Golden LEAF earmarks $50m to help lure automaker – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: This would be awesome for Edgecombe County. Wow! Sure hope this happens because it would bring about a change for Edgecombe County.

“The Golden LEAF Board took this action to demonstrate its commitment to this emerging opportunity,” Rhyne said. “An automobile manufacturer and its suppliers can create thousands of jobs and serve as a catalyst for long-term economic advancement.”

Recently, officials in Randolph County approved plans to spend $4.2 million for the purchase of 255 acres at a megasite near Liberty. Meanwhile, a 1,818-acre site west of Siler City called the Chatham-Siler City Advanced Manufacturing Site is also vying to attract an automobile manufacturer. The site received state certification in June 2014. It is the largest site in North Carolina with certification.

Carolina Gateway Partnership officials said Edgecombe County’s Kingsboro megasite that spans more than 1,200 acres has been named an ideal location for an automaker. Frank Harrison, chairman and acting president of Carolinas Gateway Partnership, said established outside consultant companies consider the Kingsboro site the top megasite in the state and among one of the best in the Southeast. (Source: Read more)

Local leaders pan GOP effort to dismantle Golden LEAF – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

Future opportunities for economic growth in the Twin Counties will be in jeopardy if state lawmakers decide to eliminate job-recruiting funds tied to the Golden LEAF Foundation, local officials said Wednesday. (Paid Content)

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Let Golden LEAF manage tobacco funds – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

The Golden LEAF Foundation has presented hundreds of grants worth hundreds of millions of dollars to help North Carolina communities attract jobs since 1999, when the foundation was chartered. And yes, we can all find a few here and there that might seem of questionable value. (Read more)

Golden LEAF’s funds coveted – Source: News & Observer

ROCKY MOUNT — Tucked away unobtrusively in a modern one-story stone, brick and glass building in this traditional tobacco town is one of the oddest governmental animals in the country – a cash cow in a time of austerity.

The building is the home of the Golden LEAF, a foundation controlled by political appointees that is sitting on $600 million. (Read more)

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Senate Bill13 – Repubs take Golden Leaf, Econ Incentives and other Dedicated Funds Immediately for Budget Reserves This Year

Senate Bill 13 – Repubs take Golden Leaf, Econ Incentives and other Dedicated Funds Immediately for Budget Reserves This Year

Senate Bill 13 passed out of the Senate today. It seeks to reduce recurring spending in this fiscal year and to transfer money out of trust funds into a newly created reserve fund. Some of those funds will come from Golden Leaf, the Tobacco Trust Fund and job development grants.  A link to the bill and the bill digest follow. It is unclear when the House may be voting on the bill.

Republicans pushed through the state Senate’s budget committee a bill that seeks cost savings to help close next year’s shortfall both by spending cuts and taking cash from places like tobacco trust and economic incentives funds. The bill would direct Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue to find at least $400 million in budget savings this year, which Perdue has said she can meet. But the Legislature also would siphon money from more than 20 reserve and dedicated funds, including money from the Golden LEAF Foundation and two incentives programs the Perdue administration has used to lure the likes of Red Hat. Perdue criticized the move as wrong when the state is trying to recruit new jobs and to expand existing businesses. Sen. Richard Stevens, R-Wake, a primary sponsor of the bill, said it’s all part of a plan that could find up to $1 billion to put toward next year’s projected $3.7 billion budget gap and build up the state’s rainy-day reserves.( News and Observer)

February 2, 2011

S 13. BALANCED BUDGET ACT OF 2011. Filed 1/31/11. Senate committee substitute makes the following changes to 1st edition.

Clarifies that the Governor is authorized to reduce General Fund expenditures for the remainder of the 2010-11 fiscal year with a goal of reducing recurring spending by at least $400 million.

Adds a section, amending Section 2.2(a) of SL 2010-31 (Appropriations Act of 2010), to make various adjustments to General Fund availability. Adds a list of various budget fund transfers to the General Fund, and revises the General Fund availability and remaining balance accordingly.

