In Response To Bank Foreclosure Sale Of Senator Clark Jenkins’ Property Postponed

First of all who gave John T. Walker editor of the Daily Southerner the authority to write this article because I know some folks are pissed with him? I am quite sure he will receive some very strong and harsh responses from writing this article. However if it was me or somebody that looks like me I bet they would say otherwise. Remember when Frankie Bordeaux ran against Jenkins during Jenkins last election? Bordeaux had some money issues with his business and Jenkins toasted him.

You see it is articles like this when you see where folks stand. The very folks who talk about Black folks on welfare and all the other negatives they say they are paying for through tax dollars. But when these articles arise these very folks are quiet as hell and/or quick to come to the defense of said party. It is articles like this that point out the double standards when it comes to Black and white.

First of all I question why was the foreclosure sale was postponed? Maybe it was the weather. But seriously why was it postponed because that was left out of the article?

I question why was the home included? Make wonder if the couple are together or are they separating, getting a divorce or what?

So was it postponed because he is white?

So was it postponed because he is a Senator?

I found it quite interesting that during the campaign season my Senator basically put up his own money to run to keep his office during election time. I don’t think that the Senator’s position is worth no more than around $25,000 a year so was it worth it to spend hundreds of thousands of his own money during election time?

Well I guess some things about this article and my concerns will go unanswered because ain’t nobody going to talk about this because it is not a welfare article and they don’t look like me.

I do want to leave this with you. This is a good article because this is not just an average person but a person who is in politics. No if that was certain folks it would not be in the paper however we should hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. When a person become a public official that means they become public.

So for those of you who support double standards, you need to take articles like this and learn from them. How many Black folks, folks on welfare that have acquired anywhere close to all of the property that my Senator has? How many Black folks and folks on welfare have abused as much money that my Senator has been able to obtain over the years?

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