Let’s Talk About That Part!

Damn the what ifs?

What if some White Folk had not stole every damn good thing the Black Folk done and the offices they held back when, just maybe the subject of the day would be about black folk in high places such as the Supreme Court, CEOs and etc.?

Let’s talk about that part!

If you scared say it!

A Time And Season For All Things

When folk say they don’t understand why folk hold back and not tell they have been sexually assaulted or etc. I can relate. Hell there are things that I would love to talk about on many levels but some folk will take it and use it against me no matter how much it would help someone. There are some things I could say but the timing ain’t right because family, friends, place of employment and other may not accept them trues.

Hell there are countless folk in this world who are walking around holding some mess in due to retaliation of some sort.

I know what to say and when to say it because must be smart about it.

There is a time and season for all things.

Pinetops NC – I Had The Police Called On Me After I Addressed Ms. C At The Family Dollar Store

Today I stopped at the Family Dollar Store in Pinetops to buy something and to return a TV antenna that I purchased in Greenville on Monday night. I had not opened the box so I was looking forward to the store crediting the money back on my card or either give me cash. I picked up the item I was going to buy and then approached the cashier. I noticed the item I was purchasing was open so I told the cashier I was going to get another one and that I was returning the antenna. She hollered out to the other lady in the store who was sitting down on an aisle I guessing stocking. The said what? I said she probably need you because I am returning something.

When Ms. C came up to the see what the cashier wanted she immediately told me that she could not refund me my money that the sign on the register said so and that her Supervisor said she couldn’t do it that I had to do an exchange. I said I didn’t know that. Now what I do know is that if the box had been open, had not that I could only get a refund but since the box had not been opened I knew I could get a refund. I said okay and I purchased the item that I came to get and left the store. I then called someone and they said I could get a refund. Plus I know how electronics work and it varies from store to store but I know how this store worked.

I had to go to Tarboro to get a refund from Advance Auto so I knew I would go over the Family Dollar and get my refund. After I did I went back to the store in Pinetops and I told Ms. C that I had got my refund. I said now I had no problem with not being able to get my refund at the moment but someone else may needed their money. I said so don’t do that again and if you didn’t know how to do it then that is one thing. She immediately went off and said she knew how to do it. She said just get out of the store. I said no I am not going anywhere. She said she was going to call the police and I said go ahead. Well the police was sitting in his car within walking distance in the old Hardees’ parking lot when I drove up.

I walked outside of the store and she came outside and said just leave. I said I am not going anywhere until the police come since you have called him. Well it was taking him so long but then he drove by. I walked back in the store and stood at the door. She said dude just leave and I said my name ain’t dude my name is Curmilus Dancy so I ain’t dude. I said I ain’t going anywhere until the police arrive. She said she was tired of this mess or something and went over to the computer. I walked back outside the store and she came out and said he went to the wrong store.

The police went to the police station but came back and went across the road to the Dollar General. She hollered over there and said over here. So I helped her and said over here. I stayed outside til he arrived and she had gone back in the store. I told him since she called him let’s go in and get her story.

Ms. C told the man I was belligerent acting up and she had told me to leave. I had my work badge on and a Clee for Sheriff Shirt on and while she was talking I just happened to move my badge and she said I don’t care what kind of shirt you have on. I said talk to the officer tell him what you got to say and then I am going to tell him my side. She told him to come back and look at the video it was all on video. I said I recorded it on my phone and she said the cashier was recording on her phone too.

I told the police officer what happened that I was trying to get a refund and she said it was on the front of the register that she couldn’t do refunds on electronics. I said that is not up there. I told the officer that I told her that she can’t refuse to give folk their refund because some folk may need their money and not do an exchange. I said I was calm because I knew I would get my money in Tarboro. I said I don’t get stupid like that. I said the police chief and the mayor and others downtown know me. I said I get the press releases from the police department because I am a reporter. I went to the car and got my card out and gave the officer and told him in case my name come up again.

Ms. C was very unprofessional. She lied on me so if she treated me like that, how will she treat the employees that work there. But again my main concern is that she lied to me and that someone else may need their money but I was okay. I was not mad just trying to help her.

