Edgecombe charter school secures site – Rocky Mount Telegram

After months of deliberating on sites in and around Tarboro, officials at North East Carolina Prep have decided on a location for Edgecombe County’s first charter school. (More)

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Former Mary Frances Center chosen as new Prep School location – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — The decision has been made.

John Westberg, executive director of North East Carolina Prep, made it official Wednesday and said the former Mary Frances Center had been chosen to be the location of Edgecombe County’s first charter school. (More)

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Prep school debating Mary Frances Center, Riverside Plaza – Daily Southerner

Response: Interesting no location for the school yet. However I don’t think they are really worried because the charter do not have to begin this year. I don’t really think they want to open this year because of the short time frame. NECP can take the upcoming school year to get everything in place so they can be ready for the following school year.

TARBORO — The location of Edgecombe County’s first charter school, North East Carolina Prep, has not been finalized yet, but according to NECP Executive Director John Westberg, a deal should be made within four-to-five days. (More)

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Edgecombe County – What Are Your Thoughts On The North East Prep Charter School Application That Has Been Submitted To The North Carolina Department of Public Instructions?

First of all I want to make it clear that I have no problem with a group of folks wanting to start a charter school. I am just curious to know who are behind it all.

Was there a public meeting held asking for community input?

Do you know the names that were submitted to serve as board members? Interesting!

Will you be interested in sending your child to the charter school?

If yes, why?

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