Fitting Ready To Shut Down Political Trolls On My Page

Folk I am shutting down folk who play both sides of Politics. I ain’t got time for your games. Either you are about what is right or you are playing it safe. I do not deal with Safe Folk because they will get you killed.

So anyone who are into Edgecombe County Politics, beginning with the Edgecombe County Democratic Party, Democratic Women, Edgecombe County Elected Officials or a Want A Be Elected Official get ready, get ready because I am going to call you out. Oh don’t worry about me because I only got one vote but my damn voice reaches more than one person, town and county.

So when you read about yourself on The DCN News Blog Online TV you have been warned. Just in case if you didn’t know when I post on my blog it automatically post on my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and folk and media outlets follow me across the nation.

Over the weekend I am going to start blocking political folk who are trolls that follow me on Social Media faithfully.

For The Record!

For white folk I don’t put all white folk in a group. When I say Ignant Racist White Folk so if you don’t fit that description I ain’t talking about you.

For black folk I don’t put all black folk in a group. When I say Ignant Safe Black Folk so if you don’t fit that description I ain’t talking about you.

I call out all races and do not have a problem with talking about race, racial issues and/or race anything. Don’t get mad with me because you are scared.

But everyone need to keep in mind that I can put you in a category but you don’t have to accept it.

Now let that sink in.

Donald Trump Called A Black Man In Rocky Mount A Thug And Put Him Out At The Rally In Kinston

The Watch Dog response: I love it! All of the black folk whom are supporting Trump should see that he don’t care about them. Don’t you know “Your Black A… Don’t Matter!” This ignant called the black man a thug and put him out for calling his name. Damn! I could see if he was protesting. Click on Photo to Watch Video On Youtube.


Ejected Trump supporter stands by his man

By Lindell John Kay
Staff Writer

imageSaturday, October 29, 2016

A local black man said he still supports Donald Trump after the Republican presidential nominee called him a “thug” and mistakenly tossed him out of a rally in Eastern North Carolina last week.

C.J. Cary, a Rocky Mount resident who has supported Trump for years, stood near the front row, about 20 feet from the stage, waved a note and shouted “Donald” during a Wednesday night event at the Kinston Jet Center.

“Were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?” was Trump’s response before ordering his security team to remove Cary from the venue. Trump then accused Cary of being hired by Democrats to disrupt the event, all according to video of the incident that has gone viral.

The flub has made national news, but Cary was already making local headlines this summer in relation to his exuberant support for Trump.

The Peachtree Street resident paid several hundred dollars to replace at least 40 Trump signs in his front yard that had been torn down. The vandalism stopped when Cary placed surveillance cameras around his home and wired the perimeter of his yard.

Cary didn’t return messages and no one answered the door at his home Saturday where dozens of Trump signs still stand. However, Cary did explain how he felt about the incident Friday on Twitter – Trump’s preferred method of social media mass communication.

“Embarrassed? That was not what I felt, being escorted out. I felt joy. God asked if I would I did. Mission accomplished. And please do not think the hardship that came out of this mission was not anticipated or described beforehand; please do not think I cowered at the chance to get Donald’s attention. U can see I did not. In fact, take a look. I still support Donald J Trump 4 president,” Cary tweeted in 144-character bursts.

Cary, a former Marine and civilian contractor with the Army, told The News & Observer he wanted to offer advice to Trump to treat certain groups with more respect. He said blacks, women, college students and people with disabilities deserve better treatment from Trump.

Trump’s use of the word thug is becoming a socially acceptable alternative to another racial epithet, according to many observers, including Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Musician Questlove of the Roots likened thug to a racial slur, as did Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes during protests in his city last year.

Trump was involved in a public campaign to execute a group of young black men accused of rape in Central Park in 1989. He settled lawsuits with plaintiffs who claimed housing discrimination, and he took a leading role in the birther movement questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship. The Central Park 5 were exonerated by DNA evidence and given multi-million-dollar settlements from New York City, but Trump has insisted on their guilt.

The Cary incident comes after Trump accused his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton of paying activists to disrupt his rallies in the third presidential debate earlier this month. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

For Ignant Safe Negroes!

Who in the hell do you think you are thinking you can tell me what I should focus on? I have been a community activist since the late 80’s fighting against injustice from every angle be it the Confederate Flag, Black on Black Crime, White On Black Crime, Black on White Crime, challenging elected officials and community leaders.

I ain’t the damn one I have stood up and will continue to stand up against injustice. I will pick and choose what I want to fight and when I want to fight it. However you need to understand that I am not limited to dealing with one issue at a time and can multi-task.

So if you have a problem with what I am speaking on today or tomorrow, then delete me from your Social Media as a friend because I am going to continue to do what I do and don’t need any validation from anyone.

