The Person Who Could Decide If Andrew Gillum Wins Is A Black Woman

imageThis wasn’t Brenda Snipes’ first brush with electoral controversy.

The Gate Keeper response: You see this is why we must be actively engaged so we can hold folk accountable for their actions. Damn we should not have to worry about black folk not making sure that our votes count.

As ballots were still being tabulated in Florida’s series of contentious elections this week, all eyes were seemingly on Broward County, where there could still be tens of thousands of uncounted votes. Those very votes may end up deciding who becomes the next governor of Florida, which explains why the woman supervising the election there has come under fire by Republicans.

Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes was being sued by Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s senate campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee for alleged “incompetence” because she has not formally announced how many votes were left to count. When asked about it Wednesday night, she said, “I can’t give you an exact number. I’m not sure. I’m really not sure.” (Read more)


All 19 Black Women Running for Judge in a Texas Race Won Tuesday Night – Yahoo

imageMany are highlighting this win as a bright spot amid Democrat Beto O’Rourke’s loss to Republican incumbent Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race. The victory of the #Houston19, as the group of women are called, has obvious local impact: Harris County, which encompasses most of Houston, is the third-largest county in the country, and one of the most diverse. Adding 19 women of color to judicial seats builds a bench that’s more reflective of the population it serves, which, as with all elected offices, is a good thing.

Beyond Houston, the election is reflective of an overall increase in women of color who are not just running, but winning local, state, and national races during the Trump administration. A similar thing happened during the 2016 election in Alabama-like Texas, a historically red state-when nine black women were elected as judges in Jefferson County. (Read more)

Racism as the deciding factor in the Florida Gubernatorial race – Hobbservation Point

imageAfter one of the more contentious gubernatorial campaigns that I have ever witnessed, former Congressman Ron DeSantis has defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum to become Florida’s next Governor. While I will have a more detailed analysis in the days ahead, suffice it so say that I am extremely disappointed in the outcome.

I am not surprised; as I often write, Florida is still Dixie and a former staunch member of the Confederacy. Knowing such, it angers me that the more experienced candidate, the more intelligent candidate, the more prepared candidate, the more articulate candidate, the candidate with viable ideas on health care and economic issues that impact the majority of Florida residents, lost to a mediocre politician who has never led a local government, who has never had to deal with a budget, who did not even sponsor one meaningful piece of legislation while in Congress that impacted his state or America. A candidate, if I may, who was not even remotely close to being as prepared or capable as his Republican primary opponent, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, but one who won the Republican primary because he was a Donald Trump sycophant while in Congress, and now will be a Donald Trump surrogate in Tallahassee. (Read more)

4 NCCU roommates brought together by fate, share journey becoming judges

The Gate Keeper response: Fa bu lous ta stic! NCCU what an awesome school.

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imageDURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) —

Four young women, who first met at North Carolina Central’s Law School 20 years ago, never knew how important they would be to the success of each other.

They started out as classmates living in a dorm. Then, they all graduated and became successful attorneys.

Today, they’re all judges. ‘The Golden Girls,’ as they call themselves, still rely on each other’s support today just as they did back then.

Judge Shamieka Rhinehart, Judge Camille Banks-Prince, Judge Keisha Wright-Hill and Judge Teresa Raquel Robinson-Freeman’s friendship began in a courtroom on the campus of North Carolina Central University Law School.

They had all gathered there for freshman orientation in August of 1998. “We became fast friends very early,” said Bank-Prince.

This tight group would eventually work their way up from moot court to the bench. Three out of the four women are now in elected positions, but judgeships were never in their original plan. “We just wanted to get through law school,” said Rhinehart. (Read more)

Black sheriffs make history in sweep of seven largest NC counties – NC Policy Watch

The Gate Keeper response: I am glad to continue to see history in its making. Time for black men to get their rightful spot. Good black men are some of the most compassionate folk and when it comes to law enforcement that is much needed. Don’t get it twisted because I didn’t say some white men are not compassionate, my point is when we as black males want to serve then we should be given an opportunity to serve.

An interesting and underreported trend emerging from yesterday’s elections: a historic sweep of black candidates in county sheriff’s races.

