Press Release: G.W. Carver Elementary School Held It’s First National Junior Beta Club Induction



Pictures/Video Homegoing for Latosha Denise Jones Saturday, January 29, 2012 Pastor Annie Hagans Pinetops, NC Officiating And Funeral Services Directed By Wards Funeral Home Robersonville NC

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Pinetops NC – Video & Pictures: G.W. Carver Alumni 70th Anniversary (Parade & Picnic) Saturday, July 2, 2011 10:00 AM

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Baby Boy from WCPS AM 760 MC.


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Videos of Parade and Banquet coming soon online to The DCN TV.

For copies of pictures and DVD’s of the Parade and/or the S.A. Gilliam Scholarship Banquet please contact me at 252.314.5484 or email

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Pinetops – Pictures: G.W. Carver Alumni S.A. Gilliam Scholarship Banquet

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George Washington Carver alumni to mark 70th anniversary – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

The celebration begins at noon July 1 with a tour of the Twin County Hall of Fame Museum, an honor to our principal, Mrs. S.A. Gilliam, inducted in 2009. A hospitality and business meeting will follow at the Comfort Inn in Rocky Mount. (Read more)

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Some new faces in some new places, Edgecombe County Public Schools announces adminstrative changes

TARBORO — There will be some new faces in some new places when students return to class this fall.

While the search for a new superintendent continues, others within the Edgecombe County Public School system will be playing musical chairs. (Read more @ The Daily Southerner)

Note: I find the change at South Edgecombe to be quite interesting. I have heard several folks talk about the dealings they had with the head principal. I have had some dealings with him and aware of some others whom have had some dealings with him as well.

Someone approached me on Monday morning to tell me that the assistant principal at South Edgecombe had been moved to West Edgecombe because it was said that he and the head principal didn’t work well together.

Someone also told me that the Edgecombe County Public Private Elementary School G.W. Carver was going to get another assistant principal which now they will have a principal and 2 assistants because of the population of the school. Interesting.

It is a damn shame all of the mess that goes on at South Edgecombe and G. W. Carver but not limited to and this is all of the changes that I have heard about.

I also heard that Tommy Tolson will be the new baseball coach at SouthWest Edgecombe High School and that many do not welcome that move.

Request for resignation William Ellis Principal G.W. Carver Elementary School

Open letter

May 23, 2010

Request for resignation William Ellis Principal G.W. Carver Elementary School

I am requesting that William Ellis Principal G.W. Carver Elementary School Pinetops NC to resign his post at the end of the 2009 – 2010 School Year.

I am requesting that he resign for the following reasons but not limited to. I am working with some parents on several different issues that are ongoing and have not been satisfactory as of yet.

Issue 1: A kindergarten student has been denied receiving basic education since the beginning of the 2009 School Year.

The parents were actively engaged in the child’s education and requested help for their child who needed some special services but did not get a response from the system until one day from being 90 days. Ellis seems to think that it was okay because the school supposedly met the timeline which is 90 days.

No it is not okay. It is not okay because black children are used in almost every statistic for showing that black children are behind academically. It is not okay because it seems as if the teacher that this kindergartener started out the school year with was not concerned about this child receiving special services. It seems as if this teacher had written this child off.

An incident happened in this teacher’s room in February where the kindergartener ate another child’s vomit and this teacher nor Ellis informed the parents. But on top of the vomit a chemical was put on the vomit before the child had eaten it. The parents requested a meeting and Ellis has refused to meet with the parents. So this is evidence that he is not concerned about this child and we are concerned that he is not concerned about other children as well who have been single out like this kindergartener.

The child was taken to the doctor the following week after the parents found out about it. The interim Superintendent requested the parents to take the child to see a doctor again but this is nearly 2 months after the incident happened. The teacher nor Ellis has shown any concern.

It appears that Ellis was willing to move the child to another school before moving the child to another classroom because the parents felt the only alternative was to move the child from the school since it appeared that the teacher and Ellis did not care. I told the parents that was not the right thing to do because the parents would have been responsible for taking the child to and from the new school.