And for those Ignant Safe Negroes whom have a problem with the NAACP The National Association For the Advancement of Colored People, I am a proud Life Fully Paid Member because I know my history. And just because you have a problem with them, your ignant a . . . has benefitted from their fight and it does not matter if you want to accept that fact or not.

If you want to question me to what I have done go to the local governmental meetings across the county and read the damn minutes dating back to the late 80’s and read what I said at the meetings. I also video all of the meetings I attend and has done so since the late 90’s.

Where have ya’ll been all of these years because I haven’t seen you at the meetings and in the struggle?

Although the Confederate Flag is one issue, another issue is dealing with Ignant Safe Negroes.

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

Now Run & Tell That!

Ku Klux Klan Endorse Dr. Ben Carson for President – New York Times

The Political Agitator response: They will endorse Ignant Safe Negroes so this is not a surprise. Dr. is smart when it comes to being a doctor but ignant as hell when it comes to POLITICS. Ignant said he was not a politician and didn’t want to be one. So how in the hell do you run for a political office and say you don’t want to be a politician. Too ignant!
Note: Was told this is fake however I stand behind my comment.

Pulaski, Tennessee-The Klu Klux Klan, (KKK) announced today their endorsement of Dr. Ben Carson for President of the United States. This marks the first time in history that the infamous hate group has endorsed an African American for our nation’s highest office.

The Klan released this statement via it’s website.

“After careful consideration of all candidates and potential candidates, The American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan endorse Dr. Ben Carson for President of the United States. We feel Dr. Carson’s vision for America most closely resembles that of the Klan’s. It’s a new day for the KKK!”

The National Imperial Wizard of the KKK, who wished to remain anonymous, sat down with National Report for this exclusive interview. (Source: Read more)

Tarboro 27886 Has Some Ignant Racist Damn White Folks That Keep B.S. Going On Even In Times Of Tragedy

On yesterday Sarah Peveler posted my link on Tarboro 27886 about the shooting in Tarboro. A chris joyner someone whom I don’t know went in the attack mode because he had a problem with me reporting the news. He said because I reported before the crime tape was removed and that Taro Knight and Mondre Bynum must have told me what was going on. Damn I didn’t even mention Knight nor Bynum in my post so I don’t know what this ignant a… was talking about. I had to get this ignant a… straight up until the post on the page was removed.

What the ignant a… ignored was that I had made several comments and that I said I would not post anymore until I got concrete information and that is what I did. But the ignant a… ignored that my main thang is to report the facts.

Folks I don’t need anyone to validate my stuff after I post it because it is going to be validated by me when I post it. Now if you want to add to it that is fine but I don’t post stuff and rely on it getting validated by others after I have posted it.

Folks especially them IRAWF’s on Tarboro 27886 and others that have a problem with me and some Ignant Safe Negroes you need to recognize and understand that I ain’t the one. Obviously IRAWF’s ain’t used to black folks whom are not afraid to respond to them. You see I am like Bernie Mac, “I ain’t scare of you …..!” So you gonna learn the day! I don’t make the news, I just report it and I try to report the facts as presented to me from reliable sources in which it is none of your damn business who my sources are. If I should error on the facts then I will make the necessary corrections.

If anyone have a problem with what I post on my social media sites you have options and I don’t think I have to tell you what they are. But just in case you can’t figure it out, then all you have to do is ask and I will help you.

I am a grown damn 52 year old man so if you don’t like me, don’t read my stuff because I am gonna keep doing what I do because I know many folks whom appreciate what I do and I am going to continue to cater to them.

Now back to reporting the news.

I Totally Agree With The Following!

I am so sick & tired of people of color having to always take second of everything! It’s always vice chair, assistant to something…never Chair or President of a corporation…always vice president..or as in the NC Democratic Party, vice chair. They have had two Caucasians at the top of the helm the past 2 years. Yet, if we mention having 2 blacks or even a black and Hispanic, no one wants to hear of it!!! It’s time we band together and flex our mental strength & demand not 2 take it any more or we hold our own votes hostage at the polls! I’ve had it!

