Ignant Column: Why In The Hell Is The Rev. Creflo Dollar A Topic Of Discussion Talking About He Can Dream For His $65 Million Jet And Can’t Nobody Stop Him?

Damn shame! I am sitting here looking at TV and this Ignant Safe Negro is in the news talking about he need a Jet. And this woman getting on the bus to travel 50 miles to his church talking about she wants to see the Pastor get his Jet because that is what the members suppose to do help the Pastor. Negros please?

Enough said! If you don’t get it you never will!

Video/Photos: Ignant Column: Attorney Charles Bonner Holds Press Conference On Behalf Of Priscilla Everette-Oates Former Mayor Of Princeville To Talk About The Charges Being Dropped But Wait A Minute See What He Talked About

The Political Agitator response: The white lady here was walking around passing out copies of the Press Report. What was funny Attorney Bonner was walking up to folks introducing himself and he said Mr. Dancy, have we met? I said not that I know of. He said I have read your stuff. I said oh so you know me. He said to keep on writing. Damn I felt special. The Press Conference was suppose to begin at 10 AM but the Attorney Bonner said that WRAL was on the way and would be here by 10:19. Then he said they were going to be here by 10:30. Why were they waiting on WRAL? Damn this attorney came to Tarboro from San Diego California to talk about the Constitution, Princeville being the oldest town incorporated by Slaves and being united. He talked about all that Priscilla said she had done such as brought a Dollar General and other stuff to the town that actually was already in place but he is repeating what she say along with Isabelle Purvis Andrews former Princeville Town Commissioner. He also talked about what she was going to bring to the town. He said she was going to still do it because she was going to continue to unite with the folks present. Well damn I just attended the Princeville monthly meeting last night and I don’t recall Everette-Oates being a part of the town leadership in any capacity. I don’t recall her coming to a meeting since the new council has taken office. However I could be wrong. So how in the hell is Everette-Oates going to do anything in Princeville? Watch the video for yourself.

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See how WRAL has responded:

Cleared of embezzlement, ex-Princeville mayor facing Medicaid fraud allegation – WRAL

Ignant Column: Damn Ignants Talking About Transparency But Then When I

Damn ignants talking about transparency but then when I call their ignant asses out and capture it on video they get mad as hell. Ignant you can’t have it both ways.

When I began videoing public meetings I obtained the Open Meetings law off the internet so that I would make sure I am not breaking the law. So I will challenge anyone when they say they don’t want me to video a meeting especially when I am a part of the meeting. Hell I am going to capture their ignant ass comments and mines too so I can play it back so everyone can see who was the most ignant. So far I have not won the title of most ignant unlike some of my friends. LMBAO!

Oh well that is why I record the meetings because these ignants need to see themselves in action. But the sad part they see themselves in action and still be in denial when I call them out. Well I can’t fix ignant.

Somebody better tell them who I am! I am for truth no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

I am not trying to win a popularity contest. You better recognize that I am going to tell it so you better be on your best behavior because videos not lie.

I suggest that anyone who have a problem with me videoing meetings, you better research the Open Meetings Law for yourself because as I always say, don’t just take my word when I say something.

But the sad part is, some of these folks have an issue with me but they have yet to remove me as a facebook friend, stop reading my blog and etc. Hell no I ain’t going to remove you because I like for folks to know what I have to say about them. You know I will do an open letter to folks quick fast and in a hurry so that if they ain’t on my list, somebody gonna tell them.

I will hold you accountable for your actions and I ask that you hold me accountable for my actions as well. However when you come to me you better come correct cause I ain’t got time for ignance.

Ignant Column: Who In The Hell Is This Ignant Ass Black Woman Who Calls In To WNCR-TV Bronson Williams Show Who Has A Problem With Me

Damn this ignant ass black woman has a problem with me because I am The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it. She has stated some time ago she has 2 Degrees. Obviously she has a Degree in Bull S… and a Doctorate in being Ignant! LMBAO!

This IAW calls in as if she knows what is going on in Rocky Mount and Edgecombe County but it is evident she has no damn clue.

Recently she talked about how she heard parents can’t go in the Charter School at any time to see their children but they could in Edgecombe County. Well I didn’t call in and respond because I knew her ignant ass did not want to hear the truth. Well Bronson visited Rocky Mount High School on yesterday and found out that he had to go through phrases such as stop at the office, have a I.D. and then go from there. I called in last night and said I was glad he found out the truth because I didn’t want to call in on that night to correct her because I knew she was not going to hear what I had to say. She called in tonight and claim she didn’t hear the whole show last night. LMBAO!