Transfers specified funds from Golden Leaf, Inc., the Health and Wellness Trust Fund, and the Tobacco Trust Fund to support General Fund appropriations for the 2010-11 fiscal year. Establishes a General Fund account in the Settlement Reserve Fund. Directs the Controller to transfer all funds in the General Account Fund to the General Fund.

To email or contact your Legislator go to: and click on the “Who Represents Me?” link. 

Note: Thanks Rep. Angela Bryant for keeping us informed, much appreciation. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher


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Last night (Thursday),  Rep. Wil Neumann (R-Gaston) offered an amendment to divert $50 million in incoming Golden LEAF funds to support the state’s Medicaid program.   His effort to suspend the rules to debate the bill was defeated 64-50. 
Golden LEAF is grateful to Reps. Bill Owens, Pryor Gibson, Jim Crawford, Verla Insko, Cullie Tarleton, Mickey Michaux and Ronnie Sutton who asked that the amendment be defeated.
In tough times, people get desperate.  There’s no doubt that there is a lot of pain in the budget.  But such a money grab effort from Golden LEAF, specifically set up outside of state government to avoid getting entangled in state budget debates and focus on economic development, would cause more pain.
A $50 million cut would equal:

  • The entire budget for the Community Assistance Initiative, which provides $2 million for each Tier One county to have local citizens identify education, economic development, health care and other projects to move the needle.    If more people get jobs and opportunity, fewer people would need the Medicaid program Neumann promotes.  Counties that are in process include Bertie, Robeson, Vance, Columbus, Halifax, Richmond, Lenoir, Bladen, Northampton, Martin, Cleveland and Burke with more to follow.
  • The entire budget for the aerospace worker training initiative to fund worker training for one of the state’s fastest growing sectors from Elizabeth City to Asheville and points beyond and between.  
  • The entire budget for our new loan guarantee program for small businesses that will generate an estimated 5:1 loan per dollar of guarantee match.
  • The entire budget for our new agricultural initiatives around supporting local food products in North Carolina and around regional agriculture initiatives, such as agriculture biotechnology.
  • The entire budget for our economic catalyst cycle where the Foundation provides dollars at the margin to help create more jobs and investment in NC communities.

Our opponents note that we have $500 million in investment value.  But such investment value can only generate $25 million in grants (5 percent of net assets), not the $75 plus million we currently support.

Rep. Owens noted that we were one of the only resources for economic development and job creation in NC.  So we are.  Cutting Golden LEAF Funds would hurt our most distressed counties and communities and would stop our progress toward economic recovery.  Golden LEAF represents the only flexible and nimble resource available to our rural, tobacco-dependent and economically distressed counties to be competitive in economic development.

Other states have used their tobacco settlement funds to balance their budgets, but they still have budget problems today.  They can’t tell you where the tobacco settlement money went, while we are accountable for every dollar that we have ever received.

So please contact your local legislators and express your support for the work of the Golden LEAF Foundation.  Thank them for their support and for all the hard work that they go through to deal with the difficult challenges facing us.  Tell them how Golden LEAF makes a difference.  We prevailed last night, but we cannot afford to fail to educate our policymakers on the need and deeds of Golden LEAF.

Thank you for all you do,

Dan Gerlach
Golden LEAF President

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Halifax County NC – Golden LEAF Foundation and Halifax County host a Community Forum Thursday, May 7, 2009

Golden LEAF Foundation and Halifax County host a Community Forum

Thursday, May 7, 2009 @ 6:00p.m

The Centre at Halifax Community College in Weldon

You are invited to attend a community forum hosted by the Golden LEAF Foundation and Halifax County at 6:00p.m. on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at The Centre at Halifax Community College in Weldon. The address is 100 College Drive, Weldon, NC 27890. 

The agenda will include a discussion and prioritization of key issues impacting Halifax County.  DRAFT notes from the last meeting on April 2, 2009 are attached. They will be reviewed and edited at the next meeting as necessary.

The Community Assistance Initiative is a grantsmaking process targeting economically distressed counties across North Carolina and is currently being implemented in Halifax County.

If you have any questions or need further information please contact Courtney Mills or Pat Cabe by e-mail at  or or by calling Courtney or Pat at 888-684-8404.