Some see differences between perceptions of Waco, Baltimore – Yahoo News

The Political Agitator response: The writer did a great job. The others can attempt to twist the difference all they like. Lives were lost in Texas and none were lost in Baltimore riot. It is all about RACE and anyone who don’t see it is ignant to what is going on around them be it locally, statewide and nationally.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The prevailing images of protests in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, over police killings of black men were of police in riot gear, handcuffed protesters, tear gas and mass arrests. The main images of a fatal gun battle between armed bikers and police in Waco, Texas, also showed mass arrests — carried out by nonchalant-looking officers sitting around calm bikers on cell phones.

The firefight in Waco is raising questions about perceptions and portrayals of crime in America, considering the vehement reaction that the earlier protests got from police, politicians and some members of the public.

Media critics, columnists and civil rights activists are complaining that there appears to be little societal concern about the gunplay at a restaurant in Texas, whereas politicians — including President Barack Obama — described violent looters in Baltimore as “thugs,” and the media devoted hours of television and radio airtime to dissecting social ills that affect the black community. (Source: Read more)

Outrage as social media users compare Waco, Texas to Baltimore and Ferguson uprisings – Daily News

The deadly gun battle among several factions of biker gangs in Waco, Texas has social media users questioning the civility of its police intervention in the wake of Baltimore and Ferguson’s uprisings.

“They’ve recovered at least 100 weapons,” Deray McKesson, a high-profile activist wrote on Twitter. “The (National) Guard would be mobilized now if, black.”

With photos showing detained members of the criminal motorcycle gangs plugging away at their phones as police calmly stand guard, activists are quick to point out the disparity of the situation. (Source: Read more)

Ferguson: Demonstrators Gather Outside Police Department Night After Shooting – ABC News

A manhunt for suspects in the ambush shootings of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, continued tonight as several dozen demonstrators gathered outside the headquarters of the city’s police department for a candlelight vigil.

The demonstrators were outnumbered by media and police presence was minimal, a much different scene from Wednesday night, when a large crowd gathered following the resignation of the St. Louis suburb’s police chief. It was during that gathering that shots rang out and the two officers were injured. (Source: Read more)

Ferguson’s city manager is out after Justice Dept. report – Washington Post

Officials in Ferguson, Mo., announced Tuesday night that John Shaw, the city manager, was leaving his position.

The move, which the city called “a mutual separation agreement,” comes in the wake of a scathing Justice Department report that criticized Shaw and other Ferguson officials for the city’s discriminatory and predatory behavior toward citizens.

This change is the biggest fallout yet from the Justice Department’s report, and it is the second time in as many days that a key Ferguson figure cited in the report is leaving his position. On Monday, the Missouri Supreme Court said that a new judge would be taking over court cases in the city. (Source: Read more)

Here are 7 racist jokes Ferguson police and court officials made over email – VOX

The Political Agitator response: This is a damn shame. So now I want to hear what the folks had to say about how the black folks behaved in Ferguson. What you got to say about how the Police Department and Court Officials behaved. Need to fire all of them a… because all of them probably knew about how they were behaving. Damn now Ignant Racist White Folks who talked about the protestors and the Ignant Safe Negroes who talked about them also, what do you have to say now? You see I am so sick and tired of folks acting as if black folks don’t have the right to get emotional when they have to endure this type of mess. We have feelings and dignity and I be damn if we are going to give it away. 

The US Department of Justice found many, many things wrong in its investigation into the Ferguson Police Department, including a pattern of racial bias. But perhaps the most disturbing findings were the racist email exchanges between police and court officials, which show outright hostility and prejudice toward the St. Louis suburb’s black residents.

Here are the seven emails the Justice Department uncovered, all of which come from current employees and were apparently sent during work hours: (Source: Read more)

Michael Brown’s Family To File Civil Lawsuit Against City Of Ferguson, Darren Wilson – NewsOne

During a Thursday press conference, Michael Brown‘s family attorneys announced they will file a civil lawsuit against the city of Ferguson following the Justice Department’s decision not to press charges against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed their unarmed son.

Wilson will be among those named in the suit, according to attorney Daryl Parks.

The Brown family is “officially in the process” of building their case. This is the first time the family has released a statement since the scathing Justice Department report that exonerated Wilson and found racially biased policing practices within the department. (Source: Read more)

Justice report finds systematic discrimination against African-Americans in Ferguson – CNN

The Political Agitator response: But them damn jokes though. Check them out at the end of the article. As soon as the truth be made known in Ferguson and other places, the better off we will be. Some folks are in denial or just don’t give a damn about what is actually going on in America as it relates to the BLACK FOLKS. But then some folks act like they don’t know why some black folks act like they do. Well I get it. I am not asleep! I am not dreaming! I know what time it is! Folks this is why some white folks don’t want black folks in office because things get revealed. Some white folks don’t want black folks in office because they are afraid that some black folks are going to stir up some stuff. Well hell the truth need to be stirred up! The truth will set us all free however I came to the conclusion a several years ago that some folks don’t want to be. Well I ain’t the one!

The probe is the result of an investigation ordered by Attorney General Eric Holder after the police shooting that killed Michael Brown last summer.

Among the findings, reviewed by CNN: from 2012 to 2014, 85% of people subject to vehicle stops by Ferguson police were African-American; 90% of those who received citations were black; and 93% of people arrested were black. This while 67% of the Ferguson population is black.

In 88% of the cases in which the Ferguson police reported using force, it was against African-Americans. During the period 2012-2014 black drivers were twice as likely as white drivers to be searched during traffic stops, but 26% less likely to be found in possession of contraband.

Blacks were disproportionately more likely to be cited for minor infractions: 95% of tickets for “manner of walking in roadway,” essentially jaywalking, were against African-Americans. Also, 94% of all “failure to comply” charges were filed against black people. (Source: Read more)