NCDP: Yolanda Stith Benefits From McCrory’s Blatant Public Corruption – Spectacular Magazine

NCDP Calls For Investigation Into McCrory Quid Pro Quo After Million Dollar Giveaway To Top Staff
Raleigh, NC – On Friday Dec. 16th, in what appears to be a blatant quid pro quo action, Governor Pat McCrory secretly signed SB 4 into law just as Republican legislators introduced a bill to carve out an appointment for the wife of the Governor’s Chief of Staff. With a salary of $127,215 a year, over the 8.5 year appointment this amounts to over a $1 million giveaway to the Governor’s top staffer.

“This million dollar giveaway from the Governor to his top staffer is a shameful and flagrant abuse of the public trust that must be investigated immediately. It seems far beyond coincidence that immediately after Governor McCrory signed into law an unprecedented power grab, the General Assembly introduced a bill to give the wife of the Governor’s Chief of Staff a specially carved out position. This is no longer just a power grab, but blatant public corruption,” said NCDP Chair Patsy Keever.

At about 12:30 on Friday, it was reported that Governor McCrory signed SB4. Just minutes later, Yolanda Stith, wife of Governor McCrory’s Chief of Staff Thomas Stith, was nominated to fill a vacancy on Industrial Commission. But because of a special carve out introduced by the legislature earlier this week, the appointment is extended from 2.5 years to 8.5 years. (Read more)

Keith Ellison Just Made North Carolina Politics A Democratic Party Fight – The Huffington Post

The Watch Dog response: I am glad that Rep. Ellison has figured it out. It appears that the Democratic Party is sitting back waiting and watching the Republican Party do whatever they want to do next. The NC NAACP has been the lead dog in fighting these mean racist in the NC General Assembly. If anyone can not see how all of this is racist then obviously you don’t see the bigger picture. I will not spend time trying to make you understand because if you connect the dots you will see so don’t focus on me focus on what is happening in Raleigh with the good ole boys.

WASHINGTON ― The wild battle over the future of North Carolina state politics became a central fight in the future of the Democratic Party on Friday, as Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) joined state lawmakers to denounce Republican efforts aimed at eliminating the political power of incoming Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat.

“It’s wrong,” Ellison told reporters on a conference call. “And we have to stand against it. It’s undemocratic. It’s un-Republican. It’s un-American.”

The Republican-controlled state legislature introduced bills on Wednesday evening designed to undercut the administrative abilities of the state’s governor, giving outgoing incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory (R) the power to sign away his successor’s authority. The bills drastically limit Cooper’s ability to make appointments to various state boards and departments and require confirmation hearings for the appointments ― giving GOP lawmakers an opportunity to stifle basic state government staffing decisions. (Read more)

WRAL: McCrory blocks state board’s effort to hire outside lawyers in election dispute

Raleigh, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory’s office has turned down the State Board of Elections’ request to hire lawyers from the Brooks Pierce law firm to defend the state against a federal lawsuit by the Civitas Institute.

McCrory, a Republican, appears to have narrowly lost his re-election bid to Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper. Normally, Cooper’s office would defend the state in such cases. However, given the interest by both McCrory and Cooper, the state board decided Sunday to seek outside help.

While Thomas Ziko, a long-time litigator in independent practice, did get approved, a trio of lawyers who work for Brooks Pierce – Charles Marshall, Craig Schauer and Jessica Thaller-Moran – was rejected. Marshall, Schauer and Thaller-Moran, have all either worked for Republican judges before coming to the firm or worked on behalf of GOP causes. (Read more)

News & Observer – NC GOP: ‘No apologies’ for voters mistakenly accused of fraud

Gov. Pat McCrory’s re-election campaign remained silent Monday on reports showing that election complaints included false accusations of voter fraud, but the N.C. Republican Party defended the complaints.

A number of the 43 voters accused of being ineligible felons turned out to be cases of mistaken identity. Several other voters accused were serving a misdemeanor sentence, which does not affect voting rights. Republican-led county elections board have dismissed the most of the inaccurate complaints.

The nonprofit Democracy North Carolina, which has urged McCrory to halt the protests, analyzed criminal records and found that 18 of the 43 – nearly half – were wrongfully accused of being felons ineligible to vote.  (Read more)

Raleigh NC: State Board of Elections issues order to counties regarding ballots – ABC 11

News & Observer: McCrory will withdraw recount demand if Durham votes recounted

The Watch Dog response: I was not going to call in today to listen to the NC State Board of Elections meeting today at 12:30 PM but I think this meeting will be very interesting.

Gov. Pat McCrory is ready to withdraw his request for a statewide recount if a new hand count of Durham County votes produces the same results as Election Day, his campaign announced Saturday evening.