This IAW says she was not trying to bash me but she felt I was more of a turn off than a turn on, that I was doing more to hurt Rocky Mount than to help. She said she didn’t look at the show for a couple of days because she didn’t want to hear what I had to say and that she spoke for some others. Damn this IAW think I give a damn about what she thinks about me, nor do I care about what those whom she speak for think about me.

This IAW said I told folks to vote for black folks when I responded to her when she said she was leaning towards voting for Rusty Holderness because she heard Shelly Willingham say that black folks vote for black folks last night on the show. That is a half-truth. He said that black folks tend to vote for black folks and white folks tend to vote for white folks but that is not the case all the time. I have not told anyone to vote for black folks just because they were black. I have said I will vote for black folks just because they are black if I damnit please and will not be apologetic about it. However this IAW don’t have a clue because I endorsed Senator Clark Jenkins over Senator Elect Erica Smith-Ingram who defeated Jenkins last week. The last time I checked Sen. Jenkins was a WHITE MALE and Smith-Ingram is a BLACK FEMALE. I told Smith-Ingram why I could not vote for her.

This IAW say I think I know it all and why is it I can say what I say but no one else can. She says I have called folks a liar. Damn! Obviously she must be talking about herself. Well I guess the truth hurts.

This IAW said that just because there are folks on both sides of the Event Center those who disagree with others and myself it does not makes them a racist. She said I was a black racist and I need to check myself because black folks can be racist too. SMDH! This is the IAW with 2 degrees.

This IAW said I was playing both sides because one minute I am with Bronson and then I ain’t. What in the hell is she talking about? I told Bronson that I would not support him the night before he filed. I told him during the election process and he knows where I stand and he never have had to question where I am coming from. This IAW need to know that I don’t roll like that. I am straight up with folks and I will let them know if I am for them or against them and that only pertains to certain issues. If I agree with someone on any single issue, I will make that known. After this IAW talked about me Bronson said that Mr. Dancy says, “He has no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” and that if your interest is his interest then there you have it.

Folks why do other folks get mad with me because I am The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it. I am going to continue sharing my knowledge and I don’t give a damn who it is for or against. So tune me out, turn me off or whatever but know that just because you don’t listen, the truth will still be told. I don’t tell the truth for popularity but only, I repeat only because it is the moral and just thing to do. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

To this IAW and those who she speaks for, I love you and it ain’t nohtNow Run & Tell That!

Another Ignant Moment in History WNCR-TV Moving Forward With Bronson Williams

I just love ignant ass folks. I called in to Bronson Williams Show Moving Forward TV tonight and I responded to some things that had been said about the election. Bronson talked about what was in my letter to him and the people on the station didn’t know who he was responding to. I said I am voting for Taro Knight however I have respect for him.

Mattie Hinton (see facebook page) called in and said the folks supporting another candidate ought to stop calling in. She has a problem with me because she has a issue with Andre Knight when she tried to frame him in a heated issue with the NAACP. Plus she is mad with me because I received a Christmas Card from her daughter in the mail and I wrote "Return to Sender!" Lewis Turner called in behind her and said he hear the tail end of her conversation and that the folks who called in don’t have a clue about what is going on. Well obviously he had had a drink because I know Lewis and he knows me. We have known each other since the late 80’s.

I called back and said I knew that was Mattie Hinton and she is mad with me because of Andre Knight. I said I know Lewis and hell I kept him abreast of what was going on in the school system because Bronson asked what did he think about the Charter School?

I asked Bronson was the show tonight suppose to be just about his campaign? He said no the show started out about the downtown event center and you could call in and talk about anything. I said thank you. I said I would not have called in if the show had been just for his campaign tonight. I said I sat by and called in with less than 10 minutes before the show was suppose to go off. I said if it had been about his campaign only I would not have called in because I would not have disrespected him by calling in and responding to some things said and then saying who I am supporting. I said all of this because you didn’t correct the callers about the show tonight was not just for your campaign only. I said I called in to set the record straight. After I hung up he said there you have Mr. Dancy set the record straight.

But then another ignant ass caller a female that already called in called back and talked about me saying what was I talking about because I said people not telling the truth. She said I act as if I had something to say but was not saying it. This goes to show you that this damn fool don’t know me. She said she didn’t want to get to know me. Well ignant it works both ways I don’t need to know you.

