An Open Letter To Edgecombe County Democrats

Last year we the Edgecombe County Democratic Party elected new party officers who consist of 6 members the chair, 1st vice, 2nd vice 3rd vice, secretary and treasurer. I voted for Bronson Williams who was seeking the office of chair over Lawrence K. Taylor. However after Taylor won I talked to him and also wrote a letter supporting him.

After Lawrence had the 1st meeting and several others I refuse to allow folk to make me look ignant. I asked Taylor to resign on several occasions in writing and he has refused. I have asked him during a meeting/s. He even responded that he would resign the day that Willoughby Funeral has my body.

I delayed the writing of a petition to remove Taylor and was going to do it after the convention. I only need 3 names and atleast 4 or more folk told me they would sign so 1 plus 4 equal that’s right. However I was going to ask all the executive committee members to sign knowing that they all wouldn’t but to see how many would.

I wrote a petition a little over around a month ago and shared it with a couple of folk and asked them did I cover everything. One person said I needed to add something so I told them to look over it and add whatever. Some folk told me they wanted to deal with the issue of the party during the county convention so I went to the meeting ready. I even received several phone calls from Rev. Roosevelt Higgs for weeks and I would ignored them and let him leave me messages. On the morning of the county convention and I said let me see what he is up to since he is calling on this day. After talking to him he shared with me some conversation around Taylor saga and the convention. Higgs talked about Commissioner Viola Harris about the use of the college and I will not go into detail. He talked about the Democratic Women and named Sarah Peveler questioning voicing her concerns about the state of the party.

At the county convention I asked questioned the chair about the if the convention had a quorum, questioned the agenda and questioned the treasurers report along with another democrat. So after the convention Rev. Roosevelt Higgs called me and said man I didn’t know you were going to do that he thought the Democratic Women was going to do it. Well I support the Democratic Women and I guess he don’t realize that.

I have been pulling out sections in the Plan of Organization educating the executive committee on what we should be concerned with that has been related to conducting the business of the party. Folk don’t have to take my word for when I speak they can look at the section that I pulled out for them so you can read and comprehend it for yourself. If you can’t comprehend it then ask somebody.

Last week should be confirmation that I was correct on what I was saying. Sarah Peveler Democratic Women chair attended the meeting and Lawrence and his mother showed up with 3 pages of delegates at the District Convention in Durham. That was another insult to me and other Democrats. This was the 1st district convention I have missed that I know other than when I was redistricted out and was in the 2nd Congressional District for a short time. So last year I was redistricted back to the 1st congressional district.

During the district convention last year it was agreed upon to move it to Durham and I was excited about attending. I kept contemplating on going up to the morning of the convention. I chose not to go since I was not a delegate and if I had gone I was going to voice my concerns about the status of Edgecombe County so to not further embarrass me and Edgecombe County Democrats by trying to get our county in compliance I said I ain’t going. I hated not going because I know my good friend Andre Vann of Durham and his committee was going to welcome us to the campus of NC Central. So folk I try not to speak out about things sometimes but it was a good thing that we didn’t host it this year where it normally is.

It is funny to me that Edgecombe County during the convention last year we were recognized for all precincts being in compliance and was all loaded in Vote Builder. All counties that were in that status were to receive $100.00 from the State Party. But the reason why all precincts were in compliance is because Clee Atkinson campaigned the county seeking support to be appointed for Sheriff and the several precincts that were not in compliance were brought up to status. So it was not the Rev. Roosevelt Higgs that did that. Actually he was acting a damn fool and hindering the appointment process. Because Don Davis was called in he entered the information in Vote Builder since he was called in by Higgs to do the appointment of the Sheriff process.

Some question who the delegates to the State Convention are. I say plain and simple as it stands if the information that was supposed to had been sent from the County Convention in a timely fashion per the Plan of Organization has not been done why do they think that we have delegates to the State Convention.

It is clear that the former chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs had nothing to do all the precincts being in 100 compliance when he left the office last year and now this year I say we don’t have any precincts in compliance because the information has not been sent to the State Office. Now if the precincts that turned in their information which I understand were 5, they would be in compliance.

I think I have made my point about the status of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. Since I have been a member of the county party and been serving in that capacity since the late 80’s I can’t remember the county party ever being out of compliance such as the mess we got now. I have been fighting to make sure we followed the Plan of Organization all of the years because I know the plan and has served on a committee to make changes to the plan.

