So D All Has Said Voter ID Is A Problem?

So d all has said Voter Id is a problem!

Really! It appears that the problem is d all not counting all the Votes!

So damn the folk go vote but then d all hide the machines so Votes will not get counted.

So who is the problem? Yous got it damn d all!

Note: I love playing with words try to be comical but yet get my point across.

Why the GOP is going after the wrong kind of voter fraud – News & Observer

North Carolina has a long history of election fraud, although not the kind being debated in the halls of the legislature.

The way elections have historically been stolen in North Carolina is through the use of absentee ballots for obvious reasons – not only are there no photographs required but the “voter” doesn’t even have to show up in person. (More)

Republican Staffers Charged With 36 Counts of Election Fraud

Response: So damn look at where the Election Fraud is coming from. But damn Ignant Racist White Folks and Safe Negroes talking about it is the Democratic Party who have a problem with Voter ID and we are better than that. Well again it is not about voter fraud for us but about trying to keep some Black folks from voting.

It turns out that the Republican Party’s obsession with voter fraud may be yet another case of projection. Four former staffers for resigned House Rep. Thaddeus McCotter have been charged with 36 counts of misdemeanor and felony election fraud. Yesterday one of those staffers, Lorianne O’Brady, pled not guilty to five misdemeanor counts of  submitting fraudulent signatures on a ballot petition. O’Brady is the last of the four staffers to be arraigned; the other three, Don Yowchuang, Mary Melissa Turnbull, and Paul Seewald, were arraigned on similar charges on August 10th. (More)

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