Public access computers at rocky mount unemployment office is an issue

Mr. Clegg,

I am writing to express my concerns about the computers for public use in the rocky mount office of the unemployment office.  this office currently has ten (10) computers for public use and this may be an adequate number of computers as i rarely see people
waiting to use the computers.  however, i would like to express concerns about several other technical "challenges" that exist:

  • computer processing speed.  i arrived at the rocky mount unemployment office one particular morning at 8:30 and the computers were just turned on and starting for the day.  it took one particular computer approximately 20 minutes to start.   Several computers have a "lapse" time between typing and having the system accept the input
  • out of the ten computers available for public use, only half or five of the computers have printing capabilities
  • four out of ten computers have MS-Word or a word processing programming available.  In my experience, many job searchers prepare their resume in MS-Word and employers accept electronic resumes prepared with MS-Word.
  • Several of the computers have a resume processing software application (WinWay)installed, however WinWay isn’t as user-friendly or intuitive as one may hope it to be.  A person without much computer experience would find this program difficult to use. 
  • passwords are automatically saved in email accounts and are accessible to any user who may type the first letter of that person’s user name.  i have discovered this in using my yahoo account at this office.  Just to be clear, i check my email when i come to the unemployment office because employers do communicate by email and i receive job leads by email.

With the unemployment rate in rocky mount at a reported 15%, (I personally believe this rate is much higher) one would think that management would show some concern for these unemployed persons who are looking diligently looking for employment in perhaps the most economically depressed area of the state.  (Rocky Mount has been identified as one of the ten most impoverished cities in the country according to Forbes Magazine)

It is my understanding that State of North Carolina has received federal stimulus funds.  Could the Rocky Mount Employment Security Commission receive some funds to update the computer system so as to allow those people who ARE looking for work to have the resources to locate work?  As an unemployed person who who comes to the unemployment office almost daily, I could accomplish so much more with access to a more technologically advanced system that had internet access, word processing, printing capabilities and would not compromise the security and privacy of my e-mail account.  I could perhaps even locate employment and no longer have the need to visit the rocky mount unemployment office. 

Please acknowledge the fact that even in 2010, not everyone has access to a computer at home.  Several people do not even have computer skills.  How frustrating it can be to have to depend on a system that appears to be handicapping and hindering us as unemployed persons, rather than helping us.

Vanesia J. Joyner
PO Box 2582
Rocky Mount, NC 27802

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