The state’s seven largest counties – Buncombe, Cumberland, Durham, Forsyth, Guilford, Mecklenburg and Wake – all elected black men to their county’s top law enforcement positions. Five of those counties – Buncombe, Cumberland, Guilford, Durham, Forsyth – did so for the first time ever.

Each of the new sheriffs will replace a white man in those roles, several of whom are are long-serving GOP institutions in their counties.

In Guilford County Danny Rogers ended the 24-year run of Sheriff BJ Barnes, a Republican figure so powerful and popular he was considered largely unbeatable.

Issues of racial profiling, advancement of minorities and immigration played a part in the campaign. (Read more)

Congrats Democrats On Your Victory General Election 2018

The Gate Keeper congratulates the following I know these folk on a personal note and been in meetings with them over the years:

Edgecombe County

Sheriff Clee Atkinson

*Congressman G.K. Butterfield

*NC House Shelly Willingham

*Senator Toby Fitch Jr.

*Judge Anita Earls

*Statewide so they may also go under 1 or more of the other counties as well.

Nash County

County Commissioner Mary P. Wells

School Board Reginald Silver

School Board LaShawnda Washington

Senator James D. Gailliard

Pitt County

Sheriff Paula Dance

Senator Don Davis

NC House Kandie D. Smith

District Attorney Farris Dixon

Wilson County

Sheriff Calvin Woodard

NC House Jean Farmer Butterfield

Other friends

Senator Erica D. Smith Northampton County was gerrymandered out of my District recently

County Commissioner Ronnie Smith Martin County










Fact Should Still Matter People – Go Vote!

Wayne Turnage

Facts Should Still Matter People – Go Vote!

Not than anybody seems to care about facts these days but per Peter Baker, former White House Correspondent, in the last 21 months of the Obama Administration, the number of jobs created totaled 4,477,000 (MSNBC, November 5, 2018).

In the first 21 months of the Trump Administration, the number equaled 4,054,000.

This clearly shows that the Obama recovery continues through Trump’s first two years and Trump did not need to remove $1.5 million from the treasury to walk our economy back from the precipice.

In fairness, to accomplish the recovery that saved capitalism as we know it in 2009, Obama did significantly increase deficit spending by over $1 trillion, but this was to stop an economy in free fall that was losing 800,000 jobs a month.

His promise at the time – if we expand federal borrowing to make targeted investments in both the economy and in human capital, the massive job loss will be arrested and the subsequent increase in tax receipts from an improving economy will reduce the annual deficits in the out years of his presidency.

The outcome – the annual deficit spiked to over $1.4 trillion during his first year in office and the Republicans were outraged – calling him the worst and most fiscally irresponsible president in the history of this country.

However, by the time he walked out of the White House as president for the last time in 2016, the deficit had been reduced to $587 million – only slightly higher than when he assumed office and the country was at near full employment, thanks to the recovery spawned by Obama’s fiscal policies.

Now, estimates are that by the end of Trump’s 2nd year in office, the federal deficit will likely exceed $1 trillion.

How you ask, can we have a growing economy which produces more tax receipts, but concomittanly struggle with a near record increase in deficit spending?

The answer is found in Trump’s tax policy. Lusted for by many, this enormous tax cut — which came with no offsetting budget reductions — sucked $1.5 trillion in revenue out of the federal tax coffers in 2018, leaving that cash in the bank accounts of major corporations and mostly the richest people in this country.

Trump said we would see an immediate explosion of new jobs, blunting any loss in tax revenue. However, the data show that while this reckless policy juiced the country’s annual deficit to near record numbers, the promised added stimulus from job growth has yet to be realized.

Notably, based on reasonable linear projections, we are right where Obama’s recovery predicted we would be on job growth at this point-in-time.

So how will Republicans address this massive $1 trillion annual deficit before it crowds out private borrowing and siphons all of the marrow from the bone of this economy?

Predictably, key Republicans have now targeted Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security for cuts to reduce spending so the massive tax give away will not inflict lasting damage to the economy.

Let that marinate for a moment – we give back over $1 trillion in tax revenue and now the nation’s leaders are proposing to fund this largese by reducing health care and social security benefits of middle income and poor Americans.

So for those of you who believe elections do not matter, you better ask somebody and then go vote on Tuesday – smartly I hope.

Note: Love these trues something that folk don’t want to hear.