“If You Are Scared, Say It!” Rev. Al Sharpton Speech In Greensboro NC 2005

In 2013 if you are scared say it, sit down, shut up and get the hell out of my way.

I dare you to listen to this speech by Rev. Al Sharpton that I recorded in Greensboro NC in 2005.

Rev. Al Sharpton Speech 

Note: This was at the 2005 NC NAACP State Conference of Branches Convention.

“If You Are Scared, Say It! And Get The Hell Out Of The Way!”

I just love how folks will like my post about quotes and other things that are not controversial but will not comment on the most serious posts that relates to politics and things that are going on around us. When are black folks going to hold other black folks accountable for their actions including me? If you agree with me say it and if you don’t say it however the main thang is, “If You Are Scared, Say It! And if you are scared get the hell out of the way!”

Click on picture to watch video.


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At The End Of The Day, “It Is Not Our Enemies We Remember But The Silence Of Our Friends!” Dr. Martin L. King

At the end of the day, “It is not our enemies we remember, but the silence of our friends!” Dr. Martin L. King What tickles me is good folks who say they are about what is right and just will not speak to issues that should be dear to them.

I am talking about ministers, church going folks who say they have faith, political leaders, community leaders and others that will respond to anything non-controversial but get them behind closed doors they are about standing up. Well for those of you who never respond nor speak up about anything especially those of you who hold titles, you need to go somewhere and sit the the hell down, shut the hell up and get the hell out of the way because you meet the “ignant” criteria. You just continue to hold us just where we are. Rev. Al Sharpton said it best here, “If You Are Scared, Say It!”