Should Trump And The GOP Be Charged With Malfeasance In Connection With The Almost 200,000 Deaths


Someone recently said that Trump and the GOP should only be charged with malfeasance in connection with the almost 200,000 DEATHS of our family members and friends in the COVID-19 virus pandemic in America.

I think it goes quite a bit further than merely “malfeasance” (i.e., wrongdoing by a public official), don’t you?

The entire GOP has been complicit in almost 200,000 mass murders by depraved indifference committed by Trump, all of which the GOP was fully aware. Trump and the entire GOP sat in silence and did NOTHING whatsoever to either prevent those DEATHS or lessen them in severity.

How can you describe either Trump’s or the GOP’s horrific, ongoing inaction regarding the almost 200,000 DEATHS caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic in our country as anything other than MASS MURDER?

Trump KNEW the extent of the deadly danger that the COVID-19 virus posed to our society, as he has recently ADMITTED and which has been widely publicized but, despite his admitted knowledge, Trump allowed the COVID-19 virus to ravage and continue that ravaging of our entire population without taking ANY action whatsoever to prevent it or at least lessen its deadly effect upon us.

Trump has allowed these DEATHS to go on and on for the pathetic reason that he wanted to protect his own chance of being reelected. And that, of course, sprung out of fear that he would have to answer to the SDNY for the many crimes he has committed in the State of New York.

Therefore, Trump committed the MASS MURDERS of hundreds of thousands of our family members and friends merely to protect his own profoundly worthless self.

“Intent” is a well-known requisite element of a MURDER charge. Intent was, and STILL IS, present in Trump’s actions and inactions. In addition, the entire GOP has been and STILL IS complicit in Trump’s ongoing murderous behavior. Both Trump and the GOP should be charged with MASS MURDER and put in prison for the rest of their natural lives.

First-degree murderers must have the specific intent to end a human life, which does not necessarily have to correspond to the actual victim. A murder in which the killer intends to kill but kills either the wrong person or random people would still constitute first-degree murder.

Furthermore, under many state laws, killing through action showing a “depraved indifference” to human life can qualify as murder in the first degree.

To constitute “depraved indifference,” the defendant’s conduct must be ‘so wanton, so deficient in a moral sense of concern, so lacking in regard for the life or lives of others, and so blameworthy as to warrant the same criminal liability as that which the law imposes upon a person who intentionally causes a crime.’ Depraved indifference focuses on the risk created by the defendant’s conduct, not the injuries actually resulting.”

Therefore, given the above facts, how else can you describe the horrific behavior of Trump and the entire GOP other than as mass murder by depraved indifference?

GOP requests 14 years of records from Attorney General Roy Cooper – News Observer

Raleigh – After N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper spoke publicly Monday about keeping government officials accountable, the N.C. Republican Party is testing him by asking for thousands of records dating back to when Cooper took office in 2001.

In five detailed requests, one for each day of “Sunshine Week,” the party asked for every email and correspondence Cooper and his senior staff sent or received in the past 14 years. It also asked for every Twitter and Facebook message, official appointment, expense report, official opinion and internal memo from the attorney general’s office since 2001.

In addition, the N.C. GOP requested specifics about the operations of the N.C. Department of Justice, the State Bureau of Investigation and the State Crime Lab during the past 14 years. (Source: Read more)

GOP ‘payback’ to white working class that voted them in: Cut earned income tax and child tax credit – DailyKos

The Political Agitator response: They just don’t understand, they are in denial or they just don’t give a damn yet. But when it hit home, they will get it!

First, some data. In the recent midterm elections, a study by the Public Religion Research Institute found that white working-class voters—defined as those lacking a college degree, and whose jobs paid an hourly wage—voted for the Republican over the Democrat for Congress by a whopping margin of 61 percent to 26 percent.

Got that? Good. Also, the “vast majority” of recipients of the Earned Income Tax Credit—and remember, that credit only goes to people who earn enough money that, without it, they’d be paying income taxes—are white, according to data collected by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Finally, the 2009 Obama stimulus package expanded the Child Tax Credit to make more working class families eligible. We don’t have exact data on the racial composition of those who benefited from the expansion, but given that about half of families in poverty are white, we can extrapolate that somewhere around half of beneficiaries are white.