She went on to say she felt like I was doing more harm to the area but damn the ignant ass said she didn’t know me. She said I acted as if I knew everything. Ignant I know what I know so you can get mad all the hell you want to. You can’t take my knowledge away.

Again another ignant moment in history, as I have stated ignant ass folks get mad with you because you know what you are talking about. But this woman says she has 2 degrees. SMDH!

I didn’t even call back to respond to this ignant ass woman. I know what I know, I know who I am and whose I am so I let her have her way tonight. Get that tonight!

Now if Bronson is not going to set the damn record straight on the TV show allowing the folks to think the show was just about his campaign making it appear I disrespected him, then what in the hell will he do in Raleigh when none of us are around. SMDH!

Ignant Column: Wilson Finest Zette McArn How In The Hell Is This Dirty Politics? SMDH!

The Political Agitator response: I understand the following was a mailing that was sent out. I read on the Wilsonian Voices whereby Zette McArn said this is dirty politics. Dirty my ass! What tickles the hell out of me is that she calls telling the damn truth dirty politics. From what my ignant ass read, it is truth so I am puzzled by Zette’s post. Damn this election has brought on some ignant bullmanure. In Edgecombe County Bronson Williams and his likes say experience does not matter. Why? Because he has UNO! And then he holds a damn debate with the other 3 candidates and he talks about Shelly Willingham and Taro Knight because Knight responded to something that Willingham said during the debate. Bronson said because they say they have experience that look at their debate so experience could be a problem. I called in and said that is what a debate is just that a damn debate because he was not holding a forum. John Wooten one of Bronson’s strongest supporters called in behind me and said it was not a debate. Bronson did not correct him so I had to call back in and say it was a debate. John ignant ass was trying to discredit me but he ended up being the damn fool. Oh back to Zette. She blocked me from her Facebook pages Zette McArn and the Wilsonian Voices because I am supporting Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and she is supporting Bibbs. I was respectful on her pages but she wants to do like so many who wants to silence the black man especially one who is knowledgeable of what is going on versus those she is feeding that does not know any better. So by blocking me I can’t challenge her ignant ass. You see I have now put her in my ignant column and she has earned the title of Safe Negro. Damn NEGROES mad because someone has EXPERIENCE and Telling the Truth! SMDH!


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Ignant Column: For Those Of You Who Read The Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook Page

Several months ago I responded to a comment on the Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook page and all I said was they are not connected to the local police departments and they ain’t doing anything that someone else can not do. Damn they blocked me so I can not comment. I chose to do politics and they choose to do crime and that is a good thing because I don’t have to do it and can read what they post but I will also follow up on what they post.

I just seen the following pop up posted by Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC, “You know we have been harping on the proposed event center – per the write up in the paper today the price went up about $5 million dollars. Sorry the story is locked so the citizens can’t read it. Ughhh what a conspiracy! Damn ain’t that nothing! Obviously Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC do not subscribe to the Rocky Mount Telegram like I do because I can read the article online and I receive the print edition as well. So my point is don’t be mad with them because you can’t read the article online, subscribe to the paper.

Okay about the article, I wonder where that news came from about the 5 million dollars since the Committee of the Whole Meeting is not until tomorrow. Obviously someone leaked that information before the meeting tommorrow. Sure hope they find out and fire their asses. They could have let the presentation speak for itself.

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Ignant Column: White Guy Blames Gunshot Wound on Nonexistent Black Man – KultureKritic

Response: Black folks you better wake the hell up because things are getting more crazy as the days go by. Since we have a black President, lots of things are being revealed than ever before. But it is some strange things going on right where you are if you leave home so you better keep your eyes and ears open. You better watch what the local media is saying because they may be part of the problem as well. The problem is just damn too ignant.

A manhunt in Redding, California for a black man who’d allegedly shot a white man took an all too familiar turn when investigators learned that the supposed victim had made the whole story up.

Earlier this week, police in the Redding area were searching for an armed and dangerous black man after Brent Posada said he’d been shot by a man fitting that description during a struggle over a handgun.

After police began asking Posada questions about his wound and what led to the alleged fight, they discovered that Posada was lying. There was no dangerous black man to be on the lookout for, only one lying white guy, Posada, who’d shot himself with a high powered rifle. (Source: Read more)

Ignant Column: Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Petition To Remove Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight Is Too Ignant!