The governor is asking the N.C. State Board of Elections to hold an expedited hearing on an appeal of the Durham County election board’s denial of a request for a recount there. The state board on Saturday called for a Sunday afternoon meeting by phone to discuss this matter and a federal lawsuit challenging same-day registration ballots.

“If a Durham recount provides the same results as earlier posted, the McCrory Committee will be prepared to withdraw its statewide recount request in the Governors race,” the campaign’s news release says. (Read more)

Governor Pat McCrory Flood Recovery Team comes to Edgecombe County. This is my response.

Good morning Mr. Governor, your team, my County Commissioners and others.

My name is Curmilus Dancy II and I worked to help get information out during the 99 flood and doing it again in 2016.

I found out about meeting last night so I had to contact my job to say I was going to attend this meeting. I wish the real folk who are affected was here so you could really hear their cry but they are at work or didn’t know. The timing of these meetings to me not good but thank you for whatever you do.

Thank you for coming. I was affected by the 99 flood and now again in 2016.

In 99 Gov. Jim Hunt came to Pinetops where I lived however I understand we lost 2 children, a man, his wife and daughter and grand daughter. I hope you have been on the ground throughout the county to see the effects.

I have heard there are so much money in the rainy day fund or wherever the legislature has it so since we experienced this in 99 what is the problem?

Also I find it interesting that I see no flood victim from 99 on this committee. However I know Mr. Wadsworth.

I would like to be added to mailing list so I can help get information out to the 1000s of folk whom follow my blog The DCN News Blog Online TV.

Thank you again for coming here today.

Watch the video: Governor Pat McCrory & Flood Recovery Team Comes To Edgecombe County

Hurricane Matthews Tarboro NC: Governor: Some formerly flooded areas unhealthy

Governor says some formerly flooded areas unhealthy

By Anthony Wilson

Monday, October 24, 2016 01:20PM
North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory got a first-hand look at some of the parts of Princeville that were recently underwater on Monday and said there are health concerns in many of the buildings.

People are still being kept out of the community, even though the water has receded.

“The whole town’s been wiped out,” said McCrory Monday and compared it to a ghost town.

Among the governor’s priorities Monday were getting resources to the people forced to abandon their normal routines.

“We’re waiving some of the state unemployment policies so anyone who’s been put out of their job can immediately sign up for unemployment,” he explained.

Princeville Mayor Bobbie Jones said his home is among those now uninhabitable because of unsafe air that lingers in many buildings. He warned residents to stay away for now.

“Because it’s hazardous. We want to make sure that when people go in that their first priority is to make sure they stay safe,” he said.

Governor McCrory said he made the mistake of entering a school without protective gear.

“The minute I walked in, I wish I would have had a mask. It just shows how dangerous the conditions are gonna be in these houses that were flooded,” he said.

Mayor Jones said it may be later this week before some residents are allowed to return. For anyone that does, a red sticker on the outside means do not enter.

A yellow sticker means you can go in, but don’t hang around because it’s still not safe to stay. (ABC 11)

Hurricane Matthews: North Carolina – Governor Launches Long Term Storm Response – NCNN

Written by Staff

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 16:59

RALEIGH — Governor Pat McCrory is establishing a Hurricane Matthew Recovery Committee to coordinate efforts torebuild after the storm. The governor made the announcement during an address from the State Capitol, in which he highlighted the immediate action the state has taken to respond to the storm and outlined long-term plans being made to recover.

“I saw firsthand as I traveled the state how the strong waters from the Lumber, Neuse, Cape Fear and Tar Rivers tragically forced people from their homes and businesses. But those waters also brought out the best of North Carolina,” said Governor McCrory in an address at the State Capitol in Raleigh. “Rising waters can crumble our roads and flood our communities, but they cannot wash away our resilience or the spirit to rebuild.”

A total of 27 people have now died in North Carolina as a result of Hurricane Matthew.

The Hurricane Matthew Recovery Committee will help meet five objectives: to raise money for those in need through the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Matthew, particularly in regards to providing permanent housing; reopen and rebuild critical infrastructure as fast and as safe as possible; implement a comprehensive strategy for how to rebuild towns and communities in a sustainable way; assess the storm’s financial impact on agriculture, small businesses, commercial fishermen and other industries, and develop an economic recovery plan of action; and implement a plan for any needed legislative action for any additional relief funding.

The Committee will be chaired by Governor McCrory’s Chief of Staff Thomas Stith. Other co-chairs include Steve Wordsworth of Rocky Mount representing the business community, Anne Faircloth of Clinton representing the agriculture community and Vanessa Harrison of AT&T representing the utilities.

In addition to the committee, the governor highlighted action that has been taken to respond to the storm

Governor McCrory signed an executive order calling on legislators to provide flexibility with the school calendar for schools that were closed because of the storm. The governor is also requesting that school boards not reschedule lost school days until after legislative action can be taken.