Still with me? Okay. Now check this out, from a New York Times article about a deal in the works that centers around making corporate tax cuts permanent: (Source: Read more)

See The Honorable Act By Obama That Has Silenced The Entire GOP Party – Greenville Gazette

President Obama, who initiated the sequester process as part of his concessions to Speaker Boehner as part of the negotiations to raise the debt ceiling, is now making a symbolic gesture of solidarity with the people affected by his sequester cuts by refunding 5% of his salary to match the cuts in the rate of growth for employees of federal agencies affected by the cuts.

The show of unity will cost the president $20,000 a year since his salary is $400,000. His pay is constitutionally protected against pay cuts and a budget agreement superfluously exempted him from pay cuts along with members of congress. Supporters of the president have seized on his gesture as proof that he stands with the people. Remember, the sequester cuts do not lower the amount of federal spending; they lower the rate of how fast it increases.

Nevertheless, federal agencies have chosen to pass the modest reductions in their budget increases on employees by imposing pay cuts upon them either by salary reductions or unpaid furloughs. It is unclear why President Obama did not direct those in charge of the affected agencies to spare employee salaries from any pay cuts. (Source: Read more)

Christensen: Maybe it’s the GOP’s turn to rule, but which GOP?

I often hear people say the Democrats have controlled North Carolina for more than 140 years, and it is now time to give GOP Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republican legislature a chance to see what they can do.

While it is true that North Carolina, like the rest of the South, has been dominated by the Democratic Party for much of its history, the Republicans – and what’s more important, conservatives – have a much richer history in the Tar Heel state than some may realize.

During the past 40 years, for example, we’ve had six governors – three Democrats and three Republicans. During the past 19 years, three of the five state House speakers have been Republicans. (Source: Read more)

State of the Union: Obama calls for action, with or without Congress – CNN

Response: Damn ain’t that an ignant comparison, "A speech by Barack Obama is a lot like sex," said GOP strategist and CNN contributor Alex Castellanos. "The worst there ever was is still excellent."

Washington (CNN) — He talked a good game of acting on his own if necessary, calling for 2014 to be a "year of action, but President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address showed he knows that true progress depends on cooperation with a divided and recalcitrant Congress.

"Sometimes we stumble; we make mistakes; we get frustrated or discouraged," he said near the end of the more than hour-long speech, seeming to describe his bad 2013 that lowered his approval ratings. "But for more than 200 years, we have put those things aside and placed our collective shoulder to the wheel of progress." (Source: Read more)

Limbaugh lashes out at GOP: Most ‘irrelevant’ political party in my memory – Raw Story

Conservative media behemoth Rush Limbaugh lashed out at the Republican Party on Wednesday, roundly castigating the GOP for failing to up-end the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare. According to Talking Points Memo, the talk radio titan blasted Republicans as powerless and “irrelevant.”

“I was trying to think earlier today if ever in my life I could remember any major political party being so irrelevant,” Limbaugh said Wednesday. “I have never seen it. I have never seen a major political party simply occupy placeholders, as the Republican party is doing.” (More)

Tillis: Fraud ‘not the primary reason’ for voter ID push – WRAL

State House Speaker Thom Tillis signaled what could be a change in messaging on voter ID Saturday – and dropped some hints about the details of upcoming legislation – during an appearance on MSNBC.

The left-leaning news channel might not seem like an intuitive choice for an appearance by Tillis, a Republican, but MSNBC has spent much of the day covering the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland. (More)

Video: Nope, No Racism at CPAC…Move Right Along!

As you watch this video and read about what happened, just keep in mind that CPAC (and the GOP more broadly) is overwhelmingly white. Why is that? Perhaps because their policies are horrible, and also because the party is filled with the type of people who used to infest the old Dixiecrats (Strom Thurmond, George Wallace, Jesse Helms, etc.), but thank god left the Democratic Party. Of course, they’re now in the Republican Party, thanks in part to many years of Lee Atwater’s (and Richard Nixon’s, Ronald Reagan’s, Karl Rove’s, etc.) “Southern Strategy,” and from the looks of it, they really really REALLY do not like being called out for their utter lack of racial inclusiveness. (More)

GOP leaders insist no overhaul needed – Politico

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Republican Party honchos who huddled here for their first big gathering since the election devoted lots of time talking about the need to welcome Latinos and women, close the technology gap with Democrats and stop the self-destructive talk about rape.

