It’s time for the voters to decide–Source: Wilson Times (Editorial page will sit out the process of making endorsements.) I wonder why?

On Tuesday voters in Wilson County will be asked to make choices about who will lead this community in key local elected offices and who will represent it in important state and national offices. That civic act is the bedrock of democracy, and we urge residents to go to the polls and make their voices heard. It is a critical responsibility. (Read more)

Note: As a paid subscriber to this paper online and has been over the years, I find this editorial to be quite interesting. I understand you feel as if you have done enough but I feel that sitting out this this year’s election sort of stink. I don’t have to spell it out why I believe it stinks because it should be obvious.

Since Calvin Woodard ran as a Democrat and no other political parties chose to run, the people spoke during the May primary. The Tea Party has ran candidates against other Democrats however they obviously were so sure that Gay would get in that they didn’t run anyone. But why? They were afraid to go after him? So then Farmer switched parties and connected with the Tea Party.

Again I feel that because of the climate in Wilson and all the work you have done, that is all the more reason to endorse candidates. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Calvin Woodard Sheriff Elect

Unaffiliated voter weighs in–Source: Wilson Times

I’m compelled to respond to Mr. John Bruner’s letter in The Wilson Times on Oct. 25.

Mr. Bruner, with all due respect sir, you don’t know what you’re are talking about. Do you have receipts showing Mr. Woodard’s campaign received money from SEIU, NAACP and ACORN? I recall after Calvin won the primary and after the chair finally resigned, the Democratic Party gave Calvin a check. I want to reiterate the word "after." They gave him nothing during the primary. (Read more)

Note: You must subscribe to the Wilson Times Online to read more. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Reader responds to letter – This letter mentions that the Vice President of the NAACP supports Woodard’s opponent.

Calvin Woodard Sheriff Elect

Calvin Woodard Was Elected By The People To Become The New Sheriff For Wilson County And Then Farmer Switched Parties To Attempt To Block Him

The people of Wilson County elected Calvin Woodard as the new High Sheriff of Wilson County during the May Primary Elections. Woodard had no opposition for the General Election until John Farmer switched parties to attempt to block him. Why? Go figure!!

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Calvin Woodard Sheriff Elect

Butterfield, Tea Party hold very different events

While some Wilson residents will be holding an appreciation day for Congressman G.K. Butterfield at Pender and Nash streets, the Wilson County Tea Party will hold a rally at the Wilson County Library.

One of their topics is retiring Butterfield.

Both events are Saturday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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John Farmer for Wilson County Sheriff, Ashley Woolard for Congress and others are speakers at the Wilson County Tea Party Event

John Farmer for Wilson County Sheriff, Ashley Woolard for Congress and others are speakers at the Wilson County Tea Party Event

it is funny how the Republicans candidates are featured speakers at the Wilson County Tea Party event whereby they are calling it a retirement party for Congressman G.K. Butterfield. They say they want want my Congressman out of Washington DC but out of Wilson NC his hometown as well. Damn it is one thing to want him out of DC but out of his hometown is taking this thing too far. (Read more)

Tune In To The DCN TV To Watch The Wilson County Sheriff Debate Featuring Calvin Woodard And John Farmer, Woodard Smoked Him

Click on picture to watch video.
Sources tell The DCN that John Farmer is telling folks that he won the debate. With all due respect to Farmer I must disagree. Calvin Woodard was very professional while it appears that Farmer was not ready for the debate.

Watch it for yourself and you can make your own decision, however I feel strongly that you will agree with me.

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Calvin Woodard Sheriff Elect

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