It is a damn shame Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount has taken the video of the Rocky Mount City Council Meeting recorded by WHIG-TV and  began a petition on Change.org. The petition is misleading folks because nothing in it is cause for Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight to step down nor grounds for removal.

First of all Mayor Pro-tem Knight is not going to step down over ignant ass folks over at WHIG-TV and Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount mission. Their mission is baseless and racist in my opinion.

Let me break it down for you. The petition reads as follows:

Time and time again COUNCILMAN (MAYOR PRO TEM 2014)  ANDRE KNIGHT in WARD 1 has shown true UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR. His tone with the citizens, he continuously brings race into the equation, he has been arrested, he does not live in his ward, he has been caught in lies etc. PRACTICES that are UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL and are an EMBARASSMENT to NASH and EDGECOMBE COUNTIES!!!! In order to move forward we need to have him removed. Ask Mr. Knight to step down or BE REMOVED!

What law states that Knight can not talk about race?

He has been arrested? So what? Arrested for what? He was arrested in Raleigh during the Moral Monday where hundreds of folks have been arrested because they have protested the NC General Legislature. Just on Wednesday January 22 over 50 of those cases were dismissed. Even if the judge does not rule in Mayor Pro-tem Knight’s favor, the charge will only be a misdemeanor. Knight would have to be charged as a felon. so since the charges will not be a felony, he will not have to step down.

He does not live in his ward. Now in my opinion this is grounds for a lawsuit and I may be wrong. In my opinion this is defamation of character because the NC Court Of Appeals Ruled in Knight’s Favor when Roosevelt Higgs and the Edgecombe County Board of Elections filed a petition saying he didn’t live in Ward 1. Edgecombe County had to pay Knight’s attorney fees after he filed an appeal and won.

He has been caught in lies etc. What lies?

PRACTICES that are UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL and are an EMBARASSMENT to NASH and EDGECOMBE COUNTIES!!!! Who in the hell gave Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount the power to determine what is unprofessional, unethical and embarrassing when it comes to trying to define Mayor Pro-tem Knight? In my opinion this is racist as hell and all of the forward thinking folks, especially black folks who liked  Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook page ought to be blasting their page saying they do not appreciate the misleading information about Knight.

Hell I don’t have a problem with them being on a mission but just tell the truth. This petition is misleading and Mayor Pro-tem Knight ought to contact his lawyer to see if he can file a charge for defamation of character and harassment.

Ask Mr. Knight to step down or BE REMOVED! I ask Mayor Pro-tem/Rocky Mount NAACP President Andre Knight to continue to stand up and don’t let nothing and nobody turn you around.

It is a damn shame that Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount and WHIG-TV expect black folks to like their facebook pages but have the audacity to single out and try to silence one of our black leaders. I refuse to all allow them to do such without challenging them. Because I have challenged Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount before the petition was started, they blocked me from being able to post comments on their facebook page.

Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount petition to remove Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight is too Ignant!

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Rocky Mount NC: In Response to “Civic Center Debate Should Focus On Red And Green” by Jeff Herrin Editor Rocky Mount Telegram


Ignant Column: In Response To An Educational Moment: To Racist White Folks & Safe Negroes Rev. Andre Knight Rocky Mount City Councilman/President NAACP Is A Citizen/Mayor Pro-tem

Ignant if I was not carrying a tune your ignant ass would not be responding to me. Now that is too ignant! Ignant I have a damn blog and post on it daily so the center of attention thingy is too ignant as well.

Ignant do not worry about what kind of life I live because my life does not have a damn thing to do with you. You don’t know me and I don’t know you so how ignant of you to try to make assumptions about me. But that is okay because that is what I have learned about Ignant Racist Ass White Folks And Ignant Ass Safe Negroes when I make some noise ya’ll show just how ignant ya’ll are trying to make the issue about me. This is not about me but I am on it because I am not your average Black Man. I have no problem with talking about RACISM and calling out IRWF and IRSN.

My comments about ya’ll ignant conversation about Rev. Mayor Pro-tem President Andre Knight has nothing to do with the betterment of Rocky Mount. I have been actively engaged in Rocky Mount politics dating back to the early 90’s attending and speaking to the Rocky Mount City Council and co-hosting meetings in Rocky Mount. I have family, friends and enemies in Rocky Mount and even the enemies have benefited and will continue to benefit from my speaking Truth to Power as it relates to Rocky Mount. Go down and read the public meetings dating back to the Rocky Mount City Council meetings because my addressing the City Council is there. 

