Photos/Video: Edgecombe County Sheriff Clee Atkinson & Staff Oath of Office 2018

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Edgecombe County Politics Register of Deeds & Sheriff Office Salaries

During the November Edgecombe County Commissioners meeting Sheriff Clee Atkinson along with 2 of his staff people did a presentation before the commissioners about the Sheriff Office. Salary of the Sheriff and the staff was a part of the presentation. Commissioner chairman Leonard Wiggins said the commissioners had the right to lower Sheriff and the Register of Deeds salaries because these two were appointed to fill the unexpired terms.

In Edgecombe County we have a white Register of Deeds Robin Williams Braswell who appointed some years ago to fill the unexpired term of Register of Deeds Judy Coles Retired. Robin has done a great job modernizing the office and handling the needs of the citizens. I supported her for the appointment and supported her campaign for election. It makes no sense to me that Robin began at a lower salary than Coles. If I am correct Robin has not reached the salary that the former Register of Deeds was at before she retired.

Sheriff Clee Atkinson who was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight Retired. Clee has done a great job coming in making some changes to the office that was needed immediately. I supported Clee for the appointment and supported his campaign for election. It makes no sense to me that Clee’s salary began at a lower salary than Knight.

I know all of the commissioners on the board now was not there when Robin was appointed but over the years the discussion of her salary should have come up. I have visited the office over the years to pick up documents and most recently did a property transaction. I have been pleased with the service over the years. I have not heard any complaints about the office over the years however I am quite sure there has been some. If I am correct Robin’s salary has not reached the salary that the former Register of Deeds was making when she retired. And by the way the former Registered of Deeds recommended Robin.

Since Clee was appointed all of the commissioners on the board were there when he was appointed. He was a former Highway State Patrol and he has much training in law enforcement. He had to come in and learn the workings of the Sheriff Office but it is not like he is not an experienced in law enforcement.

I addressed the commissioners during the public comments during the meeting and I responded that I understand they had the right to reduce the starting salary of these 2 offices. However I don’t understand why because if the money was already there and it was not a problem I don’t see it being a problem now. I hope that the commissioners will do what they can to get the increase the salaries for Register of Deeds and the Sheriff along with the staff because the Sheriff Office runs the county and putting their lives on the line daily.

I support the Register of Deeds and the Sheriff that their salaries need to brought up to the former retiree’s salary. I also support the salaries of the Sheriff staff because they deserve more in comparison with some other counties.

I left the meeting trusting and believing that the commissioners will do whatever they can to get these salaries increased.

Press Release: Update On Dog Mauling Incident


There have been numerous requests for confirmation that the victim of the dog mauling from last week, Triniti Harrell, has passed away. I feel confidant at this time that the information is correct and that she has passed away as a result of her wounds from this incident. There are still no charges expected in this tragic accident. We ask for continued prayers for her family and the first responders who were involved. We would also ask for restraint and respect for her family in this trying time, in terms of coverage. Please keep a distance from their family home and any funeral proceedings unless they invite you in.

Thank you all for your concern.

I don’t anticipate any further comment on this matter from our office.

E. W. Muse Jr.

Detective Lieutenant

Criminal Investigations Division

Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office

3005 Anaconda Rd.   Tarboro, NC 27886




Breaking News – Two People Found Deceased On Property In Leggett NC

Sheriff Cleveland “Clee” Atkinson Jr.


On 09/06/18, Edgecombe County Deputies were called to a residence in Leggett to check the welfare of someone thought to be missing. Deputies discovered two people deceased on the property. The victims’ names are not being released at this time per the wishes of their family.

At this time, no one else is believed to be in danger. Suspects are in custody. A full release will be made available during the day on 09/07/18.

We ask for prayers for the family of the deceased.

The Rocky Mount Branch of the NAACP General Body Meeting Thursday, March 22, 2018 7:00 PM Presentation Heroine Use Edgecombe County Sheriff Office

The Rocky Mount Branch of the NAACP General Body meeting will be held on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 7:00pm in the NAACP Conference Room at OIC, Inc., located at 402 E. Virginia Street, Rocky Mount NC.

Narcotics Lt. Kevin West Edgecombe County Sheriff Office will do a presentation on Heroine Use.

