So-called Problem Children and Parents, I Dare You To Identify A Child And Parents

Meet, meet, meet been there done that since the early 90’s.

Until individuals, churches, organizations, community leaders and others who say they care about what is going on identify a so-called problem child and their parents, nothing is going to change. The problem is most folks want to talk in general but how many are actually reaching out and touching those who really need help.

However these folks do not really want to identify a specific child and their parents because they could be held accountable. If a child/parents refuse the help then one must move on to the next child. But the main thing is that while moving on to the next child, those who refuse help will know that there are someone who they can actually go to when they decide that they need to receive help from someone that they can identify.

It is easy for those who say they are concerned about the so-called problem children and their parents but really? How many of you have reached out to a specific child/parents?

How many of you have identified one child in your community or surrounding area that you know need some guidance? This child could be without a father and maybe not be a problem child but is one step away from becoming a problem child. You see we need to reach out to children of all walks of life.

We must treat each child as an individual and not as a group.

Until we get to the root cause of a so-called problem child and their parents we can not put an action plan in place.

All of these pretty meetings and pretty people talking, talking and talking but what we need is action, action, action.

So to continue to meet without real action nothing changes.