I was in a conversation recently with someone and they said to me that when it comes to the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. They said that I should not say anything sometimes let someone else say it. Who in the hell is that someone else? Why has that person not said anything? I said I refuse to allow mess to go on and not say anything. I said when no one says anything then I have to say something. I said I be done my homework before I get to the meeting so I know where some folk stand and that is with me on the issues that I have raised. But I recognize and understand they don’t say anything for fear of being singled out but you see I don’t have that problem single me the hell out because one thing about it you may not like what I say and how I say things but one damn thing I say is challenge me on the facts that I speak.

Oh I ain’t mad with them for singling me out because I know that I am right about what I say and I don’t need anyone to validate it publicly. They got to live with knowing and not speaking up. They will have to pay for going along with the lies and the not following of the Plan of Organization.

In my closing I am for truth no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest. As it relates to the Democratic Party of Edgecombe County I am on the side of truth and if the truth ain’t in you then don’t talk to me. If you scared say it and get out of my way.

Now I want to leave you with this promise. As long as I am a precinct chair and have a voice and a vote in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party when we have Executive Committee Meetings the moment that mess is wrong I am going to speak up. I will not go along to get along. I don’t support mess that ain’t right and will vote against the majority every time and ask that the record show such. However my videos don’t lie.

So I will continue to attend the county meetings and will call out mess. Anyone that has a problem with that so be it.

Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct Chair




Lawrence K. Taylor Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party Who Are The Edgecombe County Delegates To 1st Congressional District Convention

How many delegates do Edgecombe County have to the 1st Congressional District Convention?

Who are the Edgecombe County Delegates to the 1st Congressional District Convention?

When will the 1st Congressional District Be Held?




Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair And His Followers Are Not About Democratic Candidates And Must Be Supporting Trump Agenda

It is a damn shame that the Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Officers have no clue of what they are doing and act as if we do not have a Primary Election in May.

The following b.s. talks about where our hearts and minds should be when their hearts and minds need to be getting the hell out of the way so the party can move forward as it relates to the May Primary Getting Out The Vote but nothing is mentioned here.

The reason for a meeting that the chair is rescinding would be to get the damn party organized, to be organized for the District Convention and to get out the vote in the May Primary.

There has not been anything official coming from the county party as it relates to the upcoming District Convention who the delegates are and etc. But they are busy announcing meetings and rescinding meetings.

It tickles me the short list of Democrats that received the emails the same names that the meeting notices were sent to and then now letter rescinding the meeting.

I am tickled to death that these Democrats are listening to Lawrence K. Taylor and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Lawrence Taylor <>
Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2018, 3:34 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Executive Committee letter – Edgecombe DEMs
To: Mk Johnson <>, <gl214>, Pastor Yvette Hart <>, <joy.mgb>, <mmooring2>, <jowilliamsii>, <>, Otis Jordan <>, Doris Morris <>, Barbara Davis <>, <sarahintarboro>, <profvandelli>, <sbr9111t>, <carolwhite12>, <jdbulluck>, <cwebb1475>, <dave.d310>, <vcwilliams>, Deborah Jordan <>, Martha Johnson

Good Afternoon Fellow Democratic,

The reason for this correspondence is to rescind the previous correspondence concerning an executive committee meeting to be held on April 23, 2018.

Our hearts and minds at this time should be preparing to attend our district convention to be held Saturday May 5, 2018 in Durham, North Carolina. After which the officers will convene and then each of you will be notified concerning our next executive committee meeting. Lets continue to work to turn North Carolina blue in November. Thanks for your support of our party.

Lawrence Taylor

Edgecombe County Democratic Chair  

The above message from Lawrence K. Taylor Chair is in response to the following message that was sent out by Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice Chair.

April 10, 2018

Dear Executive Committee Member,

We should all be excited about the Blue Wave that is building across North Carolina and the country. This is an opportunity for us to do our part in the mid-term ad fall elections. It can be done with EVERYONES help.

Edgecombe has always been one of the top counties for voter turnout and this year we want to do even better. All it takes is volunteers, strategy, and adequate funding.

In order for us to become more united and focused on our tasks ahead of us we will have a called meeting of the Executive Committee on April 23, 2018 at 6pm. The meeting will be held at the Administrative Building in Tarboro, NC. We will clear up any issues, concerns, as well as the Treasurer’s Report. We will also outline all upcoming Democratic Party activities such as the District Convention.