For more information, Contact Clara Knight, Branch Secretary at (252) 544-3519

Photos/Videos: Edgecombe County Sheriff Deputy David Lee Sean Manning Was Laid To Rest Sunday March 18, 2018

I didn’t know Deputy Sheriff David Lee Sean Manning but after Sunday March 11, 2018 when I drove up on the scene of the accident it is like I have been knowing him all of my life.

I knew Deputy Manning’s dad Kevin D. Johnson and I was there supporting the family when he became deceased. I also know Kevin’s mother Barbara Jean Moore.

I knew of Deputy Manning’s mother Dashina Manning as I ran into her from time to time.

I know Deputy Manning’s grandparents David and Ann Manning and we were good friends. Ann asked me one time did I video her mother’s funeral and I said no I don’t go around videoing funerals without getting permission. She said anytime someone dies in her family that she wanted me to video the funeral. I said okay.

I knew of Deputy Manning’s stepdad William Heath but didn’t know him, know him. After calling a friend and a close friend of William he told me you know him he used to be sitting with us at the football games because he had a son playing and he like myself would be videoing the games.

On Tuesday I got a call from someone about videoing a funeral in Rocky Mount and I told them I had some funerals in Pinetops and I had to see when they would be. I had one on Saturday and Sunday.

I sent a message to Dashina on IM and told her to tell her mother to call me. Dashina responded back and she asked did I want to talk to her or her mother. I said I can talk to you. She called me and I told her what her mother had told me and I told her I was trying to reach her mother to let her know that this was her grandson and that if they wanted me to video I would have to hear it from Dashina. Dashina said we are working the details and that my name had come up and they were going to contact me after they had gone down to the funeral home the following day Wednesday and she would let me know the details. I said all I need to know is which day the funeral would be and I will be there.

I want to thank the Manning family for allowing me to video the visitation on Saturday and then the Fa bu lous ta stic Homegoing Celebration on Sunday. I also want to thank Sheriff Clee Atkinson Edgecombe County Sheriff Office for allowing me to be a part of the 2 day celebration and especially on Sunday.

This week I learned a lot about Deputy Manning. A co-worker Joan Stevens told me she knew him because he was their waiter at Buffalo Wild Wings. I didn’t know he had worked there. She talked about how nice a young man he was.

I heard different folk talking about Deputy Manning love for music and that he was good at it. His grandmother Ann told me he used to work at Texas Steakhouse in Rocky Mount also. She also told me he had worked at the Family Dollar in Tarboro. This young man had work around his heart something so many young folk have a problem with because they will don’t want to work.

I have felt so helpless on Sunday March 11, 2018 when I watched Deputy David Lee Sean Manning lying there. I say helpless but it was God’s Plan and you can’t beat God giving. God has given him a new home and I can’t touch that.

I feel good on today to know that as I told the Manning Family on Wednesday when I went to see them, I thank them for allowing me to video and take photos because they will be allowing me to give them something that they can cherish all the days of their lives. I said during the time as a family are going through the services they will not remember the numerous folk that are present. I said they will not remember all that the Eulogist said. I said you will be able to go back and look at the video and the photos and it will help bring some closure to the remembrance of your love one.

My heart goes out the Manning family, the Heath Family and The Joyner Family.

My heart goes out to Sheriff Clee Atkinson and the entire Edgecombe County Sheriff Office and all Law Enforcement Officers that were present and those who wanted to be a part of this Great Homegoing Celebration.

See photos from Saturday and Sunday celebrations on The DCN News Blog Online TV Facebook Page.

Note: If you share photos and/or videos please credit Curmilus Butch Dancy II. Thanking you in advance.


Deputy Sheriff David Lee Sean Manning Visitation

Deputy Sheriff David Lee Sean Manning Homegoing Celebration Preparation For Traveling To Edgecombe Community College Keihin Auditorium

Deputy Sheriff David Lee Sean Manning Homegoing

Deputy Sheriff David Lee Sean Manning The Road To The Final Resting Place Public Pine View Cemetery Pinetops North Carolina

Sheriff Clee Atkinson Edgecombe County Sheriff Office Remarks 

Apostle Emma Speaker Dickens Eulogist