Edgecombe County – This Is What My Ballot Looks Like, Yours May Will Not Be Much Different

Note: Federal Offices & State Offices are the same throughout the county. The local races will be different depending on the County Commissioners and School Board Districts you live in.


Pittman challenges elections board’s decision – Rocky Mount Telegram


In this photo: Andre Knight (L), Tarrick Pittman (C), Richard Joyner (R)

The Political Agitator’s response: This ignant ass right here continues to validate that he has issues.

Tarrick Pittman has started the process to appeal the recent decision by the Edgecombe County Board of Elections to dismiss his election protest.

Pittman filed a protest with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections on Oct. 16 questioning the outcome of the Oct. 8 election which left his opponent Andre Knight in the Ward 1 seat of the Rocky Mount City Council.

“This is not as much about the election as it is changing the process and making sure that other candidates and people who come behind me have a fair shot at really winning,” Pittman said in an interview Thursday. “That is what the fight is about. Somebody has to take to punches in order to bring attention to the situation. My goal is to change the game long-term.”

Change what process? Change what game? If this ignant ass think that politics is a game then he is don’t need to be into politics. Politics is about making decisions that affect folk livelihood.

In his original protest, Pittman cited three allegations concerning the elections process. The board dismissed these claims in a preliminary hearing where no additional evidence or comments were allowed. Because of the dismissal, the issue will not have a formal hearing unless Pittman wins the appeals process.

The B.S. allegations were ignant as hell.

Pittman said he still is awaiting a formal email or letter from Edgecombe County Elections Director Jerry Spruell about the decision of the board, but that letter has not come.

The lack of communication from the Edgecombe County Board of Elections is part of what bothers him about the way the issue was handled, Pittman said.

“After I turned in the protest, Mr. Spruell was supposed to call me and let me know what the next steps were, and he never did. I only learned about the preliminary hearing because someone saw it on Curmillus Dancy’s social media page,” Pittman said. “I was never informed about that by the elections director. Since I turned in the protest paper, I have not heard anything from him.”

Damn this ignant ass saying he somebody told him they seen it on my page when he and they follow my page faithfully. I can’t wait to hear from Rev. Spruell about his response to Tarrick saying he was not notified of the hearing.

Pittman also said he felt the Edgecombe County Board of Elections had made up their minds about the outcome before the hearing was held. Based on the way things happened, Pittman said he feels it is evidence of suppression.

Damn this ignant ass said he felt the outcome was already a done deal but I attended the hearing and since there were discussions held how in the hell does someone come up with their minds were already made up tickles the hell out of me. But maybe I missed something.

“The fact that these people knew about the hearing before I did shows to me that there is a larger conglomerate of people working together in order to suppress voters and in order to allow me to look in a negative light,” Pittman said.

Ignant ass I don’t work with the Board of Elections on anything. I hold the Board of Elections accountable for their actions. The reason I learned about the hearing because I had visited the Board of Elections Website and I seen some discrepancies in some dates. I had called Rev. Spruell about some days and dates for the appeals didn’t match. He then said that was not right because there is a hearing on Monday October 21. He said Tarrick Pittman has filed a complaint and I didn’t ask him for what and he didn’t tell me. I said thanks for letting me know. However I had been told that there was a notice in the County Building about the Board Of Elections meeting on Monday. Rev. Spruell said he would look at the website to make sure that the dates were corrected.

One of the claims Pittman made in his original protest concerned the failure of the voting machine one day during the early election cycle.

During the hearing, Spruell said the machine was only down for less than 30 minutes and that emergency ballots were collected. However, Pittman disputes that claim.

“It was down more than four hours,” Pittman said. “That was a blatant untruth.”

So this ignant is calling the Rev. Spruell a lie. So therefore the form that Tarrick filled out speaks to lying and perjury as it relates to the information and it read that if found guilty of such that one could be charged with a felony.

Pittman said if it came to a hearing, that would be proven.

