Instant analysis–Source: News & Observer

After seven weeks, the votes are in, counted and recounted. The result: Doug McCullough won the Nov. 2 election – the Instant Runoff election – for a seat on the state Court of Appeals. McCullough should make a good judge on the Appeals Court (he’s been there before, serving capably). Question is, should North Carolina elect to use Instant Runoff Voting in statewide races again? (Read more)

Note: I totally agree 100%. This was instant “BULLMANURE” and everyone who pushed to do this election in that fashion is just that full of it. How in the hell can anyone feel good about this particular race? Nope I am not talking about because Judge Thigpen lead and then lost but because how do we know the total process was done correctly? Do we know if all the candidates received their right amount votes? Not a supporter of IRV now and never. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Instant Run Off Voting

Close races show just how much a vote counts–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

An open invitation to anyone who thinks a single vote doesn’t count: Please say hello to Mary Wells and Doug Starr; Bonnie Batts and Cindy Berry; Jon Hardy and Tim Johnson. (Read more)

Judge’s race in limbo until Nov. 29–Source: News & Observer (Will Cressie Thigpen Be The Winner In The End?)

RALEIGH — Turns out the instant runoff in this year’s state Court of Appeals election isn’t so instant.

Voters must wait a month or more to learn the winner of the 13-way race for a seat on the court. Cressie Thigpen and John McCullough got the most votes and are automatically contenders in the runoff.

Counties will begin to tabulate the results of the runoff Nov. 29. State Board of Elections officials expect the results to be known that week. (Read more)

New Congress, same approach to hot-button Internet issues?

Amidst all the shouting over Tuesday’s transfer of the House of Representatives to Republican control, a distinct cry of pain could be heard for the loss of one voice—Representative Rick Boucher (D-VA). Republican Morgan Griffith, majority leader of Virginia’s House of Delegates, has taken Boucher’s seat.

As Chair of the influential Subcommittee on the Internet of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Boucher’s imprint on tech issues—particularly online privacy—was clear as a bell. Now he is gone. (Read more)

President Obama Takes Responsibility for Democrats’ Loss, Saying, ‘I’ve Got to Do a Better Job’– Source: ABC News

President Obama today said he would take "direct responsibility" for his party’s devastating losses in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

"It underscores for me that I’ve got to do a better job," he told a news conference from the East Room at the White House.

Obama said the election results, which shifted power to the Republicans in the House and left Democrats barely clinging to their majority in the Senate, confirmed what he had heard during his campaign push that took him across the country. (Read more)

Did we truly hear ‘the voice of the American people’, or was it the echo of FOX News? by Curtis Gatewood Guest Columnist

Perhaps Americans and President Barak Obama signed off on the notion that “The people have spoken” in Tuesday’s mid-term election, before taking the time to read what is hidden in small print. Are Sara Palin and the “Tea Party movement” truly representing the powerful voices of the American people, or were millions of Americans hypnotized by the magic of poli-tricks whereby the true “power” was camouflaged by journalistic smoke and mirrored lies. Look closer. I am convinced you will find Tuesday’s results came by way of Americans being fooled by deceitful hands (and words) that proved to be quicker than the mind and eyes.

Standing behind this smoke screen, you will find the largest media conglomerate in America who has the muscle, the might, and the motive to successfully pull off such a feat. I am referring to FOX News, which is part of News Corp, whose earnings climbed 36% in its fiscal first quarter of this year. On its top line, revenue increased to $7.43 billion.

News Corp is now undergoing the regulatory approval process for its proposed acquisition of the remaining 60.9% of British Sky Broadcasting Group that it does not already own, at a of price of $11.5 billion. By merging its wide array of media assets, it would expand News Corp, while other media companies struggle. Competitors and critics have objected to the deal, saying “it would give News Corp. outsized market power.”

FOX News already dominates all of their cable news competitors, including CNN and MSNBC through averaging 2.25 million primetime viewers daily.

Therefore, rather than succumbing to the thought the “American people have spoken”, I contend, the election brings into question, the extent of mental control media conglomerates such as News Corp have on its viewers through using repetitious, divisive, and biased 24 hour cable news programming.

I further contend, the election may prove the need for new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines to ensure such media conglomerates are not monopolizing the market and using its media muscle/dollars to control and circumvent mental freedom rather than responsibly providing facts that provoke free thinking. I am also not convinced FOX is doing all it can to minimize the reporting of distortions that needlessly exacerbate hatred, exclusion, violence, recruitment of domestic terrorists, and add gasoline onto racially motivated fire that puts the U.S. President and nation’s security at risk.

Far from being “Fair and Balanced” as claimed by its slogan, this mega-media phenomenon appears to violate the basic concept of democracy when using its multi-billion dollar empire and psychologically domineering multi-million-viewer powerbase, to push its own highly partisan agenda. Likewise, FOX has become similar to a massive ventriloquist who powerfully sits us on his lap, pulls the strings, and speaks the words of his own voice and agenda through the mouths of millions of American puppets who act upon and are subconsciously controlled by a FOX ingrained message.

Like foreign dictatorships, media conglomerates such as News Corp allow their programming such as FOX News to powerfully serve as a platform to strategically polarize, divide and ultimately conquer the poor and working class citizenry through the repetitious usage of race-baiting, fear-mongering, and other distasteful forms of demagoguery . This is strategically done in the interests of America’s or the world’s richest one percent , who realizes it would be impossible to control the other 99% of the people if their minds were truly free. I am reminded of Jesus’ of words, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

Since the emergence of Barack Obama as a serious contender for the oval office and ultimately throughout the duration of his 20 months serving as Commander-In-Chief, FOX has relentlessly used its stature as the nation’s most powerful media conglomerate, to wrongfully discredit, distort, and diminish the success of President Barack Obama.

The true voice of the American people have no vested interests in helping to exacerbate anger, magnify/amplify misinformation, provide fertile ground for White Supremacists, and drive millions to the polls to illogically reward the party of “NO”; recompense the party who has blatantly disrespected and refused to cooperate with the first African-American U.S. President; and give more power to the party who has shown no compassion for the working class, the poor, the oppressed, and proven to favor only the rich.

And most importantly, Tuesday’s election backwardly empowered the very party who for the last eight years, drove Americans into high rates of unemployment, increased poverty amongst children by more than 11 percent, created the most devastating economic recession since the Great Depression, and created unprecedented foreign policy/military disaster while wasting taxpayer dollars, lying, inflating the deficits, violating and rewriting the U.S. Constitution, and in other ways actually doing for 8 long years, everything the Tea Partiers and other so-called “Conservatives” are now deceitfully accusing President Obama of doing.

With this said, there is absolutely no way “the American People” won on Tuesday. However, we can see how Tuesday’s outcome will serve the interests of News Corp., FOX News, it’s wealthy share holders, the richest one percent, and others who have no compassion for poor children, diversity, livable wages, justice, and the well-being of the larger struggling population of Americans. Yes, I agree, on Tuesday, a certain voice spoke loud and clearly. However I adamantly disagree with the notion it was the “American people” who spoke. If we dared to dig deeper, if we dare to look beyond the mirrors and smoke, we will find, what we heard was a deranged, self-serving voice from the multibillion dollar News Corp speaking through millions of journalistically manipulated, angry American puppets.

By The Rev. Curtis E. Gatewood

Guest Columnist
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