Ignant Column: Greenville NC – At Least One Pitt County Democrat Says He Thinks The Republican Led General Assembly Is Doing A Pretty Good Job So Far

Response: Damn what is Jeff drinking? I totally agree with Rev. Ozzie Hall Jr. response: Cuts in unemployment disproportionately hurt the Black community, cuts in education disproportionately hurt the Black community, massive numbers of Black 3rd graders will be retained this year due to their education policies. They imposed higher standards and cut funds to help meet the higher standards. White students already fell outside of the threshold and will not be significantly impacted. Our community is under siege, and Jeff thinks they are doing a "pretty good job so far…"
Jeff Savage I think the Republican led General Assembly is doing a pretty good job so far, Curmilus. Some people have voiced opposition to what their priorities are, but, those voices are outnumbered by those wanting substantive changes made in state government.

As an aside, when the SCOTUS rejected the Medicaid part, that really should have scrapped the entire healthcare plan. After all, the whole idea behind the plan that prompted everyone to support it as a good idea was so that the poorest of the poor would have healthcare coverage. However, after the Court’s ruling, no one said anythiig about the poorest of the poor was left out of the new healthcare "law."

Ann Coulter: Democrats ‘Dropping the Blacks and Moving on to the Hispanics’

In response to Jeff Savage: Ann Coulter: Democrats ‘Dropping the Blacks and Moving on to the Hispanics’

IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEBODY SAID IT! In this video, conservative pundit and multiple best-selling author, Ann Coulter, articulated the truth about the relationship of Black folk and Democrats VERY well. The white-controlled Democrat Party is sick of us Blacks, but, they realize how badly they need our voting block to hold onto (or to gain) power.

However, and sadly, just watch as many of us Blacks, who are both descendants of slaves and Democrats, will begin to attack Ms. Coulter just because she’s a Republican and they will totally ignore the significance of her very sage remarks.

Bull manure!!

Edgecombe County had fought to get the majority over the years but when we did the black elected officials and leaders quit coming. Now you go to a meeting it is only a couple of whites maybe 4 or 5 that attends but you have folks like (Black) Rev. Roosevelt Higgs who play it Safe talking about including white folks when voting but when they (Whites) had the power they didn’t give a damn about us.

You are familiar with Edgecombe County Politics and you are very much aware of your county Pitt.

I have posted time and time again that when I became active in the Democratic Party in Edgecombe County white folks ran the party. Black folks had to fight for everything to gain control of the offices. When we got control the Safe Negroes didn’t do a damn thing.

Jeff ya’ll had the same issues in Pitt County because I used to attend the Democratic Party meetings in Pitt, Wilson and the twin Counties Edgecombe and Nash. I did the same for the NAACP meetings.

The problem when comes to running the party on the local and state level is we have Safe Negroes across the State who hold us just where we are.

I don’t need a damn Ann Coulter or any white person to tell me a damn thing about the relationship of Black Folks and the Democratic Party. You know I have always spoke out about RACE within the Party.

I am not concerned with where white folks stand but where Ignant Ass Black Folks stand like some of ya’ll who act as if you just figured something out. Well I figured it out in the early 1980’s when I joined the Democratic Party as a Precinct Officer and became the 3rd Vice Chair of the County Party by default because I was the youngest person to attend the meetings and they had no choice but to make me an officer. But white nor Black folks didn’t want me because I was too outspoken. I was labeled as a racist by white folks and a militant by Black folks because I was repeating what Black folks were saying behind closed doors publicly and getting beat down but I didn’t give a damn because I was what many Black older men won’t back then and some now a damn real Black man who was not afraid to speak Truth to Power.

They were so damn scared and still scared of me today that they will not vote for me when I am nominated in the party not that I want a position because I never run for them because I am not going to be limited to what I can say and do.

About 2 years ago a majority black Democratic Party Executive Committee voted for a white male around 60 plus or minus for a chair position over me. I love to sit back and look at how Negroes vote but you see they know I hold them accountable in the meetings as a Precinct Chair. They hate to see me coming with my cameras.

Dropping the Blacks and moving on to Hispanics damn I am a farmer all though I have worked a public job since I turned 18 but I have farmed since I was 5 up until we rented out the farm last year so I am very much aware of how both white Democrats and Republicans have hired Hispanics to work on the farms.

We have a Black ineffective Democratic Party Chair who has served 2 terms. He has not done a damn thing since he has been in office but Black folks have voted him in twice. Well I am so damn glad he can not run again.

The party allow Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to manipulate each and every meeting.

I have not seen you and several Black folks attend a Democratic Party meeting local and/or (District) but when one wants to run for an office they come out and want folks like me to support them. Oh hell no! Black folks will come out when it is all about them wanting a position but other times they stay away.