Joel Osteen: Just Another Christian Preacher Robbing His Followers And Exploiting Their Faith – Greenville Gazette

The Political Agitator’s response: Ya’ll better stop lying on Preacher.

Joel Osteen presents himself as a famous pastor trying to uplift others and offer encouragement contrary to the traditional ways of preaching that condemn everything people do in the world… This wouldn’t be a horrible way to try and inspire people, if it weren’t for the way he plays on people’s faith and demands money in return for his useless sermons.

Osteen has offered to pray for others, but there is a price of $20 to $50 for each prayer. He claims that the money will be spent on the church, and that by spending your money there you are pleasing God almight… But the money goes straight into Osteen’s pocket. Becaue he is manipulative and uses people’s faith against them, and to rob them of their own hard earned money. To give you an idea of how much money this rat has stolen from people, here’s a picture of his insanely large house: (Source: Read more)