We will discuss candidates and offices in both election cycles this year. Each precinct officer or representative should come prepared to actively participate in the “Get Out to Vote” initiative.

We should all be proud to be Democrats and in order to maintain the ability to fully engage In the Blue Wave process we will need everyone to be thinking of fundraising activities and recruitment strategies.

This is our party and we want the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to continue to uphold and exhibit true Democratic values and morals.

Looking forward to seeing you at this very special meeting. Please feel free to contact, 1st Vice Chair Martha Johnson should you need to.


Lawrence Taylor, Chair

Martha Johnson, 1st Vice

Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee And Elder Lawrence K. Taylor I Am Requesting That You React To The Following By Friday April 6, 2018

The Edgecombe County Democratic Party status is in question because from what I understand the secretary of the party Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown only has 5 precinct packages out of 21 precincts so therefore if I am correct this means that all the other precincts are considered unorganized until their precinct packages have been turned in to the party.

The reason why the precinct packages have not been received is because the party chair Elder Lawrence K. Taylor had announced in a meeting that he attended around a week before the county convention where a couple of precincts met and he told them that the Post Office box was closed. I was told the chair said it was closed because the party had no money to pay the box fee. Really? The chair could have called all the precincts to inform us that the box was closed but he allowed precinct chairs to send in the packages knowing that the packages would be returned to the sender from the Post Office. Damn shame!

During the January 30, 2018 meeting called by the chair Elder Lawrence K. Taylor it was clear that the money was funny when the treasurer’s report was presented and I feel strongly that the box was closed then and he didn’t say a word about it. I wonder how long the box has been closed.

While the chair is asking for money he and the former chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs who also had a problem with the money during the end of his tenure also have joined forces asking for money. I don’t understand how anyone would write a check to the party at the moment and not be concerned with how the money that was in the bank when the current chair Taylor took over has been spent.

The current status of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party is an embarrassment to me and should be an embarrassment to all Democrats in Edgecombe County.

While the chair is focusing on me because I have asked him to resign several times and the most recent on the day of the Edgecombe County Convention. If the chair was concerned about the Edgecombe County Democratic Party he would be trying to reach out to the executive committee to get all of the precinct packages so he can make sure all precincts are organized.

The 1st Congressional District Convention is May 5 and the executive committee need to make sure the party is in compliance with the delegates in place. It would be ignorant for the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to go to the convention and to get there and be challenged because our house is not in order. I will not be embarrassed.

My recommendation is that a meeting be called by a couple of members of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee with the entire executive committee pre the March Annual Precinct meetings. You need to understand that all meetings are to be advertised and open to all Democrats and not just the executive committee.

I have come to the conclusion that you the chair Elder Lawrence K. Taylor do not have the best interest of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party at heart. Therefore I am asking for the last time that you Elder Lawrence K. Taylor resign effective immediately. However if you choose not to resign, I know the proper way to go about the process for removing you and I will be taking that route if you do not resign by Friday April 6, 2018 by submitting your letter of resignation to the Edgecombe County Democratic Party secretary Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown.

For The Record I Have Nothing Personal Against Lawrence Taylor Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party.


I have nothing personal against Lawrence Taylor Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

I have asked since he has been in office to produce minutes and detailed treasurer report.

Just because the others didn’t have any balls to ask don’t get mad with me because I ain’t scared to ask all the right questions.

Since you didn’t stand up with me during the meeting you allowed the chair to think that what he is doing is okay. Actually all of you who approved the reports during our January meeting you approved mess.

But you have the opportunity to get it right at the Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Convention this Saturday March 24, 2018.

I don’t need to meet with the chair nor do I need to talk to him, all he need to do is to provide the documents I have requested.

Lawrence Taylor Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party Please Resign Effective Immediately Final Warning


Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice
Lawrence Taylor Chair

Lawrence Taylor I am requesting that you resign as chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party effective immediately and this is my final warning.

Shortly after you were elected in 2017 you called a meeting with the Edgecombe County Democratic Party County officers which consist of you, Martha Johnson 1st Vice Chair, Dr. Glenda L. Knight 2nd Vice Chair, Jim Marrow 3rd Vice Chair and Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown. Stephanie Hunter Treasurer was absent. You invited Dr. Florence A. Armstrong from the Edgecombe County Board of Elections to give an update on the state of the Board of Elections. I was the only other person present. During the meeting you made a statement and said, “No offense Mr. Marrow but someone told you they were not coming to the Democratic Party meetings because they called them Nigger Meetings.”

