Rocky Mount City Council Election Look At Who Fighting Crime (Kat) Is Supporting But Why Is She Pushing Politics On That Page? Asking Black Folk


Kat at Fighting Crime did not Block Me but she has it so I can’t Comment on her page. So if the page is about crime why she got this. Folk this pages are fronts and working against you while posting Black Folk Stuff like the Event coming up for Pastor Lonnie Braswell and his wife. She said she was told to Share it.

But look at this post supporting these 2 candidates telling you to go to certain polls. They are banking on Roberson winning by getting folk to go vote in Nashville when folk in Edgecombe can vote for the mayor race too. But you see they don’t want folk to vote on Edgecombe County side because that will be a vote for Bronson Williams and if they keep turnout on Edgecombe side low.

Sources reported how Abundant Life Church Pastor Keith Moore members are working faithfully in Nashville in shifts.

But why is a page of this sort that is suppose to be about reporting crime posting about candidates. You would think they would be bias in their postings.

Black folk you don’t see how Kat has created a page 1st when she was a bailbondsman but since she had some criminal charges had to stop that. Now the page is to push her and the Special Cs Political Agenda. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t have a problem with their Political Agenda it is how they are delivering it by hoodwinking Black Folk who she fool over to her page.

Again she posted a post about a criminal and then telling folk to contact her when there is no link to who is looking for the suspect. But why call Kat?

Black folk and folk who are should be concerned about what is going on on this site need to wake the hell up.

Fact Check That!

Report Back!

I’ll Wait!

This Is What Happens When They Can’t Handle Them Trues

Fighting Crime News and Who’s Wanted

Yesterday at 4:29 PM ·

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Note: This was posted and/or reposted after she and I had lengthy discussions on yesterday. Because she couldn’t handle them trues she has to now create some rules to attempt to silence me. Hell just Block Me. I don’t visit the page until somebody tell me to go over there like right now.

Fighting Crime & Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Is This Your Agenda? City Council candidate: Keep town as white ‘as possible’

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn Chris Sifford shared a post on my page that a friend of his shared with him. I have never met Chris in person but I love that guy because he speak out on issues. Fighting Crime shared the post from my page and Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson has been trying to link that Black Agenda to Rocky Mount when these folk don’t even know Chris nor the author of the agenda. Hell I love it! I will not be Silent and/or Apologetic for being Black and standing up for my Black A . . .

Click On Photo To Watch Video


(CNN)A woman running for a city council in Michigan said she wants a “white community as much as possible.”

Jean Cramer’s racist answer came at a forum Thursday to a question about bringing more diversity to Marysville, which is 95% white.

Other candidates gasped at her words, as heard in a recording posted on the website of radio station WPHM.

Asked by the moderator if the community diversity needed to be addressed, perhaps by attracting foreign-born citizens, Cramer said: “My suggestion, recommendation: Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible.”

Albert Preston Holmes Talking About Me Over There On Fighting Crime LMBAO!

My resources keep me informed! Fighting Crime blocked me a couple of years ago because I called them out. I can read their mess but can’t comment so I don’t go over there unless somebody send me something to check out. Wow! I made the cut they talking bout me over there. I am going to tell my daddy they talking about me.

Oh I am loving it, I am the man!

These racists are mad!

The following they talking about my article in the Rocky Mount Telegram: Letter to the Edior: Rocky Mount is making great progress Damn good article!


Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook Page Complaints, Well I Posted This Several Months Ago

Several months ago I responded to a comment on the Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook page and all I said was they are not connected to the local police departments and they ain’t doing anything that someone else can not do. Damn they blocked me so I can not comment. I chose to do politics and they choose to do crime and that is a good thing because I don’t have to do it and can read what they post but I will also follow up on what they post. Read my entire post highlighted above.

The person had the audacity to call me months later since I continue to post comments about the page and she said she was a white female and that she was a bail bonds women and had mixed children. She said she was trying to make a living. I said okay. Someone had called me and gave me some information about who this person is and what they thought she was up to.

See petition that has been started on Facebook BAN FIGHTING CRIME and CLEANING UP ROCKY MOUNT (facebook page). Well there you have it!

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Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook Page Has Blocked Me From Commenting


Rocky Mount NC – Found The Following On The Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook Page SMDH!

In response to: SHOOTING – Dollar General W Raleigh Blvd – Person shot in the parking lot area – Suspect on a Orange Bike – going toward Beaman St

LoriPoythress Donny Gardner
You know if Rocky Mount, Nash, Edgecombe County really wanted to they could put an end to most of this! I talked with someone who told me you couldn’t hardly give a house away in Rocky Mount. I think those elected officials better start doing something. I know it would change if the heat was put where it needs to be.

The Political Agitator response: So what in the hell can be done?

And I also found the following to be quite interesting as well.

James P. Barnes So sad,… but Jesse, Al and Barber are silent on crime like this because it doesn’t benefit their political agenda!

The Political Agitator response: So what in the hell are they suppose to do?

What in the hell are you doing?

What can really be done?

I can read the Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook page but they blocked me from commenting.

Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC – Confirmation I Told You They Didn’t Work With Law Enforcement, They Have Damn Scanner Just Like I Do!

The Political Agitator: I said Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook page  didn’t work with Law Enforcement so this is a confirmation. The blocked me from being able to comment on their page.

Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC said:

I have gotten SEVERAL inboxes and questions around this – at this time I do not have any further information – If anyone can enlighten me please let me know –

Do you have any info on a fight at the Holiday Inn Express early this morning? I herd one of the people involved in the incident was a off-duty RMPO who was intoxicated and if not him the group he was with started the altercation. If you have any info the public would greatly appreciate it if you shared it, thanks and keep doing what you do

Somebody responded: I thought you worked close to RMPO why don’t you have this info???

Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Working on information

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Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC So Who Is Behind The Group?

Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook Page Has Blocked Me From Commenting 

Fighting Crime