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Deacon Dennis Ray Hussey Edgecombe Nash Black Political Caucus Called Me A Nigger And Told Me To Write About That

My cousin Dennis Ray Hussey Treasurer of the Edgecombe Nash Black Political Caucus and Deacon Ebenezer Baptist Church came flying up to the carwash today. I was wiping down my car while talking to 2 of my cousins, 1 is his cousin.

Our cousin said you come up here flying like you coming to get somebody. About this time the Good Deacon jumped out of the car and came over where I was and said I was a crazy Nigger and go write about that. I said you are the one and you better go kiss Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Walker’s a . . . because I do not kiss a . . . He kept saying you are a crazy Nigger while walking back to his car.

My cousin that was standing there that was no relationship to him said he would whip his a . . . if he had came up and called him a Nigger. I said he is not worth it. He told the Good Deacon he would whip his a . . .  several times and while he was driving off the guy told him he didn’t like him anyway.

I have been holding the Good Deacon accountable for the PAC money since the 90’s and this is the first time he has shown his ignance. Obviously they must not be collecting the PAC monies like they have in the past for him to approach me. LMBAO

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Edgecombe Nash Black Political Caucus

Edgecombe-Nash Black Political Caucus, Is It About Educating Black Folks or About Money?

I have talked about this many times. The actual name of the caucus is The Edgecombe-Nash Black Political Caucus (ENBPC). A couple of years ago the Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Walker supposedly dropped “Black.” But why? To appeal to white candidates. That’s right. I first began to follow the Black Caucus back in the 90’s when I was the interim county Democratic Party chair and some folks said the party had received some money. Nope the money was given to the ENBPC and I researched it and at that time had the NC State Board of Elections to send me the reports via U.S. Postal service and fax because they were not online like they are now. During that time I found discrepancies in their reporting such as incomplete information. The state told me they do not question anything that the folks from the local area have to question the information.

I didn’t attend the Edgecombe-Nash Black Political Caucus banquet on this past Friday because I do not support them. Yes I have an issue with the caucus members. Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Walker President, Deacon of Walker’s Church Dennis Hussey – Treasurer, Shelly Willingham member but I wonder what his role really is and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs their goofer and his role is clear. I have seen the big sums of checks written to Higgs saying administrative fees.

I have a problem with Walker and Hussey because when I read their Pac Reports I do not like what I read. I do not like how the money is being used and the inconsistency of how poll workers are paid. Money is raised at the expense of other folks and then it is used to hold communities right where they are.

It is my opinion that candidates feel obligated that they must support the caucus because if they do not they may feel they will be looked at in a certain way. The banquet is also an outlet for  them because hundreds of people are gathered in one place and this is good for politicking. However if I was a candidate I would not give them a dime of my money. I will say some of the commercials telling people to get out the vote is okay but the other mess they do is a joke If a candidate really tracked them, I wonder would they be pleased? I already know because I have seen several candidates who were used by the caucus.

The pac report shows things that they have done over the years that just do not make sense to me such as renting cars and etc.

During election time when poll workers are hired all the workers ought to be paid the same in my opinion. Not? The more educated or well known folks are paid more while the undereducated and poor folks who really need the money the most are paid less and sometimes nearly half the amount. I see a difference in the folks in Pinetops pay and the folks in Rocky Mount.

Well I know by now some of you black folks are pissed off with me for talking about “your” Edgecombe-Nash Black Political Caucus well I don’t give a damn. I know these folks are black, have family, ministers, deacons and other however when I became active in politics in the early 90’s I made it clear that I was not going to get caught up in mess and I have not. I made it clear that I will hold black, brown, white and other folks accountable. I am black also and I have family and friends who are affected by the actions of the ENBPC.

I will continue to educate folks about what is going on around them even those who do not want to be educated, so it is up to those folks how they receive the information. I do not care about these folks being mad with me because “I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.”

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Track the money in the online report that is reported to the NC State Board of Elections.

A report was done on 2.9.10 and was signed The Edgecombe-Nash Black Political Caucus. I wonder why there is no phone number?