Sir you have not communicated with all of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee and chose to deal with certain members. You have not returned calls from some who have tried to reach you. Some have asked for information and has yet to receive a response.

Sir you refused to present the minutes in the January 2018 meeting upon my request. You refused to present a detailed treasurer report showing the monies that were spent.

Sir I understand that you have talked to a couple of folk about Stephanie Hunter treasurer need to go. I also understand that you have talked to several folk about I need to go and that has to be because I have been holding you accountable for your actions asking all the right question. I feel you think you won during the January meeting when I asked for the minutes to be presented and the treasurer’s report receipts and since no one else questioned those things that you felt you had gotten away with stealing money from the party.

Sir during the January meeting you stated that we should have had a balance of around $200.00 plus. I had heard recently that the Post Office Box had not been paid and that the precinct packages that were sent to you were being returned to sender. Really?

Sir I had heard recently there was going to be a meetings with some Rocky Mount Precinct Chairs and you were going to be present. I was told that in the meeting you said that the Post Office Box is closed because the party has no money. I was told that you said you were trying to meet with some Democrats trying to get them to give the party some money. I heard that you said you wanted to have a fundraiser. Really?

Sir what you need to be doing is producing all the minutes of the meetings that you have had with the county officers that I requested of you before the January meeting and then again during the January meeting. I also had asked for the treasurer’s report before and during the January meeting.

Sir he following is my letter to you after the January 2018 meeting in it shows the treasurer’s report beginning and ending balance. Click on the following link for my letter and the video of the meeting Open Letter To Lawrence Taylor Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party & The Executive Committee. See all the letters I have written addressing you since you have been the chair by visiting the following link Lawrence Taylor.

The Edgecombe County Democratic Party webpage is a joke as well.

Lawrence Taylor you have had a history of messing in money dating back to when you were the treasurer for Andre Knight years ago. When he was trying to put a campaign breakfast in place it was found out that you had spent the money. You never did pay that money back but sir this time is different and you will be held accountable for the monies you have spent in the party.

Sir my request is that you resign effective immediately and that you produce the minutes and treasurer’s report from all activities since you have been elected as Chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. I am asking that if you do not resign effective immediately that you best have all of the documents and readily available before the County Convention begin on Saturday March 24, 2018 and be ready to resign at that time.

Thanking you in advance for acting on my request.

Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct Chair 11-1




Open Letter To Lawrence Taylor Chair Edgecombe County Democratic Party & The Executive Committee

I am requesting that Lawrence Taylor Chair resign effective immediately because after the Annual Executive Committee held on Tuesday January 30, 2018 it is clear he is not going to follow the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization.

On Tuesday night Lawrence left off the minutes on the Agenda and it was clear it was intentional. He said that we had had time to review the agenda and he asked for an approval. Ms. Judith Moss made the motion and Mrs. Linda Tharrington Goins 2nd. I called for the question. I asked why were there no line for the minutes. The chair said he took the template for this meeting from previous meetings and there were no minutes. He said he had documentation to prove that because he had brought them with him. Who does that? I said I am not aware of such and if that happened then that didn’t make it right. I said I don’t want to see it but I have the videos.

Really? There were no minutes because I had asked for minutes last year via internet. After his ignant conversation about the minutes in response to me he continue to vote on the approval of the agenda.

Then Rev. Roy Gray stood up and asked to do a silent prayer for Roland Clark a former Tarboro Councilman. He said if he was out of order it could come up later. What? That should have come under the line Prayer on the Agenda however there was no line for Prayer. Lawrence lead a silent Prayer.

Lawrence said that we would now have the roll call.

The 1st vice chair Martha Knight Johnson did the roll call while the secretary Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown set there. During the roll call Pastor Thomas L. Walker’s name was called as chair of the Democratic Men. Later on the agenda Lawrence said we didn’t have a Democratic Men’s Chair and I said the last time I checked Walker was. He said Walker had gotten with him and he was no longer the chair so if anyone is interested let him know. I said so when were going to be notified of this.