Now everyone that know me know that I can get ignant but I know how to and when to. This was not the place nor the time.

I will be reporting this to the store because Ms. C need to understand that she need to be professional when dealing with customers. I used to work as a cashier with Zip Mart and I know customer service.

I ain’t mad with nobody. Don’t blame me for being ignant but one thing folk ain’t going to do is disrespect me by lying on me just tell the truth.


For The Record!

I got to say this for the record. I have had more problems with black folk when I speak out because they are scared of the things I say, their ass are jealous because I ain’t scared to say what I mean and mean what I say and I say it as #teamdancy and not standing with a group of folk.

I have been misunderstood but I learned that it ain’t about them but about what I have been put here to do. So therefore I know who I am and whose I am. I damn sure know everyone don’t like, love or hate me and I don’t care whether they do either because I am going to do me.

What I do know is what I have done and what I do in the future others have and will benefit. The problem is folk better be glad I can’t exclude them because their ass benefit and don’t appreciate it.

And the sad part I put other folk before me even when I am going through my storms of life because I trust and believe I am covered. He has never failed me no matter what the outcome was.

I am going to write about that soon too.

I Try To Be Fair & Stick To The Facts When I Speak Out Voluntarily &/Or Involuntarily

No matter what others say I try to be fair and stick to the facts when I speak out. Sometimes I speak out voluntarily but then many times I get calls or messengers asking me what I think about things and issues. When folk seek my input on something I let the know they may not like my response but I am going to tell them just how I see it.

Lots of time lately I have tried not to comment early on and try to wait until others comment. I know many times when I say something I end up driving the discussion and folk respond to my response.

I hate it when folk make general statements trying to make themselves look good but have no substance.

When folk are questioned they refuse to go into detail so what does that mean, or they trying to play it safe or what? I ain’t got time for folk who play it safe because the fight is real.

Folk like to say just enough to attempt to make themselves heard but just saying something that sounds good but has no substance irritates the hell out of me.

I get so sick of reading stuff on Facebook that I strongly feel that folk are trying to justify their mess when others know them and just what they are about. It ain’t no need for us to attempt to fool anyone. But most of all since many claim to be about God’s business he knows.

One thing about it no one can say that I am a fake. I go to church. I try to treat folk right and if I get it wrong I try to get it right with them. I am a work in progress. I curse some time because I feel that some folk just don’t get it until they hear some choice words. Some of you don’t curse in publicly but you do offline. I bet some of you use some curse words that you have never heard me use but you do you and I do me.

Folk it is time out for playing. I am going to be me and if you don’t like that you have options.

The older I get I can’t tolerate stuff.

I Support Whoever And Whatever Is Right!

I am an engaged woke life long black man, I am an active life time Democrat, I am an active life fully paid member of the NAACP and I am not apologetic for who I am and what I stand for.

I stand for justice no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

I have been called a lot of things because I speak out.

What I will bet you is that if you get to know me you will learn who I am and that I will stand with you when you are right no matter who you are. Although we may disagree on one thing if we agree on something else I will support that. But when we revisit that we disagreed on until we come to agree on it, we will still hash out that part.

At the end of the day I just want what is right for all folk however keep in mind that I am not ignant to the treatment that black folk have endured and still endure today.

Don’t blame me for what this world is. I had nothing to do with it’s creation but I can do my part while I am passing through.

Do You Really Think About What You Post Before You Post It?

Do you really think about what you are posting before you do it?

Do you ever think about when you post something that somebody know you personally and know what you really stand for? Some need to really think about that part!

For clarity I don’t post for a response however I appreciate them.

I bet you one thing that my posts and me align up. Can you say that about you?

In order to stay in alignment just don’t post mess that you don’t live by because although I may call you out, hey you got to answer for what you do to where it count.

I post to educate and I read others post to be educated.

Educate me but don’t come with no mess because I may have to respond.

And when you see me out of alignment then call me out.

T’aint no need to be out here perpetrating these trues when ya saying one thing and living another.