Wake school board will consider assignment compromise Tuesday – News & Observer

A renewal of Wake County’s longtime controversy over “neighborhood schools” appears likely on Tuesday, when school board members will receive a proposal for the system’s third assignment plan in as many years.

The developing plan, a product of changing times, board turnover and parental dissatisfaction, has been hatched by school assignment staff under a directive from the board’s Democratic majority. According to early glimpses provided to board members, the new plan will return to addresses tied to specific schools, with an effort to accommodate proximity, stability and diversity. (More)

Tuesday, September 18th – 5:30pm – Come hear the proposed 2013-14 student assignment plan. Public comment at 6:00pm.

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District 3 Runoff & Municipal Elections for TEN of the 12 Wake County cities!

District 3 School Board Runoff Election…
the Countdown Begins

17 days until Tuesday, November 8th!



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District 3 Runoff & municipal elections for TEN of the 12 Wake County cities!

Dear Ron,

Despite a call from families across Wake County to slow down approval of a new student assignment plan, the Board approved this concept brief, by a vote of 6-2. The approved resolution indicated that the plan will remain in effect for a minimum of three years–much to the surprise of members of the community present at last Tuesday’s Board meeting.
latest proposal was presented at the Work Session that proceeded the Board meeting.
A list of school choices will be available on Monday, October 24th at the
WCPSS assignment Web site. The list of approved feeder patterns are also available online.

There was absolutely no need to rush this plan. Several times during public comment, community members asked what the hurry was. Like so many other questions, this one remains unanswered.


Early Voting Begins

Early voting has begun at the Wake County Board of Elections, 337 S. Salisbury Street, and continues through Saturday, November 5th. A second Garner location will be open November 1st – 5th.

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Not registered to vote? You can register and vote at the same time during the early voting period.
Note: You cannot register and vote on Election Day-ONLY during early voting.

Absentee Ballots: Deadline Tuesday, November 1st

You can also request an absentee ballot to vote in this race. The deadline to request an absentee ballot is 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 1st.

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District 3 School Board Runoff Election on Tuesday, November 8th

If you missed the District 3 Candidate Forum,

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Great Schools in Wake Coalition is a community coalition of organizations, business leaders, parents and citizen advocates working to ensure educational excellence in the Wake County Public School System. The Coalition is a special project of WakeUP Wake County, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization working for good growth solutions.

For more information, please contact Yevonne Brannon at ybrannon@gmail.com or info@greatschoolsinwake.org

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Tell EVERYONE to SIGN OUR PETITION–Now! Our Kids Worth a Penny!

Hi everyone,

It’s easy…and it’s important.  We’ve created an online petition–and we’re aiming for 50,000 signatures. 

Let our legislators know that there’s no way we’re going to stand for the underfunding of our NC public schools!

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  • Proposed cuts will reduce the number of teachers, teaching assistants, and other critical resources.
  • And class sizes will continue to grow. 

It’s time to stop this nonsense!

Sign the petition now…and forward to your friends and neighbors.  Funding quality public schools is a non-partisan issue that everyone seems to agree on.  http://www.greatschoolsnc.org

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Regards, Yevonne

Redistricting Maps by GSIW and LWV Wake County Public Schools

Dear Chairman Margiotta and Board of Education Members:

As you know, we made a public information request on Monday for the details, including all data sets used to create your Draft Plan for Redistricting. Many of the details needed to understand the new plan and provide meaningful feedback are missing in the document presented by the Shanahan Law Group.
We are glad to see that since our original request, you have replaced the county maps with ones that are more readable. Yet, these maps and other materials you post do not show how the precincts were split, nor do they include the resulting demographic information.

We have attached the district maps that show the splits in the new plan based on our best estimates of your changes without having the census block information we requested.  The splits are in green ink on the district maps and the demographic information is also provided.  One of the guidelines on your web site states: "Districts should not split precincts, except when needed to conform with federal law."  Since you have split seven precincts, it is important to show this work and to help the pubic understand why these decisions were made in your new plan. 

In the spirit of sharing information with the public that allows a thorough review, we have attached our files for the county, and for each district, along with other critical demographic information.  In addition, we created a map SHOWING the split precinct so the public can have a visual understanding of the voters moved.   We hope you will post these pdf files on your Web site for the public.

Last, when we held our Community Meetings, we enlarged our maps and placed them on large foam boards (5 feet by 5 feet) to allow the public to easily see the current maps and proposed changes.  All of these files can be seen by CLICKING HERE. We did a draft new plan-version one and then based on community input from our meetings, we created version two. 

We discovered that there are many ways to balance the districts without splitting precincts, ways that will save taxpayer dollars over the next decade. 

We hope you will consider doing what’s in the best interest of the entire public. Further, we hope you will make materials available at least 48 hours before next Tuesday’s public meeting to allow the opportunity for careful review by all.

Yevonne Brannon

Great Schools in Wake
Betty Ellerbee

Wake County League of Women Voters

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Tedesco warns of ‘unholy trinity’ of liberals–Source: News & Observer

Wake County school board member John Tedesco has what he calls his own version of a liberal "unholy trinity."

During a recent speech to the Northern Wake Republican Club, Tedesco said the members of the unholy trinity are the NAACP, the Great Schools in Wake Coalition and Raleigh FIST, a self-proclaimed anarchist group. All three groups have been fiercely critical of the school board for eliminating the use of socioeconomic diversity in student assignment. (Read more)

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