Edgecombe County Filing Period for the 2020 Elections Begins Today Monday December 2, 2019

The Primary Elections will be held in March 2020 so therefore the filing period start December 2, 2019 at 12 noon and end December 20, 2019.

The following offices are up for election in 2020.

President and Vice President



NC Governor – ROY COOPER (DEM)


NC House of Representatives – SHELLY WILLINGHAM (DEM)

Register of Deeds – ROBIN CARPENTER (DEM) Retired Effective Today

County Commissioners




RALPH WEBB (DEM) District 5

Soil & Water Conservation


Judge of District Court – 7th District






Edgecombe County School Board


WILLIAM S. ELLIS, JR DEM) – District 4


Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Election

EVELYN BULLUCK – District 10

ANN EDGE (D) – District 11


Edgecombe County Politics Register of Deeds & Sheriff Office Salaries

During the November Edgecombe County Commissioners meeting Sheriff Clee Atkinson along with 2 of his staff people did a presentation before the commissioners about the Sheriff Office. Salary of the Sheriff and the staff was a part of the presentation. Commissioner chairman Leonard Wiggins said the commissioners had the right to lower Sheriff and the Register of Deeds salaries because these two were appointed to fill the unexpired terms.

In Edgecombe County we have a white Register of Deeds Robin Williams Braswell who appointed some years ago to fill the unexpired term of Register of Deeds Judy Coles Retired. Robin has done a great job modernizing the office and handling the needs of the citizens. I supported her for the appointment and supported her campaign for election. It makes no sense to me that Robin began at a lower salary than Coles. If I am correct Robin has not reached the salary that the former Register of Deeds was at before she retired.

Sheriff Clee Atkinson who was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight Retired. Clee has done a great job coming in making some changes to the office that was needed immediately. I supported Clee for the appointment and supported his campaign for election. It makes no sense to me that Clee’s salary began at a lower salary than Knight.

I know all of the commissioners on the board now was not there when Robin was appointed but over the years the discussion of her salary should have come up. I have visited the office over the years to pick up documents and most recently did a property transaction. I have been pleased with the service over the years. I have not heard any complaints about the office over the years however I am quite sure there has been some. If I am correct Robin’s salary has not reached the salary that the former Register of Deeds was making when she retired. And by the way the former Registered of Deeds recommended Robin.

Since Clee was appointed all of the commissioners on the board were there when he was appointed. He was a former Highway State Patrol and he has much training in law enforcement. He had to come in and learn the workings of the Sheriff Office but it is not like he is not an experienced in law enforcement.

I addressed the commissioners during the public comments during the meeting and I responded that I understand they had the right to reduce the starting salary of these 2 offices. However I don’t understand why because if the money was already there and it was not a problem I don’t see it being a problem now. I hope that the commissioners will do what they can to get the increase the salaries for Register of Deeds and the Sheriff along with the staff because the Sheriff Office runs the county and putting their lives on the line daily.

I support the Register of Deeds and the Sheriff that their salaries need to brought up to the former retiree’s salary. I also support the salaries of the Sheriff staff because they deserve more in comparison with some other counties.

I left the meeting trusting and believing that the commissioners will do whatever they can to get these salaries increased.

Barbara Ann Cole Wants To Unseat Robin Carpenter For Edgecombe County Register of Deeds

First of all I don’t question if Barbara Ann Cole is capable of serving as Register of Deeds because I recognize and understand that people get elected to positions for whatever reasons. Once a person get elected they must perform the duties and someone who has not served in that capacity should be able to learn.

When it comes to elections my philosophy is that all candidates are qualified if they meet the guidelines for filing for a particular office. I know that most folks vote for folks that sometimes look like them, they know them on a personal note, they are friends with them or they know others who know the candidate and or friends with them. Some folks vote for other folks because they are paid to work for the candidate’s campaign.

As I stated in an earlier post, I wanted to see a black person get appointed to the Register of Deeds seat and then elected but that didn’t happen. Unless someone close to me, a friend and I must feel that they can put together a strong political machine to oust Robin Carpenter then I will support Carpenter. I will not waste my vote on someone that I don’t know such as Barbara Cole.

Cole gave me a handout last week and said since you don’t know me this is something about me. Well Ms. Cole I don’t role like that. I don’t know you and obviously you don’t know me.

The handout stated out by requesting support in her campaign. She stated the purpose of the Register of Deeds Office.

Coles stated she was born and reared in Tarboro and graduated from Tarboro Senior High School (class of 1973). She also stated who her siblings and parents are. She said she has one child. She also mentioned she was a member of a local church in Tarboro. Well I don’t know any of the names she mentioned but I am familiar with the church.

Everybody that I have asked, I mean the few folks that I asked didn’t know anything about her however one person told me they knew her from years back.

Coles stated the many places of her employment over the years which consisted of the Federal Government for fifteen years.

Coles stated that she feel her experience she is well prepared to manage the office of the Register of Deeds effectively and efficiently. I do not question her experience at all. Now if she had stated that she was a former Register of Deeds and what she did in that capacity I may would have given her some thought since I don’t know here.

The reason why I can not support Coles is because I don’t know her. Obviously she don’t know how politics work in Edgecombe County. Ever who put her up to running obviously didn’t educate her on how politics works her and if they did and she still filed then that is another problem within itself.

Hear me Edgecombe County I will support Robin Carpenter for Edgecombe County Register of Deeds.

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