Gwen Wilkins Letter To Editor Calling Out Acn Insignificant Blogger Makes No Sense

Read Gwen Wilkins “Letter to the Editor: Social media rumors distort facts behind decision response to me The Insignificant Blogger and see did she come up with all of that mess. We talked when she was working the appointment of Bobbie Richardson asking me about who to contact in Edgecombe County. We talked when Richard Joyner was up for and during the appointment last year. We used to be Facebook friends until she blocked me. We have talked about much politics over the years. But a letter to the editor though! Really!

I know more about Gwen than she thinks I know.

I don’t know what she is talking about because I am talking about what happened in 2014 when she was the State Democratic Party 1st Vice Chair. She knew what I was talking about because she asked me to write a letter to the editor about what happened in Greensboro in 2014.

The Special C Want a Be said I didn’t know her. What a lie been knowing her for years. I have her contact numbers. I would have some text messages but I got a new phone.

It is really sad that this Special C Want a Be has come to this.

I am The Insignificant Blogger and I stand behind this message.

Letter to the Editor: Social media rumors distort facts behind decision – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: This crazy woman is talking out of her mind because I was have no clue of what she is talking about. I was not talking about being voted off the State Executive Committee recently and was talking about several years ago when we were up in Greensboro when she was the 1st Vice Chair and the Chair had resigned his post. I videoed the meeting and when we came back to Rocky Mount she wanted me to write a letter to the editor on her behalf. I have no clue of what this crazy ass woman is talking about her endorsing Sandy Claus Roberson after her ignant ass lost against Richard Joyner. Hell we already knew she had endorsed Sandy Claus but she did it publicly after she lost. It is obvious he has some of these damn Safe Black Folk out of their minds. It is sad she is mad and a confused want a be Special C has made a damn fool of herself over this election. Since she has been bought I wonder what is she selling? What Sandy Claus need to understand that the Safe Black Folk like Gwen Wilkins is INSIGNIFANCT when it comes to the Black Community. Now Run & Tell That The Political Agitator Said That!

Gwen you know what the hell I was talking about and I could have posted the following but I didn’t. Now this is what I am referring to since you have a serious case of CRMS! This was 2014 Rocky Mount NC: Open Letter to Gwen Wilkins Former 1st Vice Chair NC State Democratic Party

On Oct. 23, I made the decision to endorse and support Sandy Roberson for mayor of Rocky Mount. This decision was a no-brainer. I could not think of any reason not to.

As we all know, this is a non-partisan election. With that in mind and the thought of having our city fall into the hands of the other candidate, let me know I was making the right decision.

Now let me set the record straight. An insignificant blogger made the untruthful statement that I was voted off the State Executive Committee, presumably because of my endorsement. Shaking my head, indeed. I was not voted off, nor was I asked to resign from the State Executive Committee, and there was nothing requiring me to do so in the Democratic Party Plan of Organization as, again, this is a non-partisan race.

However, I decided of my own volition, to resign and submitted that resignation to the county party on Oct. 22. at a county executive committee meeting. It is called “integrity.”

It is so sad when some people have to resort to lies to feel important and make others think they are “in the know.” He has posted in the past that he “knows Gwen Wilkins.” He knows nothing about Gwen Wilkins. Those who believe any and everything this blogger posts should really rethink their sources of information.

Nope. I had no reservations whatsoever when endorsing Sandy Roberson. I weighed what I thought was best for Rocky Mount as to whether or not to do what I could to not let the face of our city be that of someone, in my opinion, that fosters racial division and will not be a good representative for our city.

You see, I rode over to 1611 Hargrove St. back in May of this year when I first announced my run to represent Ward 3 on the City Council, as Hargrove Street is in Ward 3. It was obvious to me 1611 was vacant, even back in May. When I asked candidate Bronson Williams about it, he gave me the same story, “I am having work done on it.” There was no work permit posted, the windows were raised, lights not on and it was apparent it was empty, abandoned and uninhabitable.

We need a mayor that has the tenacity and insight to move our city forward and represent all of Rocky Mount. Party does not matter in this election. Race should not matter in any election. Integrity does.