Ignant what the hell are you talking about if it came to a hearing it was a hearing held on Monday. The information you presented was lies and you are still lying.

Another allegation originally made by Pittman concerned the fact that some Ward 1 voters were told they were not eligible to vote in the city election, when they actually were.

Spruell did not dispute this claim but said that provisional ballots were taken from people in that situation and that eight out of those 11 ballots were counted in the election.

Pittman said he was told by voters that many more were affected by this situation. He said he also witnessed eligible voters turned away from the polls.

This is about as ignant as it gets. How do Tarrick know they were eligible to vote? Did he look up their voter information and if he did where did he get it because it had to come from the Edgecombe County Board of Elections.

“Mr. Spruell spoke solely about the Fairview Road location, but we know of about 25 or 30 voters who were affected in the early voting at the Fairview Road location,” Pittman said. “There were also people affected on Election Day at the West Edgecombe Fire Department location. There were at least 15 or 20 people turned away there. I witnessed five myself when I was there. And none of those five people were given provisional ballots. They left frustrated and upset.”

Ignant so why didn’t you get these folk to sign something stating their issues before you filed the complaint? In order to get past the preliminary hearing you must provide all documentation at that time and you can’t add to or take away. I have been to hearings before and they carried it out properly.

Pittman said incidents such as these have left him questioning the legitimacy of the election process in Edgecombe County.

This is too ignant all of this noise with no proof just acting off emotions and lies. Sorry that kind of mess do not hold up in hearings and in the court of law. But for someone who are always breaking laws, I guess that is what one do just break laws and have no respect for laws.

“After seeing the way Jerry handled this and the level of competence of the board members, I think the department is at an all-time low and it is to the detriment of the citizens. They expect more out of leaders handling a sensitiv e process such as voting,” Pittman said. “It was shocking to me. This level of incompetence or corruption or collusion cannot continue.”

Damn the only corruption going on is the ignance being displayed by Tarrick Dinell Pittman trying to discredit folk.

Pittman said he tried to run a clean campaign despite the way he feels he was treated by Knight. He was offered incentives to not run against Knight, he said, and he turned those down. He also was approached with information that could have harmed Knight in the election but did not use it as part of his campaign, Pittman said.

Damn this ignant ass knows nothing about running a clean campaign. He didn’t have a campaign. I don’t understand how folk say they have a campaign when they have no campaign manager and team so therefore they are just out there. And this goes for anyone that has no campaign manager in my opinion.

“A lot of people from the LGBTQ community reached out with damaging information about Andre, but I elected to focus on the issues,” Pittman said. “I have less respect for him than I did before I started campaigning, and that is saying a lot.”

Now this is getting real Super Ignant now. So what does the LGBTQ community have to do with this? So why didn’t the LGBTQ didn’t make a Public Statement? So since they didn’t why don’t you tell it!

You say you elected to focus on the issues. Really! Hell who gives a damn about who you have respect for? You don’t have any respect for yourself and your daughter since you approached me about you having a daughter and telling me not to talk about your criminal activity. Damn but what you forgot is you ain’t my daddy.

Whatever happens with the appeal, Pittman said he plans to be back in the running for public office again and plans to do what he can to help the community in the meantime.

Too damn funny! You running for office with all of the b.s. you got going on from residency issues, business issues and just plain ignant issues shows that folk were not voting for you but against Andre Knight because of the WSBS Movement.

“I walk away from this not deterred,” he said. “I walk away from this with a broader voice than Andre could ever imagine to have within the community. I am definitely going to run for office again and I have plenty of time to campaign.”

Ignant you use the word deterred and I find that hilarious.

Ignant you say you have a broader voice. Ignant you have no vote on issues that affect the community so therefore you have no voice. You are just like Gwen Wilkins who lost to Rev. Richard Joyner you are just big mad. Both of you need to move in together and cry until the next election.

His message already is getting out there, he said.