WATCH: Black American Has a Message for the Race Rioters… It’s Going Viral [VIDEO]

The Political Agitator response: Damn this brother here talking about embarrassing this due is pathetic. Damn dude talking about the role of the NAACP in which obviously he is ignant to the mission statement. He talked about the role of Civil Rights leaders and his ignant ass says he is driving a BMW. Now I can’t relate to those who are looting because I am on the side of those who are protesting which is not the damn same. Damn I hate it when a brother wants to be so damn smart but in his speech he makes it appear as if protesting and looting is the same. I hate it when folks attempt to mislead folks. I agree with some black folks need to change and that can be directed to those who are looting and not protesting. Damn fool talking about he is waiting on the Obama change and all of that but why his ignant ass didn’t educate us on what actually happened as it relates to the white cop killing the black teen? Hell I don’t want to hear a damn thing about all of that other bullshit he is talking about and I like the protestors want to hear about what really happened why the cop had to shoot this teen. When that become the topic of discussion and the only discussion at the moment, then just maybe the looting will cease and the protesting as well. I am proud card carrying Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP because I know what they have done and continue to do. So damn glad I can think for myself and don’t have to live by ignant ass folks who have benefitted from the works they are so quick to try to appease the white man. Well this ignant ass brother don’t speak for me because I know what time it is and what is going on in Ferguson Missouri is not a direct reflection of Black Folks and if anyone who think otherwise is just as ignant as this ignant ass . . . What in the hell is this dude doing and what have he done? If he had just talked about the rioters then I would have been with him but damn if he didn’t get too ignant for me including black folks who mean well.

According to Top Right News, another young black man posted a video to YouTube containing a message for the black community and rioters, challenging them to stop blaming police and white people and start taking responsibility for their own actions. This is epic. (Source: Read more)

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Michael Brown Incident

Damn George Fisher Look At What Happened To Our Friendship With Wilson County Finest Zette McArn Because We Support Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield

This is one of the many examples of how folks turn on me after I have worked with them on personal issues. Once I help them and when we can’t agree to disagree on an issue, this is what happens. All of a sudden I am such a bad guy but while I was working on their issues on my time, sometimes traveling across the state videoing and taking photos for free, this is how they show me how much they love me. Well I still love them but not the same kind of love.

Folks I can be your best friend, loyal to the bone and accept folks disagreeing with me until they try to discredit me and make me out of something that I am not.

It is a damn shame how folks get mad with me because I know what I know and speak truth to power. Well I am not going to change for you and will continue to do such all the days of my life.

This election has shown me just how ignant some black folks can be. Hell even after I try to educate their ignant asses they just don’t want to accept it. Well they gonna learn the day. Oh that was yesterday.

George my brother from another mother. A white man, a true friend because I know what you have done for me and I will forever owe you. My blog, my videos on The DCN TV and did much at a time when your mother was sick and went on to glory. She was my friend also and shared things with me about you that you had not even told me because she felt I was one of the best things that could have happened when you reached out to me over the internet and wanted to connect with me about politics. I will never forget the night I met with you and Ray from WNCR-TV as we talked about the political things I was doing in Edgecombe County and Rocky Mount. Hell you lived on the Nash County side and Ray live about 50 miles away but own WNCR-TV in Rocky Mount. I eventually getting a 2 hour talk show on WNCR-TV every Wednesday night. Was doing some damn good education, had guest to call in from across the state and nation.

I had to shut my show down one night because Bronson Williams was working the board so I could be on TV and George was my co-host. Bronson got mad because I would not allow one of his friends to call in and dominate my damn talk show. Oh hell no I made everybody aware that was my talk show and I was in control over how they acted when they called in.

Well Bronson had a radio show on FM 107.5 (no longer in existence) and he came on from 7 PM– 8 PM and then did my show from 9 PM – 11 PM. During that time he, Nehemiah Smith Jr. founder and publisher of The Weekly Defender Newspaper and some of their friends were on the radio talking junk about Andre Knight Rocky Mount City Council and President of the NAACP. The topic of the high utilities was their agenda so that is why I reminded Bronson about how he was going after WHIG-TV about Knight and the council as the are working an Event Center when he did the same thing a couple of years ago.

George later started another show after the owner tried to get us to come back. I told George I would do it from home I was not going back to Rocky Mount and had to deal with ignant ass folks at that station. However Ray’s brother was alright with me and when he worked the boards for us, all was well.

Folks if you don’t like what I have to say, then tune me out because I am going to say what I mean and mean what I say. I will not only say it, but put it in print. So if you didn’t know, you better ask somebody because “I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”

The following was sent to me so I could see what Zette had posted on her Facebook page The Wilsonian Voices.
















Ignant Column: Wilson Finest Zette McArn How In The Hell Is This Dirty Politics? SMDH!

