these trues! What about that part? NO OBAMA DRAMA!

I recently watched the unveiling ceremony of the portraits of former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle that will hang in the National Portrait Gallery and I was reminded of their grace, poise and professionalism during their time of service at the White House. Whatever negatives the Obama haters throw at them, their dignity and commitment remained unchanged. In the face of unyielding opposition President Obama never let anger win the day. The array of programs and entertainment they brought to the White House gave rise to a new cultural era reminiscent of the Kennedy years.

In spite of the fact that President Obama was not respected as president by some, he never resorted to childish tweets or name calling. He realized the country was not an island unto itself and its economic security was intertwined on a global scale. He did not threaten or insult foreign leaders for effect but worked to build stronger coalitions. President Obama was intellectually astute, well read and did not rely on Fox News for verified information. He was not a con artist who engaged in trickery. (Read more)

Letter to the Editor: It is important for the Event Center to succeed – Rocky Mount Telegram

How do you feel about the Event Center? After stiff opposition, we now see the Event Center etching a huge silhouette on our city’s skyline. Have you looked at the transformation taking place downtown and in the surrounding area? It is worth a trip to see it for yourself.

How we feel about our city is very important. How we feel determines whether we grudgingly pay our taxes or pay with a thankful heart. They take away our garbage, keep our lights on, bring good water to our homes, keep us safe, bring help immediately from first responders/firefighters and provide dozens of services that make our lives in Rocky Mount pleasant and peaceful.

Now that the opposition to the Event Center has become moot, are we ready to accept and support the visible improvements in downtown and the rest of the city? By our attitudes, we can change the atmosphere in our city. We can complain or look for the positive changes all around us. Let our conversation reflect the pleasant surprises springing up in new buildings, businesses and restaurants that we are seeing

Rocky Mount has changed. Let us change with it. In Jeremiah 29:11 God says, “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

It is important that the Event Center succeed. So with what small influence one may have we can support it with our thoughts and words. We can decide not to curse the darkness but to praise our Father in heaven for the light, and be thankful for the good plans God has for his people.


Rocky Mount

Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

Letter To the Editor: Can the American political discourse get any worse? – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: Interesting this was in the Rocky Mount Telegram and the Florida School Shooting took place on February 14. Just thinking out loud.

Monday, February 12, 2018

When Donald Trump said he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and not lose a single supporter, most of us thought that was pretty far-fetched. But given his deplorable conduct since becoming president, nothing should be taken off the table.

There are three factions, each with their own agenda, aiding and abetting Trump’s destructive behavior by turning a blind eye to his divisiveness and inability to tell the truth: his supporters, evangelicals and the Republican majority-led Congress.

Trump’s supporters are sticking with him unconditionally. The fact that he has lied to them over and over about draining the swamp, affordable health care coverage, tax cuts favoring the middle class and a wall at the Mexican border that Mexico is not going to pay for has not moved the needle. For many of his supporters, he is seen as that “Great White Hope” that will put an end to the browning of America. They pin their hopes on a reversal of the present changing demographics that will favor a whiter America.

Evangelicals have flipped the coin. To hear them tell it, Trump is God-sent. Not long ago, he would have been the epitome of all they abhorred. Three marriages, adultery, sexual assault and fostering racism would have been no-no’s not so long ago. Today, they gloss all over his immoralities and appear to accept his admission of never asking for forgiveness for anything OK. Is a Supreme Court reversal of Roe vs. Wade and same sex marriage really worth surrendering to the Devil?

Then there’s the Republican majority-led Congress who has lost all sense of decency and self-respect. They no longer feel any obligation to do the right thing. They are proving daily that saving Trump from charges of collusion, obstruction or money laundering is more important than saving the country from Trump. This Republican majority-led Congress is willing to sacrifice the country’s national security in order to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation.They remain silent about Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections and ignore Trump’s refusal to implement the sanctions on Russia they approved. Is the fulfillment of a twisted agenda really worth destroying democracy as we know it?

Can the American political discourse get any worse? You bet it can.


Rocky Mount

Source: Rocky Mount Telegram