“What we have established with the One Rocky Mount movement is important to change the mindset of people,” Pittman said. “We believe in working together, looking beyond race, color and creed. We are people who care about the community and want it to grow and develop. We are a cornucopia of like-minded people who share the same values.” (See Original Post)

This ignant says One Rocky Mount Movement and I think of LoveRockyMount which both are a bonifed WSBS Movement.

Ignant anyone that share your values are criminal minded and have no values so if they like it, I Love It! But I can’t be a part of the WSBS Movement and you can call it One Rocky Mount all day but it does not make it so.

Funny as hell ignant has always got to bring my name into his mess. But one thing about it when it comes to my name no matter how much you and the Special Cs try to discredit me you can’t. But what you do is everytime y’all bring my name up in your mess it gives me an avenue to validate that I am right about the WSBS Movement.

I also have an issue why the reporter Amelia Harper didn’t have the decency to contact me since naming me in the article. She could have asked me about my knowledge of my reporting about the Preliminary Hearing on Monday. So that makes me wonder what is and who else is behind this article. Especially when Amelia stopped and listened to Tarrick confront me after the hearing was over on Monday. I also told her to take a photo of the sign in sheet because Tarrick nor Samuel Battle didn’t sign their address. They have residency issues so I am going to keep my eyes and ears open for Tarrick’s residency being challenged.

Continue on my friends I got time. That is what I do. I am The Professional Political Agitator.

Damn fool has a residency issue and got his mail going to Nash County but saying he lives in Edgecombe County. I would think the BOE sent him a letter but he may couldn’t get a ride to Nash County to the P.O. Office that he has as his mailing address. But he may live on Nash County side and that is why he had signs beside Sandy Claus signs on Hwy 43 headed towards Dortches. that I seen when I went to Smithfield Red & White.

Watch Video: Rocky Mount NC – Tarrick Dinell Pittman Election Protest Unanimously Dismissed By The Edgecombe County Board of Elections

Edgecombe County Board of Elections Meeting Discussion Was Interesting When It Was Said That A Candidate Seems To Have An Address Issue

The candidate said somewhere around March he has lived in Edgecombe County for over a year but he voted in another county in November. II f that is true then that is Voter Fraud. But what I do know is all of this is documented so it can be proven in a hearing. See the discussion and what could be done about the issue. I a m just waiting to see if folk are going to address the issue since the Voter Integrity is at all time high.

Click On Photo To Watch Video

Sad The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Does Not Inform The Democrats About Democratic Information


Photos credit: Deborah Jordan

Sad the Edgecombe County Democratic Party, the DW of Edgecombe County along with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections didn’t publicize this.

What good is having a Edgecombe County Democratic Party if they are not going to inform the Democrats of Democratic Party information.

Edgecombe County Board of Elections swearing in Tuesday March 5, 2019 12 Noon. Board consist of 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

Edgecombe County Board Of Elections Meeting Will They Meet At 12 Noon or 5 PM?

Per the Edgecombe County Board of Elections website the meeting is at 5 PM. I have asked the Elections Board Director to send me the agenda when there is a meeting and I have not received anything in months.

Dear Curmilus–

It’s time to stand up for strong Early Voting access in Edgecombe County for the 2018 General Election!
Please attend the upcoming Edgecombe County Board of Elections (BOE) meeting:

WHERE: Edgecombe County Board of Elections (County Administration Building, Room 434, 201 St. Andrew St., Tarboro, N.C.)
Tuesday, July 17, 2018, at 12:00 p.m. (noon)
Edgecombe BOE will take up hours and options for the county’s Early Voting plan for the 2018 General Election.
The Board will discuss:
**which satellite locations to open
in light of the new scheduling mandates passed by the NCGA,
**whether those satellite voting locations will be accessible to underrepresented voters, including communities of color and student voters, and
**whether to adopt strong weekend hours during the Early Voting period.
Don’t forget to call ahead to confirm the meeting time and location (252-641-7852) and, if public comment is allowed, sign up to speak at the meeting in favor of your desired times and locations.
To get valuable tips for Early Voting Advocacy —
click here.


