Holder and Obama are making race relations worse, inflaming hatred – New York Post

Attorney General Eric Holder insisted to MSNBC earlier this month that “we are in a better place than we were before” in race relations since Barack Obama was elected president.

The president doubled down in an interview with NPR last week. Asked if race relations were worse since he took office, he said, “No, I actually think that it’s probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided.”

But that’s not what the American people see. A Pew Research Center poll found that only 40% of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling race relations. Black approval is down to 57%, while approval among whites is down to 33%. (Source: Read more)


Eric Holder: Voter ID Laws Are ‘Poll Taxes’ – HuffPost

HOUSTON — Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday he opposes a new photo ID requirement in Texas elections because it would be harmful to minority voters.

In remarks to the NAACP in Houston, the attorney general said the Justice Department "will not allow political pretexts to disenfranchise American citizens of their most precious right." (More)


Florida Governor Rick Scott appears clearly to have broken voting-rights-related laws.

Here is why federal marshals must immediately arrest Governor Scott in public.

Governor Scott successfully set up and carried out a purge of legitimate voters; if he faces no personal criminal justice consequences, then the message sent to other elected officials, and election officials, will be that they too can gain illegal advantages for their candidates without facing any criminal justice consequences. (More)