Outcome: The child was moved to another classroom in March and the child is doing well. The new teacher seems to be working diligently with the child. The child seems to be happy now and not as if he is in bondage. In which in a sense it appears he was trapped in an environment that was hindering him from receiving a basic education. But the sad part is when the child was removed from the previous classroom, the school year was almost over. The time that this child has lost can not be made up in such a short period of time. Ellis has not responded to the request from the parents in regards to the vomit incident be it a meeting and/or responding to the questions that was submitted to him. It appears he is protecting previous teacher and himself.

The school did not follow policy and procedures. Parents were and still has not been notified by the teacher in the classroom where the vomit and chemicals were eaten.

Issue 2: In March some 5th grade girls life were in danger involving some 5th grade boys chasing them with a knife and contact was made with the knife.

Although it was atleast 4 girls involved, I am speaking to 2 girls that were involved. One of the girls is my great niece and the other is a cousin.

An incident happened on the school’s playground at the end of the school day. The boys were chasing the girls with a knife and my niece’s pants were cut and my cousin received a nick on her hand as she tried to keep the boy from poking her with the knife. A staff member was able to intervene and he did not allow the boys to get on the school bus.

The girl’s parents were not contacted about this serious incident. My niece’s mother found out after she received a call from someone at the Boys and Girls Club at another school where she had gone after the school day. She went out to the school the next day and she was told by Ellis that he was going to get the police involved.

My cousin found out about the incident a couple of days later via a text message when someone asked her about her daughter. She then asked her daughter about it and her daughter told her that the assistant principal Florence Wilkins was suppose to handle it. The parent went to the school and Wilkins disrespected her and said she knew why she was there because she was not notified and that she had had a hectic day. After walking out of her office the parent told Ellis what she said and Ellis said he was not going to be behind the 8 ball that he was not going to be responsible for what his assistant had said. Wrong answer sir you are responsible for your staff and students as long as they are on your campus.

The parents ended up going to Tarboro to the magistrate office to take out a warrant however to find out that they had to go back to Pinetops to meet with the Pinetops Police Department so they could file a juvenile petition. Well Ellis should have filed the petition per the handbook because the police should have been notified because a weapon was used and the girls were threatened.

Outcome: The school did not follow policy and procedures because they never contacted these 2 parents that are still engaged in this process and it is believed that the system has not talked to the other girl’s parents whom were involved. The police was never contacted and if it was not for my niece and cousin parents, there would not have been a juvenile petition filed.

Ellis also had the audacity to speak to the local Daily Southerner newspaper and made some comments that were half truth. He made it appear that it was only 1 parent who had approached him when it was 2. The parents did a rebuttal to the article and it was never printed in the paper. This is because the paper supports certain principals and educators and not making sure the truth is made known.

Opinion: This school is out of control. Anytime the staff will purchase tee shirts talking about my principal got my back is just down right disgusting. This is discrimination in my opinion because it sends a message that the staff can do things and Ellis has their back. This is true in the case with the vomit incident where the teachers in that classroom have been protected and the assistant principal in the knife incident because Ellis has not reprimanded either for their actions.

This is only 2 issues that I am working on however I have received calls and/or spoke with some folks about some others. Many parents feel intimidated and that they have no confidence in Ellis.

It appears that Ellis is not concerned about these 2 issues but has put the focus on me since I have been involved at the parents’ request. But I guess he has a right to be because he knows that I am no dummy when it comes to dealing with school issues since I am a longtime grassroots effective community advocate especially for the children dating back to 1993.

It is time for Ellis to go because it appears that the staff at G.W. Carver Elementary School is in a comfort zone and that Ellis got their back.

Well who has the children and the parents back? Since Ellis has not followed the proper policies and procedures for running this school then it is time that he resign or be removed.