Marques Thompson
Democracy North Carolina

Democratic Party Of Edgecombe County Will Meet To Nominate 3 Democrats Names To Be Submitted To Raleigh

The meeting is open to all Democrats however you do not have to be on the executive committee to be nominated. If you are interested in being nominated then show up or ask to be nominated if you can not attend on this date. The local board of elections office is a very important office because it is responsible for making sure the election process goes well. Sure wish I could be be nominated because I know I would do good but I just can’t do it. So I will see you at the meeting.


Edgecombe County Democratic Party Will Convene To Recommend Names To The NC Democratic Party For Consideration Of Appointment To Edgecombe County Board of Elections

Attention To All Registered Democratic Of Edgecombe County: The Executive Committee Of Edgecombe County Democratic Party Will Convene On Tuesday May 23, 2017 @ 6:00 pm ..@ The Edgecombe County Administrative Building Auditorium 201 St Andrews Street Tarboro, North Carolina ….. The purpose of this meeting is to nominate and recommend the names of the three eligible Edgecombe County residents.. To The North Carolina Democratic Party to be considered for the Edgecombe County Board of Elections …..This meeting is being called pursuant to N.C.General Statutes 163-30, 163-41, 163-42 …And Section 11.02 of the North Carolina Democratic Party Plan of Organization …..

Source: Edgecombe County Democratic Party Facebook Page

Armstrong fills vacancy on elections board – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Edgecombe County Board of Elections is back at full strength.

Dr. Florence Armstrong was sworn in this week as the newest member of the three-person board. She was appointed to fill a vacancy created on the board after former member Shelly Willingham resigned to run for the District 23 seat in the N.C. House.

Candidates for election are not eligible to serve as members of county elections boards.

“We’re glad to have the board back at full strength, and we look forward to working with everyone,” said Jerry Spruell, Edgecombe County elections director.

Armstrong is the lone Democratic member of the county elections board. (Source: Read more)

Edgecombe County Board of Elections Need To Step It Up, Check Out Nash County

The Edgecombe County Board of Elections need to step it up by updating their website. Nash County has updated their website and it is awesome so user friendly. Check them out for yourself.

Edgecombe County Board of Elections Website

Nash County Board of Elections Website

So Who Will File For Election On Tomorrow In Edgecombe County? The DCN Has Only Heard From 3 People.

The DCN received a letter from Rocky Mount Council Andre Knight stating he will seek re-election to Ward 1. See Knight’s letter here. I have read in the Rocky Mount Telegram and seen former Rocky Mount Police Chief John Manley announcing that he will be challenging Knight.

The DCN received information from Attorney Teresa Bryant stating she will not be seeking re-election to the Edgecombe County Public Schools Board of Education District 2. See Bryant’s letter here.

Quincy Robinson and Rev. Roy Gray along with Thomas Wayne Edison all were seeking to be appointed when Bryant turned in her resignation to the board but see what happened here. Bryant decided to not leave the board and will stay on until election time.

Quincy Robinson has verbally said to The DCN he would be seeking to replace Bryant. The DCN asked Rev. Roy Gray was he going to run at election time and he said he was interesting in the new House seat that is currently held by Rep. Joe Pat Tolson.

The DCN has seen information on the internet and read in the local newspapers that Attorney William Solomon Rocky Mount has announced his intentions to file for the NC House 23 seat. The NC House seat now consist of only Edgecombe and Martin Counties. Word on the street is Rev. Roy Gray Tarboro and pastors a church in Martin County will be seeking to replace Rep. Joe Pat Tolson.

The DCN received a message from Deborah Jordan Tarboro that she will be seeking to replace Minister Melvin Muhammad Tarboro City Council Ward 6. Word on the street Muhammad will not be seeking re-election.

The DCN knows all of these folks very well and will be following them very closely.