The following names were no longer valid Susan Coker Craig because she lost her seat in the Pinetops Town Election in 2017. Wilson Jones name was called and Rev. Roy Gray said that he was deceased.

Precinct 1-4 Tarboro Rev. Roy Gray Chair and Linda Tharrington Goins Vice Chair names were left off.

Lawrence said he had just got the list from the state.

No quorum was noted. After the vote was carried out I said let the minutes reflect that I voted nay.

Lawrence went to the Treasurer’s Report. The chair read the report. He gave the beginning balance of $1640.53 and the ending balance of $164.14. He said that $75.00 was received from Rocky Mount Councilman Reuben Blackwell on the day before the meeting. Wow! Should have been written in the report. He said now the balance was $239.14. Evelyn Wilson asked about the amount collected when they had the Christmas Party and he said an additional $34.00 should be added and now the total is $273.14.

I asked about the checking account being moved to another bank and the fees being charged to the account because the balance went below so therefore the fees were accumulated.

I asked how much was the chair allowed to spend when the executive committee is not in session and he said around $200.00.

Evelyn Wilson made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and again I asked that the minutes reflect that I voted nay.

So how was a vote taken on the Agenda and the Treasurer’s Report when the roll call had not taken place?

I thought about some years ago Lawrence Taylor served as Treasurer on a candidate’s campaign and the money could not be accounted for when the candidate got ready to do some things within the campaign.

Now Lawrence went to Annual Reports from Dr. Florence Arnold Armstrong Edgecombe County Board of Elections, Linda Tharrington Goins State Executive Committee and the Democratic Women Sarah Peveler. Well where was Lawrence Taylor’s the chair’s report? He gave no report on the state of Edgecombe County Politics, stare of NC Politics nor the state National Politics. There was no mention of Sheriff Clee Atkinson announcing in December that he was seeking election of Sheriff in May.

Next on the Agenda was the Edgecombe County Strategic Plan 2018 – 2019. Well we should have already had this in place knowing that the filing period is in February, the Primary Elections in May and the General Elections in November.

After Lawrence spoke about the plan I questioned it along with Sarah Peveler about he not seeking any input from the executive committee. He said he was going to do what he wanted to do to make the party look good so therefore he was going to ignore what the Plan of Organizations says as follows:

2.05 DUTIES OF COUNTY OFFICERS Chair. The duties of the county chair shall include: 1. Preside at county executive committee meetings and county conventions; 2. Draft, in consultation with the county executive committee, a strategic plan outlining reasonable political goals for the county; 3. Execute the strategic plan approved by the county executive committee;10. Attend meetings of the district and state executive committees; 11. Serve as the spokesperson for the county executive committee; 12. Serve as the liaison between the county executive committee and the district executive committee, the state party officers, and the state executive committee; 13. Represent the county executive committee at party and non-party meetings and functions; 14. Appoint a county party attorney, to serve at the Chair’s pleasure; 15. Carry out other duties as may be assigned by this Plan of Organization or by the county or state executive committees;

Read the other duties by going to the Plan of Organization by clicking on the following link

After some lengthy discussion Dr. Florence Arnold Armstrong asked could she speak and if she was out of line then stop her. Well 1st of all she is not an Executive Committee member and definitely not a voting member. She was asked to attend the meeting to give a report on the Board of Elections which limits her to what she can say and do. Therefore she should not have been allowed to speak on the issue of Sarah and my concerns about inclusiveness as we discussed the Strategic Plan that was suppose to be voted on. Florence made it sound as if Sarah and I wanted to be in charge saying that since we were not at the table just go with the plan. Oh hell to the no. I refuse to allow any Democrat be they on the Executive Committee or not to attempt to play upon my intelligence and anyone else that speak to what the Plan of Organization states.

Later on the Agenda was Financial Appeal by 1st Vice Chair Martha Knight Johnson who have no clue of her role as a county officer. Her role is as follows:

First Vice Chair. The duties of the county first vice chair shall be such as may be assigned by the county chair and shall include the following: 1. Preside at county executive committee meetings and county conventions in the absence of the chair; 2. Plan and organize county executive committee meetings and county conventions; 3. Notify precinct chairs as to the number of votes that each precinct is entitled to cast at the county executive committee and the county convention; 4. 4. Serve as the coordinator for all precinct and party organizing efforts within the county, in consultation with the other officers and consistent with the strategic plan approved by the county executive committee; 5. Attend meetings of the district executive committee; 6. Carry out other duties as may be assigned by the county executive committee;

Martha prolonged the meeting with a bunch of nonsense. She asked for money and I said who gonna give money to the party and the chair is spending it without any control. Martha asked who would sign up to work with her on Getting Out To Vote? Well why did she bring that up because that should have been a part of the Strategic Plan. She asked Bronson Williams would he work with her since he was the youngest person present. He said he would work along with all the Precinct Chairs and not sign up just to work with her because the organizational structure was already in place. Of course Martha didn’t get that.

