Church Folk Is Gambling A Sin In The Bible?

Is it stated in the bible that gambling is a sin? Now don’t get it twisted just like there are scriptures such as thou shall not kill, steal, fornicate, commit adultery and etc. is it in the bible thou shall not gamble? I don’t want to hear your interpretations of scriptures and your opinion on whether you think it is or not, I want to know what the bible says.

Okay been talking about this for a little over a month now during our bible study. One deacon was to bring back some information to the next bible study and others were asked to research as well.

We discussed the issue of gambling during bible study on this past Wednesday night and we came to the conclusion that it is not stated in the bible thou shall not gamble. Now we all know that gambling can be a bad thing but so can eating among other things.

My point is that the church spend too much time trying to condemn folk saying it is biblical and they can not prove it by showing it in the bible. Condemning it per one belief and from experience is one thing but to say it is in the bible is another.

Why are churches always talking about gambling when there are things going on in the church that are clearly spelled out in the bible but you don’t want to touch that? Okay I know the church and Christians are not perfect but the goal is to work towards perfection. How can that be when you allow things to go on knowing it ain’t right and never address it because don’t want to hurt brother, sister, mother, deacon other titles and pastor feelings? Oh so you want them to die and go to hell living a sinful life when you know that you need to go to them and talk to them about what they are doing. Well many don’t want to go because they may have some baggage of their own. We all got something but when we hold each other accountable for our actions, we can move onward toward perfection.

Folk there is nothing to debate about is gambling a sin. It is no more than going out buying an expensive car, house, dinner and etc.

You ain’t winning souls by talking ignant about what is not is in the bible.

Funny to me how things happen on the local, state and national level that pertains to the quality of life for all people and the church is silent. Schools are a mess can’t get proper funding and they talking about the education lottery ain’t nothing. Well it helps and the main thing is it was not put in place to totally finance the schools but to be a supplement.

And these churches that I know of that condemn gambling I am going to see if they accept money from a member or non-member because if they do I am going to call them a HYPOCRITE.

Life is a gamble.

So church folk, let the church get it house in order before we try to get those living in sin house in order. We all have and continue to sin but you know what you suppose to do to get it right.

I ain’t no bible scholar and don’t profess to be. Just began to start back reading the bible lately. However I love sitting among folk talking about the bible because it helps you learn more about how folk view it. Just because you have heard that, done that and thought that all of these years don’t mean it was right. And when you recognize it was wrong, then do right. You see you can’t be held accountable when you didn’t know better, when you know better you suppose to do better.

Now if we have missed something as it related to the gambling being a sin in the bible, then please share it because we may have missed something. But I tell you it is some heavy hitters in my bible study so I am learning.

Some folk say religion and politics don’t go hand in hand. Well I am The Political Agitator and I am going to talk politics and religion.