Ignant I am not defending Mayor Pro-tem Knight he can defend himself. I was not at the meeting and he handled his own as he has done over the years and will continue to do.

Ignant I ain’t going to address your ignant ass when it comes to Knight paying taxes.

I don’t think of myself as being Superior to anyone but what you need to understand is that I ain’t the one. I am not afraid to address you, Ignant Racist Ass White Folks and/or Ignant Ass Safe Negroes. I do it regularly.

I have no problem with having stones thrown at me but your ignant ass better come correct because I will DEFEND myself. I repeat DEFEND myself because I am in control of me and will not allow IARWF and IASN to define who I am without addressing them.

Oh hell yeah I learned a long time ago that I am problem when to IARWF and IASN because I should not speak until spoken to, that I need to shut the hell up and whatever else at their request. Oh hell no I ain’t the one.

Ignant what the hell are you talking about me alone? Not! I speak for many so don’t attempt to mislead folks because again you don’t know me and I don’t know you.

Who in the hell are to think you get to tell Knight and other black folks are responsible for kids killing kids? How ignant? What is your ignant ass doing in the white community because I read about white crime on a daily basis as well even on Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount as they post the jailbirds and others. You are just too damn ignant!

You damn right I am contributing oh-so positively. Oh hell no don’t go there about hate and intolerance because I don’t hate Ignant Ass Racist White Folks and Ignant Ass Safe Negroes, I feed off of their asses. You see am the world most talked about The Political Agitator and I am damn good at what I do. I agitate ya’ll assess enough to the point where you take the time to follow my blog and not only follow but to read it word for word and then respond. For that I LOVE YOU my friend.

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and you have been agitated because I speak Truth to Power!

"I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!"

Now Run And Tell That! IGNANT! In my Steve Harvey’s Voice.

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Damn This Ignant Conversation With Selden Bullock Didn’t Last Long On Twitter

This is just some of the conversation. He obviously deleted his conversation.

  • Curmilus Dancy II @Curmilus

    @SeldenBullock I know proper grammar but I choose to write as I please IGNANT!
    I love to see ignant ass folks like you comment.
    – 20 Jan

  • bullock @SeldenBullock


    @Curmilus if you back Andre knight in his statements towards Mr. Draughtridge you are both uneducated and"ignant".

    Curmilus Dancy II@Curmilus 2h

    @SeldenBullock Back him 1000% so now what he has the vote. Now Run and Tell That!

    12:18 AM – 21 Jan 14

    Curmilus Dancy II @Curmilus

    @SeldenBullock Got more? – 20 Jan

    bullock @SeldenBullock


    @Curmilus oh and sweet hat

    12:19 AM – 21 Jan 14

  • Ignant Column: Greenville NC – At Least One Pitt County Democrat Says He Thinks The Republican Led General Assembly Is Doing A Pretty Good Job So Far

    Response: Damn what is Jeff drinking? I totally agree with Rev. Ozzie Hall Jr. response: Cuts in unemployment disproportionately hurt the Black community, cuts in education disproportionately hurt the Black community, massive numbers of Black 3rd graders will be retained this year due to their education policies. They imposed higher standards and cut funds to help meet the higher standards. White students already fell outside of the threshold and will not be significantly impacted. Our community is under siege, and Jeff thinks they are doing a "pretty good job so far…"
    Jeff Savage I think the Republican led General Assembly is doing a pretty good job so far, Curmilus. Some people have voiced opposition to what their priorities are, but, those voices are outnumbered by those wanting substantive changes made in state government.

    As an aside, when the SCOTUS rejected the Medicaid part, that really should have scrapped the entire healthcare plan. After all, the whole idea behind the plan that prompted everyone to support it as a good idea was so that the poorest of the poor would have healthcare coverage. However, after the Court’s ruling, no one said anythiig about the poorest of the poor was left out of the new healthcare "law."

    It Is Not Ignant Racist White Folks Whom I Have A Problem With It Is . . .

    Black folks who allow the Ignant Racist White Folks to say and do ignant mess without saying anything. For me not saying anything means one is in agreement until proven otherwise.

    It is just a damn shame all of the ignance that these racist white folks are showing just because we have a Black President while at the same time are willing to take this country to hell and good folks are being brainwashed into falling for all of this ignance.

