13 current and former North Carolina and Virginia law enforcement officers indicted – 11abc

Pinetops NC: Students sell marijuana-laced brownies on campus – Daily Southerner

Response: Again I am saddened by these types of situations that has taken place at my alma mater. Come on young folks school and crime do not mix.

TARBORO — Two athletes were among six SouthWest Edgecombe High School students arrested Friday for allegedly selling brownies that were laced with marijuana.

According to a press release from the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy working at the school was tipped off that several students were selling the brownies to other students throughout the school.

Upon further investigation, the deputy also found a football player to allegedly be in possession of alcohol on school grounds and charged him with two alcohol-related violations.  (More)

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High school students snared in pot bust – Rocky Mount Telegram

Pinetops NC – Incident At SouthWest Edgecombe High School Drug Bust

Sources say the incident about the drug bust at SouthWest is in today’s Daily Southerner Newspaper. I have not seen the paper yet but hope it will be online soon before I get off work.

I have received numerous inquiries about the incident especially from some folks whom read about the basketball players whom got in trouble last year and they were all over the news via newspaper and tv stations.

Pinetops NC – 22 suspects jailed on multiple drug charges – Daily Southerner

Response: Received a text today about this article and they said they seen the paper today about the drug bust and that they have pictures of the people that were arrested. So I go buy a paper so I could see the pictures because I figure the pictures probably were not online.

TARBORO — The Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Task Force hit the streets this past week and rounded up 22 suspected drug dealers who had outstanding warrants against them for selling drugs in the county. The suspects are accused of selling drugs during the an undercover operation during the summer.

The Tarboro Police Department assisted during the controlled buys as well as during the roundup.

Arrested and charged with drug crimes were: (More)

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Pinetops NC: I Was Cursed Out And Threatened When I Responded To The Recently Child Abuse Case In Pinetops 

Pinetops NC – Drug Bust Friday December 14, 2012

Pinetops NC: I Was Cursed Out And Threatened When I Responded To The Recently Child Abuse Case In Pinetops

But where are all the people at that was posting about the child abuse case but have not said anything about the drug bust on Friday? I guess they are waiting for certain media to report it however it ain’t like they don’t know it to be true.

I was at work on Friday and when I got off I had received a phone call about the bust and then as I was on my way home I received another call about the bust.

Oh well so ya’ll ain’t concerned about the drug bust? You don’t think that was a good thing?

I am waiting too for the media reports because I am going to see how those people who cursed me out and threatened me respond to the reports.

I want total justice whether it be child abuse or drug abuse. Neither is good for Pinetops nor anywhere.

Little no comments on my previous post. But you see this is the problem in our community because folks are afraid to speak out on certain issues because they are afraid to say something that may offend their family or friends but have no problem with cursing and threatening me for posting facts. Oh well!

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Pinetops NC – Drug Bust Friday December 14, 2012

Pinetops NC – Drug Bust Friday December 14, 2012

Received a phone call on yesterday that there was a drug bust in Pinetops. Sources say Steve Edwards and Carla Draughn were arrested. I was also approached last night about the bust.

Well I believe Pinetops is going to get some more media attention beginning on Monday. Oh well here we go.