Gwen Wilkins

Rocky Mount

See original articleLetter to the Editor: Social media rumors distort facts behind decision

Rocky Mount NC – Ballots Floating Around & Gwen Wilkins A Former State Democratic Party Chair Said That Anyone Can Make Ballot

Gwen Wilkins a Democrat said anyone can create a ballot. The ballot was created by the Board of Elections. It is illegal to manipulate a ballot without stating who are responsible for marking up the ballot. Gwen to have been former 1st Congressional District Chair and State 1st Vice Chair, this let me know she is willing to go against Voter Integrity just because she is a candidate trying to unseat Richard Joyner and because she is mad with Bronson Williams, Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell and Richard Joyner.

This ballot was created by The Street Team. It is featuring 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans. Who in the hell is The Street Team? What campaign committee or political pac is responsible for this?


The following is a ballot that has not been manipulated at the top where it tell you how to fill it out. The above ballot removed that part and inserted their own information. The ballot below states who are responsible for the slate of names chosen.


Wilkins to seek Ward 3 seat – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I just read yesterday when Gwen was supporting the car wash being sponsored by Love Rocky Mount because obviously she thought they were going to accept her. After reading this article this morning I was waiting to see what kind of responses she will receive in the comments. Well I just received a screenshot of what they are saying about her on a page that I have been blocked. I wonder will she send that check now after seeing how her shouting out acting like them at the Rocky Mount City Council meetings supporting them don’t mean a damn thing because she is not the Johnny Cunningham kind a black. I figured when she unfriended me recently that she was up to something and didn’t want folk to see what I have to say about her because I tag her when I make a comment about her and it shows up on her page. Folk are ignant to that fact that folk follow my page even those who unfriend me because they can follow me until I block them from being able to see my page because my page is Public.

Gwen Wilkins has done just about everything in local politics except run for office.

That’s about to change as she plans to file for Ward 3 on the Rocky Mount City Council.

Wilkins has held several leadership positions in the Democratic Party at the national, state and local levels, including chairwoman of the 1st Congressional District, 1st vice chairwoman of the state party and chairwoman of the Nash County party. She served on the state MLK commissions for the city and state as well as the city’s Utility Review Board.

Wilkins committed to not taking a leadership position in her party at this year’s county and district conventions and said she will not hold a leadership position during her tenure if elected to the Ward 3 seat in October. (Read more)




See Gwen comments at the end of this article about the Car Wash LMBAO!

Car wash to fund beach trip See Gwen Comments

Videos/Pictures North Carolina Democratic Party Drama Continues During The State Executive Committee Meeting

When will the drama ever end?


Click on all pictures to view pictures and/or video 1 and video 2.

On Friday night I read some information that Bob Etheridge was seeking to become the chair but then I read that he was not going to seek the post. When I arrived at the SEC meeting on Saturday morning I was told that Etheridge was in the building and that he was campaigning for the post. But when the election time rolled around, Etheridge had left but someone nominated him. Someone came up and accepted the nomination for him. I was told that Etheridge left because of a family emergency but then I heard he left because his grandchild had a ballgame. Damn! Ain’t that nothing.

I like Etheridge and have been knowing him for years. I do not know Randy Voller. I did not vote for Etheridge because it was not fair that Voller has been campaigning hard for quite some time and Etheridge came on the scene in the last hour publicly. Voller only won by 11 votes but then good Democrats talking about moving forward in UNITY when damn this shows that it ain’t about UNITY but about who you know and who you like instead of making exceptions to one’s personal rule during times like these. So I wonder will these good Democrats truly UNITE behind “our” current newly elected chair.

