Tarboro NC – An Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Board Of Elections: Why Is Voting Information Dated 2007 On The County’s Website?

To: Jerry Spruell Director Edgecombe County Board of Elections

Someone asked The DCN News Blog/Online TV why is the Board of Elections Voting Information dated 2007 on the county’s website?

I visited the website and they are correct. However the Election Calendar is information from 2010.

The following is the information that is out of date.


Election Calendar
Candidates Filed
Sample Ballots
Find Your Polling Place
Voting Machines in Edgecombe County
Ballot Marking Machine for Disabled Voters
Absentee Voting by Mail
One-Stop In-Person Adsentee Voting (Early Voting)
Election Day Access & Assistance 

So could you tell me why this information is out of date?


I am very impressed with the Nash County Board of Elections Website so maybe you need to visit their site to see how you can enhance the Edgecombe County Board of Elections Website.

At this time I am totally embarrassed looking at my county’s website and I hope you will update the information immediately.

Thanking you in advance.