The state has also taken measures to provide disaster food stamp benefits in impacted counties to those who receive SNAP benefits and those who are not normally eligible. The governor has approved disaster unemployment assistance for those who lost their jobs as a result of Hurricane Matthew, and extended the tax filing deadline and waived the late penalty for any taxpayer in impacted counties.

Working with federal partners, Governor McCrory announced that $21.9 million in federal funding has been approved for individual assistance. Six Disaster Recovery Centers have opened in eastern North Carolina where individuals can apply for assistance to help pay for housing, medical and dental needs, disaster unemployment assistance and other storm-related needs. Centers are open in Nash, Harnett, Wilson, Edgecombe, Johnston and Wayne counties. People in need of storm-related assistance can call FEMA’s hotline at 800-621-3362.

Nearly 1,000 people continue to reside in 20 shelters that remain open across eastern and central North Carolina. The number of power outages is now below 600, down from more than 800,000 at the storm’s peak.

More than 500 roads are still closed due to damage or flooding from the hurricane. The latest road conditions and updates can be found by downloading the ReadyNC mobile app or calling 5-1-1.

All North Carolina rivers are expected to be below flood stage by Monday. The Lumber, Cape Fear, Neuse and Tar rivers have crested with the exception of some areas near the coast. The Lumber River is receding throughout Robeson County and is forecast to drop to minor flood stage today. The Neuse River at Kinston is expected to drop below major flood stage by Thursday and the Neuse River at Goldsboro is no longer at flood stage. The Tar River at Tarboro remains at minor flood stage and is expected to drop below normal flood stage today. The Tar River in Greenville remains in major flood stage but is receding and is expected to drop below major flood stage today.

The governor encouraged individuals and groups to help in the relief efforts by making a financial or other contribution. Monetary contributions to the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Matthew can be made by texting NCRECOVERS to 30306 or by visiting This is one of the best ways to help fund long-term recovery efforts. Also, a list of organizations assisting with the North Carolina relief effort can be found at

Dial 2-1-1 or 888-892-1162 to speak with a trained call specialist about questions you have regarding Hurricane Matthew or go to the United Way’s N.C. 2-1-1 site at For updates on Hurricane Matthew impacts and relief efforts, go to or follow N.C. Emergency Management on Twitter and Facebook. (NCNN)

Tarboro NC – Governor McCrory announced today that his administration made millions of dollars available to assist flood victims

Othar Woodard

1 hr ·

Governor McCrory announced today that his administration made millions of dollars available to assist flood victims. He stated that cash is available for immediate assistance to flood victims who meet certain criteria through the Edgecombe County Administration. Please call the Edgecombe County Operations Center at 252-824-0108 for more information about the application process and the criteria. Please tell your relatives and friends who have become victims of the flood so that they can see if they quality for the immeidate cash assistance.

Really? Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II Inflammatory Remarks In Response To Gov. Pat McCrory Response to Voter ID

Damn the newsman said it is being said that Rev. Dr. William Barber II is using inflammatory remarks as it relates to Gov. Pat McCrory response to the Voter Id that was struck down by a 3 member panel of judges 2 white and 1 black. Said Dr. Barber was doing it for attention.

Well I was there when we got him elected in 2005 as the NC State NAACP President. He has been getting attention since that time so it ain’t like he just woke up a couple of days ago.

Folk continue to try to paint a picture of strong black men who ain’t afraid to speak Truth to Power!

Candidates spar over job creation – Rocky Mount Telegram

Both major party candidates for governor say they want to put the Twin Counties back to work.

But Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and Democratic challenger Roy Cooper, the state’s attorney general, disagree on how to keep Rocky Mount area unemployment down.

A former state legislator, Cooper has always fought for new and better paying jobs for Nash and Edgecombe counties, said Cooper’s Press Secretary Jamal Little.

Cooper said he is optimistic that better paying jobs for the Twin Counties are on the horizon. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Justice Department Response to North Carolina Lawsuit

imageAttorney General Lynch spoke to reporters about North Carolina’s decision to sue the federal government in response to the Department of Justice’s ruling on the state’s House Bill 2. The department ruled that the state’s law requiring transgender people to use the restroom that corresponds with their sex at birth violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and Title IX. (C-SPAN)

See related: HB2

McCrory, lawmakers want courts to declare HB2 doesn’t discriminate – NC Capitol

Raleigh, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory and state lawmakers have asked federal courts to declare that House Bill 2 does not discriminate against LBGT people, a reaction to the Obama administration’s demand the state roll back the law.

Lawyers for the governor filed the declaratory judgment action Monday morning, and Republican legislative leaders filed their own action hours later.

“We believe a court, rather than a federal agency, should tell our state, our nation and employers across the country what law requires,” McCrory said during an afternoon press conference. “Right now, the Obama administration is bypassing Congress by attempting to rewrite the law.” (NC Capitol)

See Response: Justice Department sues to block HB2 – NC Capitol