For Ignant Safe Negroes!

Who in the hell do you think you are thinking you can tell me what I should focus on? I have been a community activist since the late 80’s fighting against injustice from every angle be it the Confederate Flag, Black on Black Crime, White On Black Crime, Black on White Crime, challenging elected officials and community leaders.

I ain’t the damn one I have stood up and will continue to stand up against injustice. I will pick and choose what I want to fight and when I want to fight it. However you need to understand that I am not limited to dealing with one issue at a time and can multi-task.

So if you have a problem with what I am speaking on today or tomorrow, then delete me from your Social Media as a friend because I am going to continue to do what I do and don’t need any validation from anyone.

And for those Ignant Safe Negroes whom have a problem with the NAACP The National Association For the Advancement of Colored People, I am a proud Life Fully Paid Member because I know my history. And just because you have a problem with them, your ignant a . . . has benefitted from their fight and it does not matter if you want to accept that fact or not.

If you want to question me to what I have done go to the local governmental meetings across the county and read the damn minutes dating back to the late 80’s and read what I said at the meetings. I also video all of the meetings I attend and has done so since the late 90’s.

Where have ya’ll been all of these years because I haven’t seen you at the meetings and in the struggle?

Although the Confederate Flag is one issue, another issue is dealing with Ignant Safe Negroes.

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

Now Run & Tell That!

Racism And Injustice Is Alive And Well But Some Folks Don’t Get It, In Denial Or Don’t Give A Damn

Racism and injustice is alive and well so you can act like you don’t know. Keep on listening to Ignant Racist A+s White Folks and Ignant A+s Safe Negroes who want to twist the truth and be the next victim. Some folks say why you always running your damn mouth and I say because I am gonna let them know that I ain’t the one so when they come after me they better come correct. But for those who make the mistake and come after me because they don’t know me, their a+s gonna learn the day.

Most black folks that I know learned about racism and injustice from their parents but when one get of age, hell they have either experienced it or seen someone else experience it. But you see s+it ain’t real until it hit home for them and then they want folks like myself whom will speak out to stop what the hell I am doing and come to their rescue. Well I am going to come to their rescue because I profess to be my brother’s keeper but after I talk s+it to their a+s. Hell yeah! When you come to me, then you will get all of me. Curmilus Dancy II – Wednesday August 20, 2014

“You don’t understand! I ain’t scared of you . . .” Bernie Mac

Now Run & Tell That!

When the top 20% own 93% of the wealth, expecting the bottom 80% to divvy up the remaining 7% to run the government, including paying for additional tax cuts for those wealthy individuals, is gross injustice – Source: Facebook

Response: Damn this is good!

Jim Hubbard – When the top 20% own 93% of the wealth, expecting the bottom 80% to divvy up the remaining 7% to run the government, including paying for additional tax cuts for those wealthy individuals, is gross injustice. According to the Tax Policy Center in 2010, the federal government’s revenue came 42% from personal income tax, 40% from the payroll tax (FICA capped at the first $110,100), and corporate income taxes were 9%. With a minor share of overall income, the middle class pays personal income tax AND payroll tax at almost the same level as the wealthiest individuals pay primarily personal income tax.

Corporate income tax is no better. In 1952, the percentage of federal revenue from corporate income tax was 32.1%. In 2011, it was 8%. Conservatives will claim that a "35%" tax rate is stifling business, failing to mention that 35% is the statutory corporate rate while the average effective rate is 12%. How much less revenue can the federal government expect from corporations–artificial entities that exist at the pleasure of the government–if the statutory rate is dropped to 25% or lower?

It is time to dispel the fiction that the wealthiest people are the job creators. The Bush Tax Cuts have been in effect since 2001 and 11 years is more than enough time to see that jobs in America are not being created. Yet, we are being told by Republicans in Congress that we need to lower the tax rates even more to encourage job creation. How about we tell them to create jobs with the trillion+ they’ve already been given before expecting us to give them more?