Pastors Bought And Paid For When It Comes To Elections

Theresa Alston Stokes you are right on. I have been educating folk about pastors have been bought and sold. Sources have told The DCN that some Black Pastors have sold their souls to the Caucasian Powers that Be so now they can’t ask for anything and must do what Massa tell them to do. I could call names but it ain’t necessary because everyone can see what Pastors speak out on issues and doing things in the community.

I have been out here fighting the good fight since the late 80’s being a voice for the people operating out of my pocket sacrificing my time and finances while competing with those who have the finances who were saying they are about what is good for the people while playing both sides. I know because I have been at the table and seen the mess that have gone on. I talk to a hell of a lot of folk and I repeat it all the time, “I know a hell of a lot more than what some folk think I know.”

If I was a sell out I would not be asking for donations to do what I do but although it has been a struggle, God has been good.

Theresa you say, “For those of you who have accepted the money, made the deals…I pray that God touches your heart.” Well I don’t know if that is enough because some folk who they have worked against have gone on to glory so I will have to think on that one. Folk need to live what they preach and look at all of the folk they have mislead, mis-fed and messed up their lives whom have gone on and some whom are still alive.

So look around and see what Pastors are doing what. Look at what their churches are doing and then look at the income they have coming in. Look at what they do for their members. Look at what they are saying on Sunday and then look at what they are saying and doing Monday – Saturday.

But by the Grace of God we have survived!

And on October 8, when the party is over and the victory is won look at how the Pastors and others come to the celebration. GTHOH! You didn’t do it, your people woke up and did what was right.

Fact Check That! Report Back! I’ll Wait! 

In response to Theresa Alston Stokes

This is so sad….BUT someone’s GOT to say it! It saddens me to see that some pastors in our community have apparently been promised or have been given money in order to have their congregations to support a particular candidate. ANYONE who is BUYING you to support them is ALREADY showing you their leadership …… IF they have bought…”YOU”…. who are “pillars of the community”….. they will BUY anyone. To vote for someone is one thing BUT to vote for someone because you have BEEN PAID to do so is another. That would mean the election goes to the highest bidder. For those of you who have accepted the money, made the deals…I pray that God touches your heart. ❤️Blessings to each and everyone of you. WAKE UP PEOPLE

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Some Folk Say The Better Candidate Don’t Always Win At Election Time

Ok that is so true but only when it is shown why one say sometimes the better candidate do not win.

Some will say the better candidate didn’t win because they just like them or close friends with them.

I think it is misleading to say sometimes the better candidate didn’t win without stating the reason why so that it can be debatable.

If I am going to publicly support a candidate or feel a certain candidate is the better candidate, I am going to state my reason why.

Rioting, Elections, Hope

I look at the root cause to how and why someone respond. Nope don’t make it right but I sympathize with the oppressed.

Elections are another subject for another day for me. Hell elections are like the microwave age, they want justice right now and not have to wait until major elections to bring about a change. What happens while they are waiting for an election?

I condone violence always have and always will however since black folks ain’t in control of much of anything, where is the hope? These folks whom choose violence obviously have no hope. Don’t make it right, but to those whom are willing to pay the price they obviously feel acting out is their road to hope and/or the end! Just my ignant opinion!

Butterfield speaks to NCCU students on race, inequality, elections – The Herald Sun

DURHAM — U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-1st, championed investment in education as a means to repair the “damage that has been done” to African-Americans by slavery in a guest lecture at N.C. Central University on Friday.

Butterfield, from the eastern North Carolina city of Wilson, represents part of Durham County. He is an NCCU alumnus who attended the school as an undergraduate and as a law student.

During the guest lecture, Butterfield spoke on income inequality along racial lines, the history of slavery and its impact, as well as on the November elections. He said that while America has tried to address issues of race, poverty and inequality, all efforts “have failed.” (Source: Read more)

What to know before you vote: NC has new rules Read – News & Observer

The final tally is in: More people cast early ballots for Tuesday’s primary than they did in the last mid-term elections, in 2010.

The count, released Sunday by the state Board of Elections, shows 268,298 early votes. Most of that – 258,780 – was one-stop voting. The 2010 total was 172,972.

There were fewer days to vote early this year, because of a new law. But that obviously didn’t slow things down.

The party breakdown shows Democrats voted in higher numbers than the statewide percentage of people registered in that party: 47.8 percent of the early ballots cast were by registered Democrats; 42 percent of the registered voters are Democrats. (Source: Read more)

Ann Romney Said She Didn’t Know Why Women Wanted To Make The Same Money As Men

Well damn for the white women back in the day the white male was the bread winner so the wives could do minor work and they could live good. However the Black woman had to work as hard as the Black man in order for both of them to make it. Hell ain’t you heard about a Black woman having a baby and working in the fields up to the time to have the baby and went right back to work immediately after having the baby.

The sad part is some Black folks will agree with Ann but that means they are just ignant because they don’t understand or they are in denial.

Damn I be glad when the election is over because I am so sick and tired of ignant damn conversations from so-called educated folks. Well!

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I can’t guarantee the video you will see will save your grandchildren or bring back our freedoms. What I can guarantee is this:  Anyone who sees this will demand the immediate arrest of Mitt Romney and the entire Bush drug cartel. (More)

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