The Historical Origins of the 1871 Nash-Edgecombe County Line – Digital Rocky Mount Mills

In the spring of 1871, state legislators voted to relocate the boundary line between Nash and Edgecombe counties from the Falls of the Tar River to the line of the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad that ran through the middle of Rocky Mount, Battleboro, and Sharpsburg. The legislature’s new law stated that “all the portion of Edgecombe county west of the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad and between the Halifax and Wilson [county] lines be, and the same is hereby annexed to and shall form a part of Nash County.”[1] This change in the boundary line was controversial in 1871, and it remains so to this day.  Uncovering the lost history of the county line change is therefore important for discussing the broader historical development of Nash and Edgecombe Counties, and it is also especially relevant for the CHW’s project on Rocky Mount Mills. The mill and many of the mill workers were directly affected by the change in the county line, and residents of both counties were politically divided on the issue.

The change in the Nash-Edgecombe county line disrupted political boundaries that had existed for nearly a century. Since the creation of Nash County out of Edgecombe County in 1777, the boundary between the two counties had been based on . . . (Read more)

Municipal Elections Filing Began In Edgecombe/Nash County This Day July 5, 2019 12 Noon (See Daily Updates Til Filing Period Ends)

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Today I witnessed the following candidates file for the following towns.


Leo Taylor for Council Ward 2 Re-Election

Deborah Jordan for Council Ward 6 Re-Election

Bryan Tate Mayo Jr. for Council Ward 8

Rocky Mount

Bronson Williams for Mayor

Richard Joyner Council Ward 3 Was appointed to fill unexpired term now Judge Lamont Wiggins seat

Gwen Wilkins for Council Ward 3

Nellene Richardson for Council Ward 3

Timothy J. Walker Jr. for Council Ward 4

Elaine Burnette Williams for Council Ward 4 Endorsed by outgoing Councilwoman Lois Watkins

Lige Daughtridge for Council Ward 5


Steve Burress for Mayor Re-Election

Dennis Sugg for Commissioner

Brenda Barnes for Commissioner Re-Election


Jesse Earl Pettaway for Commissioner Re-Election

Annie Pettaway for Commissioner


Don Patel for Commissioner

Linda Virgil for Commissioner


Esterine Pitt for Mayor Re-Election

Doris Howington for Commissioner Re-Election

John P. Ford for Commissioner

The Political Agitator support Jordan, Joyner, Walker, Williams.

Filing Day 2 Monday July 8, 2019

Rocky Mount

Robert Lee Alston for Mayor


Florence Pender for Commissioner Re-Election

Oscar Mabry for Commissioner


Nancy Jones Taylor for Commissioner


Aubrey Eugene Edmonds for Commissioner


Linda Joyner for Commissioner Ward 2 Re-Election

Filing Day 3 Tuesday July 9, 2019

Rocky Mount

Sandy Roberson for Mayor

Tarrick Pittman for Commissioner Ward 1


Wanda Williams Harrison for Commissioner

Joyce Bullock Ricks for Commissioner


C. B. Brown III For Commissioner

Filing Day 4 Wednesday July 10, 2019


Charles Lewis


Ricky Lynch

Filing Day 5 Thursday July 11, 2019


Kenneth Sanders For Commissioner Ward 4 Filled Unexpired Term of Glenda Knight


Mayetta McCloud For Commissioner


Milton Goff Jr. For Commissioner

Rocky Mount

Kevin Jones For Mayor

Filing Day 6 Friday July 12, 2019

Rocky Mount

Andre Knight For Commissioner Ward 1


Wanda M. Naylor

Johnny Repass


Mike Keel For Mayor Re-Election

Joyce Braxton For Commissioner


Kenneth Randolph

Filing Day 7 Monday July 15, 2019


Linda Ingram For Mayor Re-Election


Teresa Summerlin For Mayor

Will Barnes for Commissioner


Wilbert Harrison For Mayor Re-Election

Joe Willie Dickens III For Commissioner

Roberta Jones Mercer For Commissioner

Filing Day 8 Tuesday July 16, 2019


Brenda Harrell For Mayor


Alvin Jones For Commissioner Ward 4


Betty Jo Oneal Roberson For Commissioner


Al Braxton For Commissioner Ward 8

Filing Day 9 Wednesday July 17, 2019


Natarsha Davis For Commissioner


Milton Bullock For Commissioner Ward 1 Re-Election

Calvin Sherrod For Commissioner Ward 4


Mary Jackson For Commissioner

Filing Day 10 Thursday July 18, 2019


William Earl Johnson For Commissioner Ward 1


Becky Humphrey For Commissioner


Critics pan downtown hotel plans – Rocky Mount Telegram (LJK)