Read the other duties of the 1st Vice Chair Martha’s role by going to the Plan of Organization by clicking on the following link 

It was obvious at the end of the meeting Evelyn Wilson had some concerns about the envelope that Martha Knight Johnson passed out seeking donations. She wanted to know who would receive the envelopes and if it goes to the Post Office who would pick it up. Lawrence couldn’t give a direct response and it was obvious that something was not right. The secretary should be the one that picks up the mail. Lawrence said that he implemented something about the Post Office but that makes no sense. If I am correct the Post Office Box was already set up in Rocky Mount. But what I do know is that the current secretary Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown lives in Tarboro so I would think that is where the Post Office Box should be and should have been anyway. Tarboro is the county seat.

Evelyn Wilson said it makes a difference where the money goes and who picks it up but she made it plain and clear that she would be writing a check.

Although I did not vote for you I did an open letter to Lawrence saying I would support you but you have been a total embarrassment to me. I have requested information and I have not received any. The following link speaks to my request However just last week on County Commissioner Viola Harris Facebook page there were some discussions that included Sarah Peveler, Linda Tharrington Goins, Lawrence Taylor and myself and I had to refer him to a section in the Plan of Organization as it related to Meeting Notices. I have requested I be notified of meetings via email and Lawrence said that because I was a precinct chair I had to receive notice in the mail. I told him to read 11.02 MEETING NOTICE REQUIREMENTS Unless otherwise provided for in this Plan of Organization, written notice, sent via email, must be given to members for all meetings of any committee, subcommittee or council authorized under this Plan of Organization, unless members request that all such notices be sent via U.S. Mail as follows: Read the entire section by clicking on the following link:

I am asking for Lawrence Taylor chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to resign effective immediately because:

1. It was obvious Lawrence came to the Annual Meeting held on Tuesday January 30, 2018 with a personal agenda not one not via the Plan of Organization.
2. Lawrence intentionally left off the Minutes on the Agenda. I asked for the minutes to be included on the Agenda.
3. Lawrence has spent the money in the Treasurer’s Report without authorization. I asked for receipts of how the money was spent.
4. During the Strategic Plan discussion Lawrence had a problem with Sarah Peveler and myself questioning inclusiveness and this is spelled out in the Plan of Organization.
5. Also during a meeting at the Edgecombe County Library Tarboro NC in 2017 Lawrence said in the county officers meeting that he called invited Dr. Florence Armstrong to come and give a report on the Board of Elections but no other Democrats were invited nor was the meeting advertised. He had food at the meeting. But the sad part is with Attorney Jim Marrow 3rd Vice Chair a white male Lawrence said no offense Mr. Marrow but someone told him that they were not coming to nigger meeting.

If the Lawrence do not step down effective immediately I am going to petition the executive committee for signatures.


All Other Officers or Members as Respondent. The petition shall be submitted in writing to the state chair and shall be signed by three (3) Petitioners. The state chair, upon a majority vote of the elected officers of the state executive committee agreeing that the petition has sufficient merit to warrant a full hearing, shall call, pursuant to this Plan of Organization, a meeting of the Council of Review to hear the Petitioner(s), the Respondent(s), and other interested parties or witnesses. A two-thirds vote of those members of the Council of Review present and voting shall be necessary to remove an officer or member. The secretary of the Council of Review shall cause a detailed account of any removal and replacement hereunder to be filed with the state chair. The Council of Review shall otherwise follow its procedures as set forth in Section 9.08 herein. Petitioner(s) and Respondent(s) shall have the right to appeal any decision by the Council of Review on their respective case to the State Executive Council.

Click on the following link to read the entire section

Note: Click on each photo to watch video of the Tuesday January 30, 2018 meeting.




I am Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct 11-1
Sunday February 4, 2018