The Political Agitator response: I understand the following was a mailing that was sent out. I read on the Wilsonian Voices whereby Zette McArn said this is dirty politics. Dirty my ass! What tickles the hell out of me is that she calls telling the damn truth dirty politics. From what my ignant ass read, it is truth so I am puzzled by Zette’s post. Damn this election has brought on some ignant bullmanure. In Edgecombe County Bronson Williams and his likes say experience does not matter. Why? Because he has UNO! And then he holds a damn debate with the other 3 candidates and he talks about Shelly Willingham and Taro Knight because Knight responded to something that Willingham said during the debate. Bronson said because they say they have experience that look at their debate so experience could be a problem. I called in and said that is what a debate is just that a damn debate because he was not holding a forum. John Wooten one of Bronson’s strongest supporters called in behind me and said it was not a debate. Bronson did not correct him so I had to call back in and say it was a debate. John ignant ass was trying to discredit me but he ended up being the damn fool. Oh back to Zette. She blocked me from her Facebook pages Zette McArn and the Wilsonian Voices because I am supporting Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and she is supporting Bibbs. I was respectful on her pages but she wants to do like so many who wants to silence the black man especially one who is knowledgeable of what is going on versus those she is feeding that does not know any better. So by blocking me I can’t challenge her ignant ass. You see I have now put her in my ignant column and she has earned the title of Safe Negro. Damn NEGROES mad because someone has EXPERIENCE and Telling the Truth! SMDH!


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Mark Bibbs

Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield

Ignant Column: In Response To An Educational Moment: To Racist White Folks & Safe Negroes Rev. Andre Knight Rocky Mount City Councilman/President NAACP Is A Citizen/Mayor Pro-tem

Ignant if I was not carrying a tune your ignant ass would not be responding to me. Now that is too ignant! Ignant I have a damn blog and post on it daily so the center of attention thingy is too ignant as well.

Ignant do not worry about what kind of life I live because my life does not have a damn thing to do with you. You don’t know me and I don’t know you so how ignant of you to try to make assumptions about me. But that is okay because that is what I have learned about Ignant Racist Ass White Folks And Ignant Ass Safe Negroes when I make some noise ya’ll show just how ignant ya’ll are trying to make the issue about me. This is not about me but I am on it because I am not your average Black Man. I have no problem with talking about RACISM and calling out IRWF and IRSN.

My comments about ya’ll ignant conversation about Rev. Mayor Pro-tem President Andre Knight has nothing to do with the betterment of Rocky Mount. I have been actively engaged in Rocky Mount politics dating back to the early 90’s attending and speaking to the Rocky Mount City Council and co-hosting meetings in Rocky Mount. I have family, friends and enemies in Rocky Mount and even the enemies have benefited and will continue to benefit from my speaking Truth to Power as it relates to Rocky Mount. Go down and read the public meetings dating back to the Rocky Mount City Council meetings because my addressing the City Council is there. 

Ignant I am not defending Mayor Pro-tem Knight he can defend himself. I was not at the meeting and he handled his own as he has done over the years and will continue to do.

Ignant I ain’t going to address your ignant ass when it comes to Knight paying taxes.

I don’t think of myself as being Superior to anyone but what you need to understand is that I ain’t the one. I am not afraid to address you, Ignant Racist Ass White Folks and/or Ignant Ass Safe Negroes. I do it regularly.

I have no problem with having stones thrown at me but your ignant ass better come correct because I will DEFEND myself. I repeat DEFEND myself because I am in control of me and will not allow IARWF and IASN to define who I am without addressing them.

Oh hell yeah I learned a long time ago that I am problem when to IARWF and IASN because I should not speak until spoken to, that I need to shut the hell up and whatever else at their request. Oh hell no I ain’t the one.

Ignant what the hell are you talking about me alone? Not! I speak for many so don’t attempt to mislead folks because again you don’t know me and I don’t know you.

Who in the hell are to think you get to tell Knight and other black folks are responsible for kids killing kids? How ignant? What is your ignant ass doing in the white community because I read about white crime on a daily basis as well even on Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount as they post the jailbirds and others. You are just too damn ignant!

You damn right I am contributing oh-so positively. Oh hell no don’t go there about hate and intolerance because I don’t hate Ignant Ass Racist White Folks and Ignant Ass Safe Negroes, I feed off of their asses. You see am the world most talked about The Political Agitator and I am damn good at what I do. I agitate ya’ll assess enough to the point where you take the time to follow my blog and not only follow but to read it word for word and then respond. For that I LOVE YOU my friend.

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and you have been agitated because I speak Truth to Power!

"I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!"

Now Run And Tell That! IGNANT! In my Steve Harvey’s Voice.

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To Racist White Folks And Safe Negroes Don’t Get It Twisted

Just because lots of black folks do not respond to your ignance publicly don’t attempt to put me in a box because ya’ll ain’t used to a strong black man challenging your ignance. Just because we are not afraid to speak out publicly don’t get it twisted. I refuse to allow Racist White Folks and Safe Negroes to think they can say and do whatever the hell they want to but then when Rev. Andre Knight, Rev. William J. Barber II, myself and some others speak out don’t think that your criticism will make us go away. Oh hell no! It makes us stronger! Yep we feed off of your ignance!

Now Run and Tell That!