On Friday night Eric Mansfield (Black) endorsed Nina Szlosberg-Landis. Mansfield was seeking the chair position challenging Voller but Mansfield got out of the race last week due to him saying he was going to be by his mother’s side due to her illness. Okay I understand that and I thought he was done. But Friday night I read his endorsement of Szlosberg-Landis over current 1st vice chair Gwen Wilkins (Black) it was a confirmation that he and Szlosberg-Landis were working together. I have no problem with that because he feels he owes her. But I wonder who did Szlosberg-Landis endorse when Mansfield and Linda Coleman (Black) were seeking the Lt. Governor’s seat? Oh someone said Szlosberg-Landis drafted Mansfield to run but Coleman was elected during the May primary. So I wonder did Szlosberg-Landis support Coleman in the General Election you know raise money for her?

See Mansfield’s endorsement here.

Dan Blue III nominated Nina Szlosberg-Landis and during his speech he talked about he got the message that he should not nominate her because it was not a critique of Ms. Wilkins nor a rejection of the African American Caucus. He said we don’t just need a hero but a team of heroes. I didn’t get the hero thing. See the video for Dan’s entire speech.

imageIt is my opinion that Nina Szlosberg-Landis was running on the basis of fundraising from hearing others talk about her and hearing her speech on Saturday however that is the chair’s job to raise money. Section 4.05 Duties of State Chair and Certain Officers explains the duties of the 1st Vice. Page 20. Vice Chairs. The duties of the three vice chairs shall be assigned by the state chair, with the approval of the state executive council.

Since Szlosberg-Landis is such a big fundraiser why didn’t she run for chair? Is it that she didn’t think she could beat Voller? Well I wonder could she have beat Voller since he only won by 11 votes. I wonder why these strong supporters didn’t draft her to run for chair since it calls for a person to be able to raise funds. Oh it was easy to go after the incumbent 1st vice chair a Black female who has been disrespected.

When it comes to elections at all levels it is my opinion that most folks vote for folks whom they know, whom they like and because they feel the person seeking election will be valuable asset to them on a personal note. However some times folks are persuaded to vote for others because of money. I have no problem with that when it comes to every day folks. What I do have a problem with is folks whom call themselves educated with and without money that do not look at the total picture.

For example, when it comes to the make up of the State Executive Committee and/or the composition of other boards I feel strongly that when it comes to the SEC one must look at the board to see if the people seeking election meet the diversity, the inclusion and most of all race and gender.

I can’t understand how those Black women whom supported Szlosberg-Landis would do so when Gwen Wilkins was not allowed to do anything while under David Parker’s leadership. Remind me of “our” current Black POTUS and that other party. Obviously they didn’t attend the SEC meeting last year in Greensboro when Parker resigned but for the party to vote to keep him on. Some say Wilkins didn’t have control over the meeting when he stepped down. You damn right she didn’t because she was very much disrespected. It made no sense how she was disrespected whether you liked her or not.

Some have a problem with Wilkins’ comment at the African American Caucus meeting when she made a statement before the chair of the caucus Willie Fleming carried out his personal agenda to get rid of Zette McArn secretary. I attended that meeting and videoed it and it was one of the worst meetings I have ever attended. The AAC has no organizational structure and when McArn was removed by Flemings own rules, David Parker didn’t address it. When McArn questioned how the AAC could change the by-laws during the Resolutions item agenda of the meeting when the AAC didn’t follow their old by-laws? Well some don’t give a damn because as long as the AAC stay unorganized they will never be a threat to others nor have leveraging power like other auxiliary groups within the State Democratic Party.

If one followed the endorsements it is funny as hell the African American Caucus supported Mansfield and Wilkins but Mansfield supported Szlosberg-Landis. Talking about UNITED.

I want to thank former Snow Hill Mayor Don Davis/current Senator and 1st Congressional District Chair for nominating Wilkins and for his speech. I enjoyed when he talked about the role of the 1st vice chair, Citizens United and big money.

Davis said, “We need to have a talk about money because there has been a lot of talk about money today.” He said Citizens United totally changed the landscape and that is why we are talking about money more and more. He said we need the people power to bring forth campaign reform and to push forth public finance. He said we must change that we can’t rely on one or two people to raise millions of dollars. He said even if we did what happens if we upset the apricot? He said in races like the Senate that took out John Snow and Doug Berger where he said a million dollars were spent on these races. See video for his entire speech.

imageWhat was interesting is earlier on the agenda Don Davis and Dan Blue III both did a presentation together but then ended up supporting different candidates for 1st vice chair.