But the party’s main problem, dozens of Republican National Committee members argued in interviews over three days this week, is who delivers its message and how, not the message itself. Overwhelmingly they insisted that substantive policy changes aren’t the answer to last year’s losses. (More)

GOP Starting to Rebel Against No-Tax-Hikes Pledge – ABC News

With the fiscal cliff looming for the United States, some Republican members of Congress said today they are ready to break a long standing pledge not to raise taxes.

"The only pledge we should be making to each other is to avoid becoming Greece. And Republicans should put revenue on the table," South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said on ABC’s "This Week." (More)

Party of Entitled Rich Threatens Economy – Truthout

Republicans, the party of the nation’s entitled rich, are holding a knife to the throat of America’s frail recovery.

The GOP sore losers have America up against a wall. Republicans don’t care that the majority of the country voted for a candidate who promised to raise taxes on the rich. Republicans don’t care that an even larger majority – 60 percent – told election day pollsters they wanted those taxes raised. (More)

Barbara Bush To GOP: “Compromise Is Not A Dirty Word” – NewsOne

Response: I totally agree with Barbara Bush these Ignant Racist Republicans need to get the hell over it. “Our” President has won and won by a damn landslide so what in the hell is their problem. They met and their main concern was to make “our” President a one term President but the people said oh hell no! So what part of the picture they do not understand. They are just ignant but they gonna learn the day! Well!

”Our” President has told then he do not have to run again for re-election but some of these ignant damn Republicans that are planning on running again don’t even understand.

These Republicans either don’t understand or they are in denial. Well I think they are just in denial. They are asleep, dreaming and they need to wake the hell up. Oh well!

From the moment that Mitch McConnell said that his number one priority was to make President Barack Obama a one term president, up until Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney claimed that he only lost the election because of Obama’s “gifts” to Black, Hispanic and young voters, the GOP has veered so far to the right of center that it’s very likely they will cease to be competitive at the executive level in the not so distance future.

Enter former First Lady Barbara Bush. (More)

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Mitt Romney

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GOP Senator Denies Indisputable Facts On Obama’s Employment Record – ThinkProgress

Response: September 18, 2008 Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain suspended their campaigns and November 2008 while election being held the economy we lost 780,00 jobs, December 2008 we lost another 700,00 jobs in January 2009 we lost 740,00 jobs 2.1 MILLION JOBS LOST in 3 months all before President Barack Obama ever took the oath of office. He was sworn in January 20, 2009 with all of these jobs lost. And folks have the audacity to ask are we better off today than we were 4 years ago we are not losing almost 80,000 jobs today instead in the last 30 months we have gained 5.2 million jobs in the private sector. And these ignant Republicans talking about taking us back. I dare you to watch the video.

Video: See What President Barack Obama Inherited In 2008 I Dare You To Look At This Video 

On ABC News’ This Week Sunday morning, anchor Jake Tapper pressed GOP Sen. Rob Portman (OH) on Paul Ryan’s false claim during the Vice Presidential debate that the unemployment rate is higher today then when Obama took office. Though Tapper noted that Ryan’s claim was flatly incorrect, Portman (who plays President Obama during Gov. Mitt Romney’s debate prep) simply doubled down on the falsehoods: (More)

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Mitt Romney

President Barack Obama

Voter found party affiliation changed – News & Observer

RALEIGH — New concerns over voter fraud surfaced on Wednesday.

A Raleigh woman’s party affiliation was changed without her knowledge from Democrat to Republican after a man who was apparently working with a Wake County GOP voter registration drive filled out a change-of-address form for her last month.

The N.C. Board of Elections is looking into the matter, along with another complaint involving a man registering voters at the same location. (More)