Paula Stokes Dance response on another page,

“All of them who were involved, saw, knew, conspired, or in any way complicit need to be held responsible. Period! No matter race, creed, gender, etc.”

My response: Ab so damn lute ly! Facts!

Folk don’t want to deal with the whole trues, they want to deal with the trues to help get their point across.

Therefore I am not going to get into the debate.

My Opinions Based On Facts As Presented

I base my opinions on the facts as presented.

My opinion is if I was accused of doing something out of character years ago, I would be trying to get folk to speak for my character back then.

People change so should my character of today be the deciding factor of my character years ago pertaining to something I am accused of doing?

Making Wrong Right And Lie The Truth! Nope I Ain’t The One!

I have learned over the years that folks that attempt to not deal with the fact of the matter and try to justify their point out of ignance are just as or more dangerous than the person in question. You see for me it ain’t even about the woman who are confused about being black and acknowledged she has 2 white parents anymore, it is about the ignant comments that folks post that do not deal with the facts. SMDH!

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” My interest is dealing with the facts and the truth.

I get so sick and tired of GAFWI that want to justify and want me to accept their mess. I will not!

If you have an issue with me come correct and we can deal with the fact of the matter but don’t come with no mess.

I will not accept the mess in the news as it relates Police Brutality, Folks whom want to change their Sexual Preference other than what God made them and folks whom want to be of another Race because they want to be but their birth certificate and their parents have none of the genes to make them a part of a race.

Continue on with your mess but I will not accept your mess as fact and truth. I know better so don’t think I am going to support ya’ll.

Oh I will love you as person but I will not make wrong right and lie a truth.

I ain’t the one.

I get so sick and tired of folks talking about stuff that they don’t have the facts and don’t even seek to get the facts

This is speaking half-truths which leads to misleading folks. When other folks don’t know the truth, hell they think what someone says is the truth if they know that person and really like that person. Well I don’t care who the person is, if they ain’t talking facts and I know it, then I am going to call them out.

Although I am going to speak to the facts, I still tell folks to not take my word, do their own homework. However I don’t think anyone that knows me have any reason to doubt what I say but that does not matter. Just like I hold other folks accountable for their actions, I ask others to hold me accountable also.

I know that everybody don’t care to hear what I have to say, be it the gospel truth or not, I am not ignant to that fact. Well I am going to speak the truth and it is up to others how they receive it.

Now Run & Tell That!

Video/Pictures: Durham NC – Some Facts About President Barack Obama From 2008 Now Congressmen G.K. Butterfield NC and Jim Clyburn SC

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I attended a Get Out The Vote Rally at St. Joseph AME Church in Durham NC at 6:00 PM. There were around 50 plus folks in attendance including the Mayor of Durham Bill Bell, Rep. Mickey Michaux, my friend Rep. Larry Hall and some others.

Reps. G.K. Butterfield and Jim Clyburn put it down. They gave just enough information facts about what “Our” President Barack Obama has inherited as it relates to the debt lies you been told, jobs the lies you been told, health care and etc. that will make you think you are crazy. See what is in the Ryans Plan. It is a damn shame when you learn the facts and you will say damn how in the hell does these Republicans make this bull manure up? 

September 18, 2008 Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain suspended their campaigns and November 2008 while election being held the economy we lost 780,00 jobs, December 2008 we lost another 700,00 jobs in January 2009 we lost 740,00 jobs 2.1 MILLION JOBS LOST in 3 months all before President Barack Obama ever took the oath of office. He was sworn in January 20, 2009 with all of these jobs lost. And folks have the audacity to ask are we better off today than we were 4 years ago we are not losing almost 80,000 jobs today instead in the last 30 months we have gained 5.2 million jobs in the private sector. And these ignant ass Republicans talking about taking us back. I dare you to watch the video.


Click on picture to watch video 1 hr. 10 minutes.

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