Talking about UNITY, DIVERSITY and INCLUSION we went from two Blacks on the State Executive Committee to one a young Black male who serves as the 2nd vice chair. Black women are few in the legislature and now none on the State Executive Committee.

I came to the inclusion years ago that when Black folks UNITE, ORGANIZE and get on ONE ACCORD we will move forward, we will have some leveraging power and then we will be a people to be reckoned with. But some Black folks get so damn educated that they don’t have the smarts to use some damn common sense. But also when Black folks do all of the above I recognize and understand that white folks benefit as well.

Some will say that there is no drama but I will challenge any of them. I attend the meetings and give my spill but unlike other media the majority of the time they don’t video the entire meeting and/or do not share the entire meeting with you. I give my spin on what happened as I see it and then I post the entire video so that you can see it for yourself. Damn you can’t get it no better than that get to look at it free in the convenience of your home, office or etc.

The sad part though is some folks have said my video don’t tell the real story. Well damn ain’t that nothing. Hell they act as if I can make this mess up. I am good but I haven’t gotten that damn good yet.

So click on the pictures above to view the pictures and the video 1 and video 2.

The following officers elected were elected:

Chair – Randolph S. Voller defeated Bob Etheridge
Secretary – Melvin Williams – No opposition
1st Vice Chair – Nina Szlosberg-Landis defeated incumbent
Gwen Wilkins 
2nd Vice Chair –
Zack Hawkins – defeated Dick Crews (Correction)
3rd Vice Chair – Andy Ball defeated Jason Jenkins

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Note: Originally posted 2/3/2013 7:31 AM.

Gwen Wilkins 1st Vice Chair North Carolina State Democratic Party Willing To Move Up To Replace David Parker But Somebody Said The Timing Ain’t Right! Damn!

Just read on The Dem Dem Facebook page whereby someone posted that Gwen Wilkins sent out an email saying she was willing to move up to the chair position if she is nominated and of course if she won the nomination.

Someone said the timing was not right but when is the right time? Who makes that call? I thought the Democratic process is to nominate someone and then vote on them and then if they are not elected then I will agree that timing is not right but to say it without giving a reason is not good enough for me. So can someone tell me why the timing is not right? Just maybe you can convince me. Thanking you in advance.

I find it quite interesting that David Parker didn’t just resign and move on to leave others to set the stage for the calling of the meeting to replace him. However it appears that he was probably directed by some others to not resign but to call a meeting. I do remember he said he had met with the officers and they all wanted him to stay on however Gwen Wilkins reported that was not true.

Some folks have this thingy about once a person is appointed or already in a position that it sometimes give them an edge. So I wonder is that the case in this position.

Again I find it quite interesting the meeting was set for Mother’s Day Weekend and College Graduations so why is that? I do believe once a person steps down you have x amount of days to call a meeting. However I do believe the next regularly scheduled meeting would have been held in June.

Enough on this I will just wait until Saturday to see how all of this unfolds. I don’t like it but whatever.

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Breaking News: Dem leaders reject Parker’s stand – WRAL

Response: See what Gwen Wilkins had to say about Parker’s latest email stating he has support of the Executive Council.

WRAL – Wilkins was on the call Parker referenced. She called WRAL tonight to offer the following statement.

"Chairman Parker stated in his email that he had met with the Executive Council via teleconference, and that he was gratified by their strong support for his continued chairmanship," Wilkins said.

"I was elected because dedicated and loyal Democrats had faith that I would not sit back and be quiet when the time came to speak up. Martin Luther King Jr. said that a person should not be judged by where he stands in times of comfort and convenience, but a man should be judged by where he stands in times of conflict and controversy."

"With that said, let me be clear: that all–and I stress ALL–those on the [state Democrats’] Executive Council have NOT indicated their support of Chairman Parker," Wilkins said. "It is my opinion that the statement made by him is misleading to the Democrats that elected him to office and to our voters." (More)

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