The Political Agitator’s response: Thank you my guy Lindell John Kay for your reporting about the critics concerns. However I strongly believe that your reporting is only half-trues. I don’t understand why all of the emphasis is being put on the parking piece and nothing, absolutely nothing is highlighted about the hotel, the retail stores and condominiums. If I am correct with all of that will come revenue. It is just sad that it appears, I repeat it appears that the critics are just mad because the city is growing in many ways positively under the leadership of Blacks and some Caucasians are just showing how racism is still alive and well. Follow the names of the critics and try to put a name with the mess the unidentified folk have to say then ask yourself what these folk with money have done on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount. But these Caucasians continue to talk about what needs to be done but what have they done? Have they invested in Edgecombe County? “There are alternative uses for $18 million that could benefit downtown and the city far more,” said council candidate Lige Daughtridge, who have been a vocal critic of the hotel and parking deck proposal.” Tickles the hell out of me that he has been the spokesperson for the the critics who have been consistently attending the council meetings bringing up their issues for quite some time telling the council how they should spend money and where. So this shows that they have no problem with the council spending the money as long as Lige and his critics can tell them how and where to spend the money. I would love to hear more about the Jesse Gerstl project why it is on hold. Wow, a local real estate investor who do not want to be identified because has pending contracts has the audacity to speak out because they want to help Lige and critics build their case. Really but they have been and continue to be in the process of receiving monies from the city. Since the Caucasian critics are trying to paint a picture of the city, I sure hope Black folk and Caucasians that want what is best foll the entire Rocky Mount weigh what is going on and not allow certain folk to tell them what is best for Rocky Mount. There are competent, intelligent, capable and willing Black leaders who are making history by doing things to finally give the folk of Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount the HOPE that has been long due. I ask that all folk do their homework and attempt to get all sides of the story. So the critics voice is spelled out here, so where are the voices support the city? Maybe I missed their voices in the series of articles. I want to thank the Caucasians on the council who have been supported of what is good for Rocky Mount as well. I am putting emphasis on the Black Leaders because they are the targets when it comes to the Lige and the critics.

What started out as a simple non-binding letter of intent presented six months ago during a hectic Rocky Mount City Council meeting is poised to become an $18 million downtown parking deck.

Proponents of the hotel — city officials and consultants — have said the project’s economic impact is projected to be around $100 million.

The downtown hotel project will mean 700 local jobs during its construction phase and $1 million in tax revenue, according to information provided by Alan O’Connell of Novogradac Consulting.

If approved, the city will provide $18 million and Hunt Services will put up $30 million for a hotel, parking deck, retail stores and condominiums. (Read more)

Edgecombe County Focused, Always Have Been And Always Will Be

I am focused on local Edgecombe County Politics but not limited to.

I was born and raised in Pinetops. Since shortly after the flood of 1999 I have lived 7 miles out of Tarboro and 3 miles out of Pinetops.

I have worked in Rocky Mount at the Edgecombe County and Nash County line for the past 32 years. Where my job is located the back of the plant is at the line because the railroad tracks are dividing the county. Actually behind where I work is where the CSX hub is coming.

I got involved in the late 80’s joining Black Workers for Justice that used to be housed over where the Event Center is now, The Edgecombe County NAACP Rocky Mount Branch because Edgecombe County didn’t have an active branch at the time and do not at the present. I have resigned from more community organizations than most folk have been a member of because it was a waste of my time.

I became active so I could be a voice for the voiceless the young folk and the elderly. I will continue to be a voice.

I find it interesting that some folk are coming on board thinking they have figured something out when I have been there done that and fighting some of the same issues from back in the day. Yes I have seen a hell of a lot of progress made and been involved in the process, however it is a hell of a lot more progress that need to be made. I am going to continue to do what I do until the end.

I welcome folk whom want to get involved however again don’t act like you have figured something out with words because words without action and results means ab so damn lute ly nothing.

I welcome anyone that want to get into the action but I request you do your homework so you can make informed decisions when acting on issues and when it comes to people.

I hope everyone whom want to get in on the action can help make Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play. But you need to keep in mind some things can be done individually and then collectively. Don’t think it is all about you.

I know my worth, know what I have done as an individual and collectively. It is documented in the minutes of the meetings across the county, the videos I have done and the archives of the local and some statewide media. I am TeamDancy however I work with others as well.