    Ignant Column: Pinetops NC – Open Letter To Rev. Nehemiah Smith Jr. Editor The Weekly Defender Rocky Mount NC In Response To Your Speech At The Car Wash Concerning The Child Abuse Case

    First of all you know me and I know you. You have my phone number and other contact information so sir since you didn’t take the time out to contact me so I am going to post my response on my Blog which automatically goes to my Facebook Page and Twitter account.

    Rev. Nehemiah Smith Jr. who are you referring to when you say other groups they ought to had been at the Car Wash in Pinetops on Saturday evening?

    Okay you said put the ministers in check, community leaders in check, put the NAACP in check because they are not here. You said the elected officials show up every 4 years when they want your vote. You said when I need you most you can’t be found.

    You said you understand the Sheriff Office has to do his job and wait on the investigation and there is nothing they can really do but they could show up. You repeated just show your face.

    You said people ought to be willing to die for something or fall for anything. What? Is this really about dying for a cause?

    Then after all of the above bull manure then you finally said something that made sense. If on Facebook you don’t know what is going on just be quiet until the investigation is over. You said nobody knows but the child and the person who did it. You said be there for the child and the mother if they need something.

    Rev. I do not live in the city limits of Pinetops however I do consider myself a community leader in Edgecombe County which includes Pinetops. I am a Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP.

    Rev. I support my Sheriff Office and I played a major role in the appointment during the election of the current Sheriff dating back to 1996. At any time when I have issues with the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department I pick up the phone and contact them and I share my concerns.

    Rev. my question to you is who in the hell do you think you are? You don’t think we can pick and choose our battles?

    Rev. before I get involved with others I investigate the folks be it family, friends/associates and other who are involved so I will know who I am dealing with. I then investigate the issue so that I can attempt to find out all sides of a story. I will not allow folks to make a damn fool out of me. Now if you choose to operate like that then so be it but Rev. you know me and I know you and I must say that you have been consistent.

    Rev. you know I know you don’t care for Rev. Andre Knight President of the NAACP so you have found another avenue to attempt to make him and our branch look ignant. Well sir again you have been consistent because you continue to make yourself look ignant. You see I posted on my blog the NAACP was not going to show up that I had spoke to Rev. Andre Knight and the State President Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II but no you go to this meeting and talk about we should have been there. How ignant. On top of all of that I have stressed that this is not a NAACP issue at the moment.

    Rev. can’t wait for someone to give me one of your papers because I have refused to buy one because you continue to show just how ignant you can be.

    But Rev. whenever you have a problem with me please post it somewhere or contact me however it does not matter because when I find out about it I will respond. Actually I was hoping you were going to come up to me at the Princeville meeting on Monday night, you normally do when we attend the meetings. So since you didn’t here we go.

    And then I want to see what you print in your newspaper after the findings are released by the SBI and the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department. Rev. that is where I stand and if you were a good journalist you would have waited for all sides to report in. 

    Rev. I don’t appreciate you coming to Pinetops and misleading my people when I tried to be truthful with them and not selling them a bunch wolf tickets. Yeah some got mad with me but one thing about it at the end of the day truth will stand.

    Being Ignant

    “Know that being ignant is not always a bad thing, however it is a bad thing when you don’t do anything about it especially when you are trying to discredit others. Know what you are talking about when you open your mouth so you will not make a damn fool out of yourself.” Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator Tuesday April 3, 2012

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    Pinetops NC: Family, friends rally for sexually assaulted girl – Daily Southerner 

    Supporters look for answers in attack on Tarboro child – WRAL TV

    Someone Called Me Last Night After 11:00 PM And Asked Me Did I See The News? White Girl Bond $1500 Black Parent Bond $200,000

    NAACP Hosting A March In Pinetops Is A Lie!

    Child abuse

    Ignant Column – Trump’s ‘big’ announcement: $5 million in exchange for Obama’s college records – Yahoo News

    Response: If I could say one word: “Ignant!” Had all of his ignant followers even Jeff Savage thinking he had something to announce. Damn this is no announcement. Why would “Our” current President dance to his damn tune? How many other Presidents has this ignant ass asked to show him these things?

    "Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!" Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

    Donald Trump, the impossibly coiffed real estate mogul, reality TV star and de facto leader of the "birther" movement, made his "big announcement" about President Barack Obama on Wednesday, saying he would give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice in exchange for the release of the commander in chief’s college records and passport application. (More)

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    President Barack Obama