Curmilus Dancy II
A Grassroots Effective Community Activist
Dancy Communications Network

Signatures of parents who are mentioned above

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Students And Parents Being Used For A Good Cause At G.W. Carver Elementary School

In response to a comment on the Rocky Mount Telegram addressed to me. See the original post here.

An Eastern Carolina principal received a purple & pink makeover, all for a good cause. Carver Elementary students got a chance to paint Principal William Ellis on Friday to benefit Relay for Life. As part of the Edgecombe County school’s "Quarters for a Cure" campaign, for every $10 collected, students and teachers got the chance to put one brush stroke of paint on the principal. They could choose purple or pink paint. The principal is no stranger to crazy fund raising stunts for the American Cancer Society. In the past he’s climbed on the roof and even taped to a wall. The monies will be totaled May 14th at the annual Relay for Life walk at Tarboro High School’s track field, all to benefit cancer. HEY DANCY, YOU NEED TO HAVE THE PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATED. where did he get the purple and pink paint? looks like you can try again to get this TOP-NOTCH principal fired. how many times have you tried and failed? you are probably mad because they didn’t use any "BLACK" OR "BROWN" paint. LMAO!!!!!

Although the Relay For Life is a very worthy cause, I have a problem with the school using the same children to make themselves look good but many of the children are not receiving a quality education.

First of all this is a public private school where there is only one black certified teacher in the classroom. There is one black certified special teacher. Why has Ellis not hired any black teachers at this school? Maybe if they join his church they may get hired.

I am very much familiar with what goes on at the school and long Ellis became the principal there. You are damn right some crazy things have gone on and continue to go on at the school.

I am not impressed with none of the crazy mess you mention when the children who are mistreated on a daily basis. Over the years black students are sent to ISS (In School Suspension) while white students time is reduced or they don’t go at all. TOP-NOTCH?

Just today I was told that 11 teachers were allowed to stay home because they didn’t want to work because it was field day. TOP-NOTCH?

A child ate some chemicals that was put on some regurgitation and Ellis never made the parents aware of the incident. He has not had a conversation with the parents about this incident as of today and it happened in February. TOP-NOTCH?

A male student along with 3 other male students had a knife and threatened some little girls and Ellis didn’t contact the girl’s parents. When these parents met with him he acted as if he didn’t give a damn. He lied to them that he was going to handle the situation and he didn’t. The parents had to go to the police station to take the necessary actions that he said he was going to do. TOP-NOTCH?

Some parents told Ellis their child needed speech therapy at the beginning of the 2009 – 2010 school year and he didn’t respond until after the incident in February. The parents took it upon themselves to go to Heritage Hospital and their child began receiving speech therapy. Because these parents had gotten frustrated with Ellis they had mentioned they wanted to move the child out of a teacher’s room or out of the school altogether. He was willing to allow them to move the child out of the school after the February incident that happened in this teacher’s class. Simple solution would have been to move the child out of the teacher’s classroom last year. I told the parents in March they didn’t need to move the child with only a couple of months to go and the child was moved to another classroom and the child is doing great. TOP-NOTCH?

There was a meeting in March with Ellis to talk about issues surrounding the child that was moved to another classroom and Ellis wouldn’t allow the meeting to take place because I was there. The child was moved shortly after we left on this very day. We asked that he reschedule the meeting per Roland Whitted Associate Superintendent who was present for the meeting and Ellis has not given us a time for that meeting as of today. TOP-NOTCH?

You say, “how many times have you tried and failed?” Well our concerns are not dead yet because we are still following the proper chain of command and we will continue until we get some justice.

To allow a child to eat some chemicals that the staff put out and not report it to the school nurse nor to the family is just sorry as hell. And then Ellis has not shown any sympathy towards the child and the parents makes me mad as hell. TOP-NOTCH? This should be grounds for a lawsuit.

This school like many others do not follow their own policies and procedures. TOP-NOTCH?

I had much respect for Ellis until I got involved with the child eating the chemicals and the knife incidents. I have always had a problem with the make-up of the staff which do not include diversity.

I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.