Congrats JV Coach Eric McKnight & Varsity Coach Jonathan Cobb SouthWest Edgecombe High School Football 2015 For A Heck Of A Year!

I am so proud of the SouthWest Edgecombe 2015-16 football JV and Varsity Programs.

I have missed 2 JV games and going to miss 1 varsity game on tonight.

I know what Coach Cobb and the varsity program are capable of however I am glad to see where Coach Eric McKnight JV team has had an outstanding year during his first year as head coach. I was shocked to learn that he was the head coach when I attended game one at the start of the season. I knew he was on the varsity coaching staff for a couple of years.

I am looking forward to the jv winning the conference title or possibly tying with another team. I am looking forward to seeing how he will do next year. It appears that whatever Coach McKnight and his coaching staff did this year worked.

I am also looking forward to the varsity winning the conference title or possibly tying with another team.

However no matter what the outcome next week I am proud of my high school as a member of the 1981 Graduation Class.

SouthWest JV 8-1 overall 4-0 conference will play Beddingfield 5-4 overall 3-0 conference for the last game of the season. JV teams do not have playoff games.

SouthWest Varsity 8-1 overall 2-1 conference travel to North Johnston High School 5-4 overall 1-2 conference on tonight. Like I said earlier I am going to miss this one.

Beddingfield varsity 5-4 overall 3-0 conference play host to Farmville Central 4-5 overall 1-2 conference on tonight. Beddingfield beat Washington 5-4 overall 2-1 conference last week and Washington beat us a couple of weeks ago. We beat Farmville last week and they lost to Washington a couple of weeks ago also.

Actually next week will be the deciding factor for the conference standings.

I ask the Class of 1981 to join me in celebrating our SouthWest JV and Varsity Football Programs on a job well done however next week will be the last game of the regular season and the conference titles will be decided at that time. If you are nearby or far, let’s go to Beddingfield on Thursday November 5 and support the JV on their last game and/or come out on Friday November 6 and let’s help celebrate Varsity Senior Night against Beddingfield. Varsity team will get to go to the playoffs anyway.