Remember the following when it comes to me. I am not in a popularity contest.

I am Unbought and Unbossed!

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

Talking about Poverty In Edgecombe County what are some examples of someone living in poverty?

I posted this on my Facebook page Tuesday. I received some responses and they were okay but nobody was touching on where my mindset is so I couldn’t hold out any longer.

The following is where my mindset is.

Ok I try not to give my opinion about certain things until others have given theirs. I know many times my opinion drive the conversation.

The Senior Citizens are a great example of POVERTY.

I don’t want to hear about folk with children being in poverty as if they are the majority of the folk who are in POVERTY.

What everyone needs to understand is that there are some important folk who are doing jobs such as law enforcement, teachers and etc. that we need in place to provide a service for the masses.

In Edgecombe County law enforcement and some other positions are underpaid. We need these men and women to protect and to serve us. I am grateful of these folk putting their lives on the line daily for us but having to work 2 jobs just to be able to live comfortable with the basic necessities such as a place to live and a car to drive along with other basics.

We do ourselves a disservice many times by always talking about POVERTY in the negative only talking folk having all these babies and when they are not the majority. Yes that is an issue but that does nothing to the majority of the working folk who want to work and live a good life.

All I am saying is we need to find a way to deal with real POVERTY and it ain’t always having to do with babies, being uneducated and other negatives that becomes the topic of discussion.

I am talking about things that Edgecombe County need to be addressing whether something can be done or not.

Senior Citizens income is not governed by Edgecombe County so that is a bigger picture to deal with.

Just my ignant opinion.

Media Why Black Folk Need A Reliable Source And One That Will Capture Things That Should Be Dear To Us Here In Edgecombe & Nash Counties

Do you not understand that you learn what is going on around you from the local media newspaper the Rocky Mount Telegram from reporters that tell the story how they want to tell it instead of making sure the real meat of the issue is on the table?

Do you not understand that the local TV Station WHIG-TV Out of Rocky Mount attend selective meetings and events and broadcast them? Look at when things are about the black community if it is a positive they rarely cover it if it is going to empower black folk or should I say wake up black folk.

Take for instance about weeks ago the Rocky Mount City Council held interviews for candidates that were seeking to replace Judge Lamont Wiggins vacated seat in Ward 3. The interviews were held beginning around 10 AM on a week day while folk were working. They knew then that Rev. Richard Joyner was not qualified and that he is not qualified as I am typing this post.

It appeared that the interview session was interesting because it was reported in the Telegram and reported by several candidates and others present that the qualifications of Joyner and he having receiving the questions was a topic of discussion. Where were WHIG-TV?

WHIG-TV made sure they were at the meeting on the evening of the appointment simply because they and their faithfully followers were there to support Rev. Richard Joyner. Robbie Davis Nash County Commissioner one of the persons who recently purchased WHIG-TV and a critic of the Rocky Mount City Council made sure the station was present and then he came in just in time before the appointment was done.

I hate I didn’t take a vacation day on the day of the interview so I could have captured the mess that took place. Rev. Richard Joyner should never had been interviewed and damn sure should not have had the questions while the other candidates didn’t have them.

It was a campaign going on on the Community Council Facebook Page and also Elijah Daughtridge personal page to support Rev. Richard Joyner to replace Wiggins ignoring that Joyner was not qualified. It is funny how Lois Watkins black female made the motion and a Chris Miller white female, WB Bullock white male and Tom Rogers white male all who live on the Nash County side of Rocky Mount voted to appoint Joyner.

I worked 9 hours getting off at 4:30 and I covered the Committee of the Whole Meeting beginning at 5 PM and the Council Meeting beginning at 7 PM on the day of the appointment and got home around 10 am that night. I don’t get paid to do what I do but it is very much needed. My video shows that you just can’t make this mess up. It shows what happened in real time versus the sound bites of the narrative that the Rocky Mount Telegram printed.

Folk it makes no sense that I sacrifice my time and equipment to capture meetings and events so that you can see it for yourself and you don’t even say thank you and or make a donation. Don’t you care about what is going on in the community that you get to see it for yourself?

Folk black folk need a media outlet in the area. It do not have to be me but it is damn sure needed.

Go to all of these media outlets and see how they bash our black leaders that are making things happen. To do everything they can to try to discredit our leaders.

Folk if you care about what is going on around you, you ought to show it and you can do so by visiting the following link: Send All Donations To The DCN News Blog Online TV Through PayPal And Other