See related:

Candidate filing period for May primaries begins Monday – Rocky Mount Telegram 



Shelly Willingham and Attorney Charles Rountree replaces Rev. Asbury Batchelor and Jackie King as the Democratic members on the Edgecombe County Board of Elections

The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee chose to replace Rev. Asbury Batchelor and Jackie King both Democrats to head the Edgecombe County Board of Elections. The State Board of Elections has confirmed the appointment of Shelly Willingham and Attorney Charles Rountree.

See related:

New Board Members Sworn In – The Daily Southerner

Talking About Morals And Values, Edgecombe County Had To Reimburse Andre Knight For His Attorney Fees

I know of many stories that included some others and myself in the community whom do not have criminal records nor have shown our ass unlike some others who have been promoted and rewarded.

When the children staged a walkout at SouthWest Edgecombe some years ago when a white coach grabbed a black student around the neck where was the letters and support? Hell the children called me and I was there supporting the children and the teachers who supported the children anonymously.

Because of my involvement with helping to solve the matter, the former principal at SouthWest Edgecombe at that time invited me to the cornfield and where was the letters and the support? I was the vice president of the Rocky Mount NAACP and we had asked for his resignation but after Rev. Elbert Lee President, Rev. Richard Joyner Pastor of a local church and member of Community Enrichment Organization who was working with the school system along with some other black folks met without me, they then compromised and made a deal with the principal that they would no longer request his resignation.

There have been many school issues that I have been involved in over the years.

Because of all the mess we have allowed this is why the school system is in the shape they are in today and we can thank our black leaders for selling us out.

Edgecombe County Commissioner Rev. Wayne Hines and a former Edgecombe County Manager Joe Durham removed me from the NEED Inc. Board where I was the vice chair when they knew the board was going to vote out a former director they saved him. We had done our homework and had visited an office in Raleigh to make sure we had our house in order to vote the director out. Nash County Commissioners removed William Hobbs who was the treasurer at the time and we were told they called Edgecombe County and told them to remove me. Hines and Durham came to the meeting and Hines removed me so he could vote. First time either of them had been to a meeting since I had served on the board.

Now to a more recent situation.

Why in the hell have we not seen anything in the local newspapers about Edgecombe County having to pay Andre Knight’s attorney fees several months ago? This is one of the best kept secrets in Edgecombe County at the moment. How do I know? I have contacted both newspapers and asked why they have not ran a story on this. I only got a response from the Rocky Mount Telegram and the reporter told me he was going to do a story. No story as of yet and this has been about 2 months.

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs challenged Rev. Andre Knight’s residency and the local board of election that consisted of 2 white females and 1 black male ruled against Knight. The black male voted in favor of Knight while the 2 white females voted against Knight. Knight appealed to the NC Court of Appeals after a lengthy fight and won.

So why has The Daily Southerner nor the Rocky Mount Telegram ran a story on this? They were involved along with Kenneth Pledger who teamed up with Higgs in trying to destroy a young black leader by sending information to the the local board of elections.

I dare you to go to The Daily Southerner and the Rocky Mount Telegram and do a search on Andre Knight to see what you find. Also see what you find here when you type in Ken Pledger’s name.

And black folks say they are about what is good for the black community when we do not support young folks who are trying to make a difference. Our children read the newspaper so if they do not see us supporting each other why in the hell should they think we are going to support them?

Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Has County Settled Legal Fees Lawsuit Terry Smith Editor Tarboro Daily Southerner and Jeff Herrin Editor of Rocky Mount Telegram? You Damn Skippy

I find it so damn funny that ya’ll have not reported that Edgecombe County has settled the residency challenge that was carried out by Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and the Edgecombe County Board of Elections. The county had to pay for Rev. Andre Knight legal fees after the ruling came down from the NC Court of Appeals.

It is so damn funny how ya’ll are so selective about what ya’ll want the people of Edgecombe County to know. But ya’ll sure wanted the people to know that Knight was being challenged and even participated in the challenge. LMBAO

Yep ya’ll try to silence some of us. Ya’ll will not print my letters to the editor but I sure can print them on The DCN.