How Can We Chastise Republicans When We Attempt To Shame Voters To The Polls? by George Fisher

It is time for the party to hold our leaders accountable for our election failure. Today, I sent Randolph S. Voller Chair of the NCDP a letter asking him to do his job, as painful as it may be because we owe it to the voters of North Carolina. How can they trust us when we shame voters to the polls?

We criticize Republicans over voter suppression, yet the First Vice Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party sends out mailers, with her signature on them, in what amounts to voter intimidation.

Democratic leaders should be above this type of activity—when they are not the party must hold them accountable.  The only way to prove to voters that we do not tolerate voter manipulation from anyone, including ourselves is for the First Vice Chair, Patsy Keever to step down.

19Now, I call on Chairman Randy Voller to do his job.  Make the tough decisions and rid our party of these and other issuesDo it now, do it swiftly and do it completely at all levels of the party. Chairman Voller, act on this letter now and get it out of the way.  We have work to do.

Hon. Randolph S. Voller, Chair
North Carolina Democratic Party
220 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

November 9, 2014

Dear Chairman Voller:

The outcome of the November 2014 election was certainly not favorable to the North Carolina Democratic Party. But, more importantly, the outcome will not be favorable to the socioeconomically depressed citizens of this state.

Voters, who have no voice in our legislature, hold on to the hope that collectively the party can elect candidates who will fight the changes made by the Draconian NCGOP; issues of voter suppression, lack of Medicaid expansion, dismal teacher pay and the Racial Justice Act are just a few of the matters that were at stake in this election.

What distresses me and other concerned Democrats around the state is how can we address voter suppression when the First Vice Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party engages in voter intimidation by signing mailers such as the ones documented at ?

These mailers were inappropriate, misleading and smacks in the face of the very essence of what we stand for as a party. It’s embarrassing that we chastise the Republicans for voter suppression, when we engage in these voter intimidation techniques. How can voters trust us, when we can’t trust our Democratic leaders?

Therefore, I would ask that, because Patsy Keever, in her own accord and through her office and position as First Vice Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, did indeed sign the mailers that were sent to many registered North Carolina Democratic voters—resign her position immediately or at the first feasible opportunity, in an effort to bring dignity and trustworthiness of the party, back to the voters of this state.

I am asking you, as Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party, to address this letter and act accordingly to achieve this necessary outcome. All voters, not just Democrats, need to be able to feel comfortable that the party will not tolerate her actions; especially as we move forward into the 2016 cycle.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and attention to this matter.

Respectfully Yours,

George Fisher
Greenville, North Carolina

NC Democrats—This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things—Part II by George Fisher

Raleigh, NC  — In my last piece, I promised to shed light as to why some Democratic leaders—who probably know some of the history and backstories of the NCDP—find it necessary to play political games, both behind the screens and in the media. convoluted mess is hard to sum up in a fifteen hundred word blog post, so I’m compelled to cherry-pick information for brevity. But, in order to connect the dots, you must first start at the beginning. (Source: Read more)

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Response: My brother is RIGHT ON! You tell’em George, HELL YEAH! Now I don’t have to write anything because you spoke for me.

This post is about North Carolina democratic politics—so unless you live in NC or have NC connections you may  get bored to death.

RALEIGH, NC—Here’s a news flash—if you happen to be part of the State Executive Committee or a member of the Executive Council then what goes on at The Goodwin House(Democratic headquarters located in Raleigh) is important.

8But, if you’re a regular, every day, run of the mill, armchair democratic voter—watching the 6 o’clock news—while sucking down your TV dinner—you could probably care less about all this bickering. You may not even wonder what all the fuss is about. (Source: Read more)

Memorial Service For Barbara Fisher Baker Mother Of George Fisher

Barbara Fisher Baker, 68, was born September 5, 1942, and died January 19, 2011, after a long terminal illness.  She was a lifelong resident of Rocky Mount and worked both at Nash General Hospital and later at Nash Internal Medicine.  She was preceded in death by her first husband George Thomas Fisher, Sr. and her second husband James M. Baker.   She is survived by her son George T. Fisher and her grandson Noah Thomas Fisher.  Family and friends will gather at  Rocky Mount Memorial Park Chapel on Sunday, January 23 at 3pm to celebrate her life and memory. 

George Fisher’s Mother Passed Away This Morning

My friend George Fisher’s mother passed away this morning. The following is posted on his Facebook page.

George will make final arrangements in the morning so stay tuned for the memorial services.

George Fisher

My Mom’s passing-

This morning, my Mom, after a long terminal illness, passed away. She is certainly in a better place, free of pain and suffering–for that I’m grateful. –To all of my friends, Thank You So Much for your support, kind wishes and just being a sounding board when I needed to vent. The messages and phone calls of encouragement have touch my heart and soul over the months. Thank you.




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Note: If you are not up on politics you will be lost. Please find someone who is into politics who can keep you informed on the real issues and not what people want to be real. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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